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  1. Not in ranked obivously. Ranked also has party restrictions so this isn't an issue.
  2. A MM ban lasts exactly as long as the match you just quit out of, so you can run into the same to4 ruining the playlist the next game. Great design. Can we get the feature back where you block people and can't match them anymore? Those were the days.
  3. But guys TF2 dieded because teh skill gap is too high! Plebs coulnd't figure out how to kill moving targets with an 3hk spray automatic.
  4. Hex vs Arlong GPMA 1v1 when?
  5. I can see why BC Slayer is getting cut as with MLG timers, movement and TTK the map will never be fixed. Plus red advantage is just a joke on that map. KOTH though? I just don't get it. Replacing Penance TS with an MLG-kid friendly 2 base 2 tower map was inevitable. What the hell are they doing with Onslaught? We already have enough good CTF maps.
  6. Given how many weapons we have, making the AR a bloomless headshot weapon might work. Basically a full-auto pistol or the TU Reach Needle Rifle. But that begs the question why it needs to exist at all. Spawning with both would just be insanity. It's not really worth it as a pickup. I still think the AR should just be the secondary. Take the H4 AR, give it faster swap times, faster melee and a bigger melee hitbox potentially. Turning it into a precision weapon just goes so much against what Halo has always done that it hurts. And ADS on an auto is just fucking weird.
  7. Literally what the fuck. The AR has tons of bloom. Maybe the bullet mag is so insane that it compensates for it, but at it's core the H5 AR and SMG are lottery cannons. The H4 AR was perfect, idk why they keep fucking around with it.
  8. The dude regularly just downvotes entire pages and somehow still isn't banned.
  9. Source on this? If this is true we have been majorly bamboozled. Every Halo has been on a "new engine" which is just a modified version of the previous game's engine. So what was this five year gap all about?
  10. Lol. As I said the DMR works suprisingly well but it's not a super important part of the sandbox. The Concussion is cool for trick jumps and pushing people off a ledge and shit but it's really more of a gimmick usually. Might work better in 4v4 obj gametypes tho who knows. Basically this. It's good to take inspiration from other games when applicable, but turning a game into an emulator of anoerh game.. is just stupid. It's also why the mod isn't a straight CE clone.
  11. I agree about DMR and Concussion not being super necessary. Focus with air knockback and beefed up damage is actually a really good weapon. @Hard WayI'll take a look at it.
  12. But how does it add "variety" to have a gun that does basically the same thing and is just a RoF/shots to kill variation of it? Is using a Carbine instead of a BR really a significant different that makes people feel empowered? I see this all the time lately. "You are just afraid of power items", usually used by AR defenders. Yes there should be items on the map, and yes they should be powerful. But they still need to be balanced. Items that are flat upgrades and could be called "game changers" are usually highly contested and risky to acquire (OS, Camo, Rockets). Other power items are super situational and should be good within their niche, but not outside of it. Weapons like the Shotgun, Sniper and GL are very good in their intended role but if you have that weapon out in the wrong situation you're toast. That's Halo in a nutshell. Problems arise when items are not contested, take almost no skill to use effectively AND are flat upgrades over the starting weapon. Prime examples of this are the H5 vanilla SMG, Storm Rifle, Carbine and BR. You do not need to earn these weapons and yet you have a massive advantage against spawners. The utility vs pickup balance is very delicate and it doesn't help that most Halo games fell flat on their face in this regard. If the utility is too strong, you end up with either a "one-gun game" (side note this has never actually happened in Halo outside of 343's piss poor attempts at recreating the CE gameplay in MCC, CEA and H5 throwback). If the utility is too weak you end up with a completely random fuckfest where you might as well be playing Fiesta (vanilla H5). Somewhere in between is where Halo plays best. I'm not going full MLG sweat here and just disregarding the weapon because it's purple. I'd love to include more weapons, but I really don't see what the Needler brings to the table. I guess it's role is killing people that lack awareness and aren't paying attention so you can kill them via supercombine before they can turn around?
  13. We actually have custom setup as single-layer OS. Issue is that by design you can't stack OS and custom and much worse there's also a bug where custom just won't give you more shields if you've picked up OS within the last 45 seconds, even if you lost all of it. Bummer. As for the Needler, I just don't know what it's supposed to do. Sitri had the idea of making it shoot all needles at once, kinda like a covenant shotgun that homes in on targets. Idk. I like its aesthetic but I don't know what it could add to the sandbox. This is actually interesting. There's a flag (checkbox) in Reach's weapons to make them ignore shields but sadly doesn't work. Maybe one day. Another idea for the NR/Carbine that has been floating around is corrosive damage that leaves the enemy waiting for shields longer. This can actually be setup by making it supercombine in just one shot and also against shields. Sort of pointless in the grand scheme of things, but if the weapon had to be there for lore reasons that's a trait I would go for. I thought so too and I wouldn't mind it being removed, but I was honestly suprised how well it fits. It being hitscan vs the projectile pistol but doing less DPS is a solid niche. Kind of pointless? Maybe. But people do actually use it and it's not a flat upgrade like H5's DMR so it's fine in my book.
  14. See I wouldn't be opposed to that. Three weapons that share the same niche and have extremely similar stats, but they are placed on different maps.
  15. Does the same thing as the DMR. Mid-range hitscan support weapon with a 3x zoom.
  16. Working on the GoldPro mod, we quickly realized that it's really hard to get past 12 weapons without having overlaps and unnecessary fluff added. We currently have: Pistol: Utility Assault Rifle: Secondary auto with lower DPS but easier to use Plasma Repeater: Stun rifle Plasma Pistol: Shield stripper (plus movement via knockback) DMR: Mid-range hitscan rifle Shotgun: Shotgun Concussion: Crowd control Sniper: Long-range Grenade Launcher: Airburst explosive Focus Rifle: Sentinel beam style time-on-target auto Railgun/Laser: Charged shot Rockets: Uber explosive weapon I don't really see what else can be added that is actually meaningful. Pretty much all the weapons added since H2 can be put into these categories and I'd say this list could be trimmed down even further. I've been toying around with a Shock Rifle prototype and it's now working as intended but I don't really see where it would fit in the sandbox.
  17. Grouping up weapons and balancing the groups makes much more sense than trying to find a niche for 30+ weapons.
  18. Yes it needs tracking, but H5 turned it into a fucking joke. Reach's PP was fine for example, there was no need to first nerf it to shoehorn it into loadouts and then buff it to the sky and back to shoehorn it into "advanced" mobility Halo. The needler has always been a joke weapon that doesn't fit properly into the sandbox but at least the H3 and Reach versions got it mostly right. A prime example of a weapon that should only be in campaign.
  19. Maybe. I'm just gonna say a plasma grenade launcher where you can instantly airburst the plasmas sounds hilariously OP. It's a rocket launcher plus the GL's airburst. Aside from the Hydra you mentioned (I guess this is the weapon you meant?) the homing weapons in H5are a complete joke. At least with the Hydra you can descope the guy, but all the others are an instant death sentence unless you have Thrust available. Which is just more evidence that thrust breaks the sandbox. Oh, you just completely deleted someone in a 1v1 using thrust and want to fight his teammate? Too bad, your thrust is on cooldown and now your rock meets his paper and you get outclassed because he has a homing weapon. Better luck next time. The Needler in H3/R/4 was kind of acceptable because you had to land a good amount of shots to supercombine plus the homing could be avoided with a well-time strafe. In H5 its tracking is off the charts plus it now has ADS (lol). Same goes for the plasma pistol.
  20. How does RT detonate it? You can't have more than one grenade out unless you charge it? I hate homing weapons with a passion. Make it a guided missile and we're talking.
  21. Isn't it funny that only game that had a dedicated Spartan vs Elite mode also has some of the worst covenant vs human sandbox balance? Invasion in H2, 3,4 or even 5 would be so much more enjoyable. I appreciate that the Focus and Plasma Launcher aren't just copy pastes of rockets and sniper but god damn are they fucking useless. The plasma repeater is also one of the worst guns I've ever seen in a video game especially as a starting weapon.
  22. You're not wrong, I guess it's just a matter of perspective. It makes sense in the context of creating a competitive map rotation for that specific game, but on the other hand this logic could give you the impression that the maps we've been given ever since Reach are bad only because the settings suck, which is obviously not true. You can absolutely rate maps independent of the game they are featured in, at least to an extent.
  23. Generally agree. 1.6s perfect kill time is a complete joke. Idk why MLG decided to go with the 5sk DMR for v7 because that think might as well be called the designated teamshot rifle. Probably to appeal to statters and montage kids who love to sit at health pack on Sanc with sniper, imagine getting shot by a four shot kill rifle halfway across the map! Broken! Granted this isn't much faster than the "golden age" of H2/3 with the BR at 1.4s TTK, but why stick to what's broken if you can easily fix it? Dumbass play by MLG. Reach nades have always been a joke. They're probably balanced solely around armor lock, evade and jetpack. Bungie never imagined people might be running around the map at BMS. MLG even uses 120% movement but grenades are still your most powerful tool, then melee and then the DMR. Lol. Generally agree about Reach's map pool being a huge pile of steaming shit but this: made me physically recoil though. WHAT? MLG put these maps in my dude. They are also good maps, it's just that the weapon layout, pathetic starting weapon and useless movement just make them play much worse than they should. Up BMS and strafe accel, use a 4sk DMR. Then on BC put 1 minute camo in blue cave, remove the red sniper, put rockets where they used to be. Penance: 1 minute camo in red, rockets in pit, improve visibility in green. Either way the map is likely getting removed soon because "asyms bad". What game are you playing?

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