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  1. They should just have a mode where you spawn with no weapons. Maybe even no shields. Call it Team Scavenger or something. At least go all the way with these silly gametypes.
  2. Ok I thought it works like a regen/syringe that makes your shields recharge. That's actually kinda cool.
  3. This actually sounds damn solid aside from the lightblade.
  4. The most popular alt-fact on r/halo right now is that the Reach Banshee is useless because DMRs can shoot it. I kid you not, people are saying it's more balanced in Elite Slayer where literally nothing on the map can damage it.
  5. I honestly didn't hate team duals in H3 social slayer. It was something different, only showed up rarely and it was stupid enough to actually be fun. Same goes for team fiesta, shotgun ctf and team rockets. AR starts is just a shitty version of proper Halo. There are still snipers and the rifles. It's balanced-ish but it's also handicapped garbage. Much like H5's "let's compromise on everything" approach it ends up pleasing pretty much no one.
  6. Every Halo game has been on a "new engine" when it's convenient for marketing. Unless they need an excuse to not add more weapon skins or slots for local files then it's "a legacy engine limitation".
  7. source Typical 343 non-statements, but they definitely said more stuff (beyond launching without anticheat) was supposed to happen post-launch.
  8. "It's just social" shouldn't mean the settings have to be shit. These "groups of players" are going to quit in a few weeks when they get slapped by Banshees and ranged weapons all day.
  9. Every update they have pushed for Reach so far has been for the worse. The fact they are even listening to the absolute clowns who think AR starts in BTB will work shows that this franchise is FUCKED and all but confirms that Infinite will be more of the same bullshit. Also hey they're finally adding the Anniversary settings but it will rotational for one week only and is getting delayed so AR start BTB can be added to the rotation first. Lol. Meanwhile the game still has dogshit optimization, audio is fucked, mouse input isn't where it should be, no word on updating the hardcore settings, no word on the promised "mod support", not even an announcement of an announcement when forge and theater are coming to PC. WE STILL CAN'T UPLOAD TO OUR FILE SHARES ON PC and there is a limit of 50 local maps and gametypes across all of MCC.
  10. It's more likely that Infinite will come out half-baked like H5 and MCC did (twice) than the game or even the new Xbox getting delayed.
  11. I mean I'm not super hung up on the AOE grenades. I'd imagine you could jump over them and take less damage, but that puts you on a predictable path. They obviously also shouldn't last fucking forever like the splinters do. If they're tuned right I think they might work and it's a shame H3's firebombs never saw serious gameplay because of the frame drops, but oh well. Could at least be tested. On the topic of mid-battle nades, I don't think it's 100% a bad thing, but in recent games and Reach especially it's just completely stupid how you can turn around and nade someone to reset or just outright win a gunfight. Obviously also has to do with the piss-poor utilities but I think the instant timers/airburst are definitely not ideal. If nades are supposed to be decently strong damage wise (so they can actually fulfill their anti-camper role) they can't ALSO be on an instant fuse. Otherwise you have to either make the utility super strong or the base player speed super fast that it potentially causes other issues.
  12. Grenades are such an underrated aspect of Halo. All those big brain posts how they're "OP" and you shouldn't spawn with them, yet they are one of the coolest aspects of the game and allow for insanely creative gameplay. Ideally I'd like to see something like Strong frags that detonate on rest so you can't just cheese them during a gunfight Stickies that can be instasploded like H3. Firebomb/incendiary for AOE. The H5 splinters are complete cancer but an AOE grenade could be very interesting especially on room-based maps. For BTB and vehicle gameplay maybe something like an EMP grenade that acts like the powerdrain from H3, but nerf the shield drain rate massively. I always enjoyed how you could take a Banshee out of the sky with that thing.
  13. They literally just disabled the menu entry for Forge on PC, the entire thing including the new pieces is already there. But theater seems to be completely absent. With the current pace of development it's going to take months before official forge and theater drop on PC.
  14. I'd rather get a decently strong utility first before thinking about infinite ammo.
  15. Guys Midship is inconsistent I once went P3 when the match started and there were two enemies but next game I went there there were THREE! Bad map.
  16. Her use of the word inconsistent might be gramatically correct, but I can't help but laugh every time I see that projectile is "inconsistent". What a weird concept. Much better arguments against projectile would be things like Halo's wack netcode and 343's shit-tier servers. Or that it clashes with the aim-assist mechanics, because your reticle is dragged towards oppenents while leading requires you to aim ahead of them.
  17. As long as they don't remove the comical amount of spread the pistol has it's a no go. Even the ZB pistol is a total lottery cannon, makes the H3 BR seem reliable in contrast.
  18. Not "imo", it's pretty much objectively worse in any way.
  19. "i JuSt WaNt To PLaY wiTh My FriEnDs". Idk why we've been catering to to4 who want to stomp ever since 2010.
  20. You mean a soloq playlist? That's totally redundant if you can just have (working) party restrictions. Maybe they could add an option to tick "solos only", but given that 343 is really damn great at running populations into the ground I don't think this could work long-term.
  21. Idk why this has to be so complicated: to4 matches to4 to3 matches other 3s or two to2 I don't think a single to2 really need restrictions, but maybe 2s can only match other 2s (or as above 3+1 vs 2+2)
  22. 8v8 Condemned might just be chaotic and stupid enough to be fun.
  23. Both maps are complete dogshit, but I'd rather play Orbital than Condemned tbh.
  24. At least on PC they should just released the full map editor and ideally utilize the steam workshop. Forge is good to quickly fix stuff like items/timers or objective placement, but as a full level editor it's needlessly inefficient. So ideally we should have both, especially if they want to be taken seriously as a PC game. On console sure, Forge is still fairly unique and ahead of the curve aside from games like Far Cry and Murder Miners maybe.
  25. Inverting the colors on High Noon brings back the CE vibes

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