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  1. Dude exactly. This kind of shit happens way too often. I sometimes get tricked into people having OS even if I have it or it isn't even up just because an enemy tanks 12 shots. Or sniping someone straight in the face at close-medium range and they take no damage. Or how rockets sometimes don't even make people one-shot but send them flying instead. Ugh, why?
  2. Source on this? I'm not suprised, CE's gameplay aside from jump delay and the spawn system (aside from 2s) is damn near perfection. Even 343 launching it three times with the worst hit detection in any FPS I've ever played can't make that go away.
  3. CE magnetism is super inconsistent. Game-to-game as well as between fights. Reminds me a lot of H5's aiming.
  4. Given that they added instant-crouch on Reach PC, jumper jumper and modern aiming can we please get rid of jump delay in CE? Make it a controller option that is off by default.
  5. CoD is actually popular with streamers though and I guess they actually invited CoD streamers that are also good at the game.
  6. I'm actually getting consistent EU servers in CE, it's mindblowing. Did they finally fix the server selection?
  7. I'd say it's more efficient to just play and design maps that don't require fixes like these to even work, but the concept does have potential.
  8. Battle Royale feels super dated now, it seems the trend is finally dying with MW's Warzone as one last breath. In other words there is a 90% chance of Infinite having a dedicated BR mode that will eat up a shit ton of resources.
  9. The fact we still don't have basic shit like spectator mode and working theater is a joke. Decade-old PC games have this, but apparently microsoft's flagship game can't? Also if they want to be taken seriously on PC they really need a server browser and a decent UI, actual mod support instead of simply tolerating it would be nice too.
  10. I guess some kind of E3 stream is still happening just hopefully without all the cringe talking in between. It's not like 343 is the only one who has prepared a "gameplay" trailer specifically for E3 so that's still happening I assume.
  11. Arlong there's a flashlight in CE for a reason.
  12. Knockback on the hammer could be interesting, but then you have to make the swap time faster. Otherwise you knock a dude once, he goes flying and while you're switching to your ranged weapon you get melted.
  13. Pretty sure they already announced there won't be any seasons for CE and probably also H2.
  14. A good portion of hitreg complaints would cease to exist if they just applied no-spread across all playlists. It's so damn stupid to use legacy as an excuse to leave in the game in an obviously worse state.
  15. Why on earth would they leave spread in CE 4v4 and BTB?
  16. MCC CE shotty is a fucking joke, can confirm.
  17. In typical 343 fashion this fix was only applied to one playlist (the ranked doubles playlist)
  18. I sometimes feel CE has even worse movement than H3 and Reach. Strafing is obviously better than those atrocities but fuck jumping is so floaty and there is barely any air control, then you hit the ground and get stunned for 2 seconds lmao. Or how clunky and slow ladders are in general. H2 movement >>> any day of the week. Also idk why people complain about the items in CE. They spawn on a static timer and you have the most potent starting weapon in the series. No excuses to not acquire them. Getting fucked over because someone is cheesing dynamic timers in the other games sucks, but if you both know OS/camo/rockets is coming up it's your own fault for not contesting it. That's the beauty of CE.
  19. From a sandbox and map item perspective it's so far ahead of all the other games its not even funny. Having everything on fast static timers & starting with a lethal weapon is so damn fun. But the issues you mentioned, the shit spawns in 4v4+ and the netcode make it hard to grind the game for hours on end. There are a lot of little things that add up over time and grind your gears.
  20. BTB Slayer is so fucking boring and should just not exist.
  21. We already have inspect animations, but you have to be afk for 45s to trigger them. If there are skins, inspect animations usually make sense. Tricks sound fun though.
  22. I mean BG, coag and bloodline or whatever it's called. Valhalla is a much better take on 2-canyon but also not without its problems.
  23. Blood Gulch is fucking dogshit. There I said it. I have no idea why that map is considered a classic. None of its versions have ever been good. Yes it works if you want to fuck around in a Warthog when LANing, but that really doesn't say anything about the map itself.

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