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  1. I remember people used to do this to boost achievements in FFA but I've never heard of using it to actually boost ranks. Sounds tedious af.
  2. Wow, okay. People come up with the lamest shit.
  3. I'm probably gonna post in on the halomods discord sometime, but I'm not holding my breath. 98% of the general population check out as soon as they hear "competitive" or "CE pistol". Also, modding in Halo is mostly throwing scarabs, pelicans and frigates on a map, not actually developing a solid gameplay experience (aside from Halo Reach Evolved maybe). Halo follower can fuck right off lmao, maybe we could get Vadam on board since this is in some ways Halo Reach Evolved: MP edition. It's also been suggested to send this to Naded or Vetoed as they might actually be interested in a solid competitive Halo PC experience.
  4. Exactly this. There was a large influx of players when the mod was shown public for the first time, but only roughly 15 out of the 70 people on the discord have actually played lol. It's really easy to install and we will help out anyone who is having trouble. Most lobbies are happening on the weekends but feel free to just tag @pc any time to see if anyone wants to play.
  5. If 343 wants to hire me as the MP tutorial video guy I'm in
  6. If you have Reach on PC and aren't playing this mod you're doing yourself a huge disservice and missing out of the best Halo experience in decades: Most of you already joined the discord but if you haven't you can do so here: https://discord.gg/w4wXgwA Forum thread: Nexus mod page: https://www.nexusmods.com/halothemasterchiefcollection/mods/256
  7. H2 is weird because the glitches make the idea TTK pretty fast, the movement is sick and it has the best 4v4 map pool in the series, but then the sandbox is kind of garbage and it has the worst weapon respawn system of any Halo game. Isn't it just so odd and frustrating that everything that is good about Halo is distributed between all the games? (not evenly of course) Really makes me wish MCC wasn't just a remake collection but an "idealized version" of Halo that combines the best aspects of each game and then had all the maps available.
  8. That's... literally his point. H2's movement is so smooth and fluid compared to everything else, especially CE. Which is why the suggestion of just copy-pasting the H2 movement values to CE was made (after removing spread in all gametypes and jump delay were already suggested.)
  9. The entire sandbox is going to get leaked via nerf gun and megablocks announcements.
  10. If CSGOs xbox port was still supported and had tournaments would you really allow MKB? It would be completely pointless. Also instead of banning controllers just give them the same aim assist as MKB. More elegant solution and if people really want to stick to controller at least they don't get ridiculous amounts of aim assist for free.
  11. 180 is fine. Where'd you get that 210 number from btw? A really important aspect of projectile is that there needs to be a visible tracer so you know where your bullets are even going.
  12. It's neither, it's the garbage spread coupled with questionable netcode. The aiming isn't great but unlike H5's it's consistently bad and not bad and inconsistent on top of that. Projectile is not an issue by itself, that's just the shitty netcode again.
  13. While we're at it can we disable jump delay?
  14. "The gun is super OP anyways, all you have to do is pace your shots hauehuehe". Halo seems to attract some real brainlets.
  15. I'm fine thanks. Just tired of people falling for the same shit every couple years and wanted to leave a heads up.
  16. Flinch is certainly annoying but I'd put it into the "mildly infuriating" category, whereas spread is just gamebreaking usually. Obviously depends on magnitude of both tho. I could live with spread like Reach's DMR but if every gun made me flinch like Reach's sniper I would quit playing pretty quickly.
  17. Spread on a precision weapon is about as autismo as it gets.
  18. All this eSport PR talk means jack shit if the game is another ability fuckfest. I have a feeling they're just going to throw money at tournaments again in order to force a competitive scene.
  19. Radar should work like CSGO where people only show up if tagged by your teammates. Maybe show red dots for shooting your gun. Like Hex said, radar is the biggest "bruh it's always been this way" maybe in Halo's entire existance. Such a stupid crutch mechanic and it will always drive a massive wedge between default and competitive settings.
  20. A modder named Krevil has created an MP conversion of Long Night Of Solace which also included covenant-skinned forge pieces. Unfortunately his mod crashed in multiplayer sessions and he nuked it, but I managed to salvage the forge pieces, change the shaders to something less glossy, and ported them to Condemned to finally make use of that skybox. Here's an example map (pic heavy):
  21. Do we? Maybe with mod support that game could be decent. Remove shitmarkers and nade indicators, nerf bullet mag, add more maps. But it will always be a mediocre game as even at its best it's just the same old teamshot crap.

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