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  1. Holding on to screenshots of stats in customs just to diss people on the forum later. Priceless.
  2. Finally managed to get a 4v4 lobby with the mod even though @Boyo said it couldn't be done.
  3. H5's are a little better looking but there's still too many. And 5 second multikill timers in the easiest Halo game in history is a fucking joke.
  4. Yes because vertical maps work best when people have infinite access to top off spawn by using a gimmicky ability. See Solitary in unranked Reach, truly a masterpiece of a map.
  5. You can talk shit about the H2BR and the meme weapons all day but leave Goliath alone. That would would be gold if it was ported to a good game.
  6. Tried to give Mythic another shot but the cancerous aiming and atrocious MM makes it impossible. If only this project was made in a game that wasn't built in a literal turd of an engine. It's a shame because dammit these maps are so fucking good.
  7. PP launch from flag to roof on Creek. (at 4:53 if timecode doesn't work) At 7:33 you can see Hex get pushed off top mid by Focus knockback. The entire video has a lot of Focus gameplay.
  8. Wossman and me are from EU too lol. I feel you, the staying up late for US kids can be hard. As for differences: Strafe is more H2 than CE. Pistol travels faster. Spawn system is different, powerups are dynamic. Additional weapons from CE: GL, DMR, Focus Rifle w/ air knockback, Plasma Pistol (w/ launching capability for jumping), Concussion Rifle. Jetpacks on maps. The game also actually supports objective gametypes (KOTH isn't random for example) and 4v4s because of the spawn system. Getting a decent strafe and less aim assist on console would be a dream, but I doubt 343 is willing to do that.
  9. I mean we did more to enrich the weapon sandbox than any Halo game ever did. Weapons are actually balanced and offer variety. Of course it's inspired by CE, but don't be fooled by the Pistol and the viewmodel, it plays totally different from CE. I also fail to see how this is a bad thing. What's so good about Reach that you want us to preserve in the mod? Also if you wanted to play v8 should've said something or use the @xbox. I'm not saying we won't play v8 but why would we try to host lobbies for a worse version of the game if people aren't showing up anyways?
  10. It should also be noted that the biggest influx of members was after we posted gameplay of the mod. Maybe 10-20 of the 70 members joined for initial v8 testing. So saying "people are eager to play v8 but no one is hosting lobbies" is disingenuous.
  11. 4v4 GP on Xbox and MLG have tons of overlap. The mod is a completely different beast from the original Goldpro settings and as I said the focus of the discord completely shifted towards mod because interest in v8 wasn't there.
  12. @TheIcePrincess Sure you can blame us for the v8 testing not taking off, but then again what is that going to change? We initially added v8 because we expected there to be strong overlap between MLG v8 gametypes and Goldpro. @Warlord Wossmanand I had test versions all the maps ready to go and wanted to get people to test them, but turns out nobody showed up for testing on Xbox. You can blame us for not abusing @everyone enough but then again nobody was even talking about v8. People were playing Mythic and grinding their shiny armors in Reach MM, not that I'm hating but I don't see how you can blame us for not trying. Things changed quickly when Sitris mod came to be and our attention was quickly diverted because for the first time in Halos existence we could make meaningful changes and actually test them after years of being Halo scientists writing another forum essay how fast a projectile should fly or if the PR needs plasma stun. You have a point that at this time we maybe should've split the discord and Wossman even talked about deleting the v8 channel because no one used it anyways. Keep in mind though that despite playing much better Halo by that point we were always down for v8 testing on Xbox (Hardways Thursday lobby comes to mind) but again no one showed up and one guy talked about that lobby in the chat. Until you reawakened the v8 channel yesterday no one actually discussed things. We can spam people and tag everyone to maybe get them to show up for lobbies but we can't force people to talk about settings if they don't want to. It might make sense to delete the v8 channel and make a new discord for that. You're right. But as said before there's a lot of shit talking about the settings but getting people to show up for lobbies or provide a constructive idea how the settings should be improved is another (not talking about you here).
  13. Another TU is dearly needed but almost certainly not going to happen. Think of the "Reach experience" they're trying so hard to preserve. What a shame, because this game could be a blast for both competitive and casuals with very few tweaks. With the current sandbox, DMR starts are needed, otherwise we might as well make Team Fiesta the standard gametype, because the Magnum is a joke of a starting weapon. All I want is for the Anniversary settings to come back. The only Reach I've ever actually enjoyed outside of GP and modded customs.
  14. Isn't H2A 3 plot to 900? Sounds a lot better than 500.
  15. You mean my statting for 4 years straight was all for nothing?
  16. Hammer shouldn't exist outside of campaign.
  17. This system is actually much closer to H5's than Reach's. You play and get points, then you "open" a whole bunch of useless junk and after a massive grind you finally get the piece you want. Of course it's massively better than H5's random packs plus the absence of in-game advantages and microtransactions (thus far at least) paints it in a much better light, but the MCC season stuff is still nowhere close to what people actually asked for.
  18. Good changes Hardway. I love KOTH and especially in this game where CTF in MM is busted it's the only gametype besides Assault and Oddball that I can stand. Few things I noticed: - Top Blue hill on High Noon needs to be moved or cut as its the closest thing to free hill time I've seen in the game. Put it at top open ramp or something. - Condemned just needs to be removed from the rotation as it's a BTB map. By the time you reach the hill the enemies usually gained 30-50 points. - Why aren't we playing King on Zealot, Asylum (should btw get replaced by a proper Sanc remake if Duck has any say in that) and possibly Pinnacle? Way better maps than what it's in rotation currently. - Score limit of 150 is a joke.
  19. I got yelled at by a squad of neckbeards for actually playing the game and not swordlining the one time I accidentally selected Grifball lmao.
  20. Fam I'm not having a hard time playing against bots in social MCC, the gametype just keeps showing up and is consistently no fun.
  21. I completely forgot how dogshit of a gametype Headhunter is, especially for 4v4. It kind of works for Multi Team (RIP) and FFA, but if you can just hold hands with your teammates and pick up their skulls it defeats the purpose of the mode even existing. Classic Bungie who never tested their shit outside of fucking around in a custom on Hemmorhage. The laughable maps don't do the mode any favors either. and of course shoutout to 343 for putting in it the same category as Oddball in the match composer though. Because they both have flaming skulls you know?
  22. Tashi has, I linked it a few pages back. Although he said "in collaboration with the community" which is complete horseshit because this has never been publicly talked about.
  23. They are 100% porting CE and H2V using the botched MCC versions. Expect a ton of hitreg issues on top of the other shit they're going to fuck up like framerate, aiming, audio, crashes etc. Also fully agree on the UI stuff. Who thought that removing the skill ranks in the roster for ranked playlists was a good idea? Like holy shit did they ever even play this game? It's comical seemingly trivial things just get fucked up over and over again.
  24. She's so obviously just hating on it to start shit with Hardway that it's not even funny.
  25. Go on 360 or BC Reach and run around the map in a 1v1 with a friend. You can literally not look away from enemies if they're close enough, the game has always had insane amounts of aim assist and bullet magnetism. Obviously better visibility, 60 FPS, no more cancerous motion blur, better hardware etc. play a role, so it might feel like it's easier to aim, but trust me that Reach has always been a joke.

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