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  1. That guys name literally means toilet seat in german so I have a hard time taking this tweet seriously.
  2. Might be that bullet velocity is still off on MCC. Probably still tied to framerate or similar bullshit going on.
  3. That sounds possibly infuriating.
  4. Could just use the D-Pad and finally end the nonsense of changing grenade types being on D-Pad.
  5. Could even add stuff like "hold this position" or "attack the objective" so people in general MM can play objective without the headless chicken approach.
  6. GPMA standalone? Let's get a kickstarter going.
  7. 1. SWAT is the "rotational" playlist of the week 2. CE SWAT is the worst experience I've ever had in a multiplayer shooter That is all.
  8. Honestly this (the tweet not your post) looks like bait. Even for 343 standards it's complete dogshit.
  9. CE's spawns in anything but 2v2 are fucking atrocious. Especially BTB and FFA are just comically stupid.
  10. Friendly reminder that H4 BTB was Slayer only for the longest time even though maps like Meltdown seem like they were intentionally designed for CTF.
  11. Hard to tell if it's shitty registration or spread, but that clip just made me angry watching it lol.
  12. First shot obviously a miss but that second one was square in the face and the dude didn't even flinch, and don't tell me I need to lead at that distance. MCC CE in a nutshell.
  13. Plaza could have potential, I also thought Eden wasn't the worst thing ever.
  14. Oh I thought they somehow have individual stats for the games. Yeah you can just look that up on steamcharts: https://steamcharts.com/app/976730#All Looks like CE gave it quite a bump, but it's also still kind of "fresh". Reach also held 10k for a month so we'll see in the long run.
  15. Imagine holding on to gameplay for years on end to reveal it at a conference that ended up getting cancelled. Also safe to say that the promised "flights" are just going to be server stress tests and beta versions for marketing purposes because no way in hell are they going to make actual changes 2-3 months before release.
  16. Dude exactly. This kind of shit happens way too often. I sometimes get tricked into people having OS even if I have it or it isn't even up just because an enemy tanks 12 shots. Or sniping someone straight in the face at close-medium range and they take no damage. Or how rockets sometimes don't even make people one-shot but send them flying instead. Ugh, why?
  17. Source on this? I'm not suprised, CE's gameplay aside from jump delay and the spawn system (aside from 2s) is damn near perfection. Even 343 launching it three times with the worst hit detection in any FPS I've ever played can't make that go away.
  18. CE magnetism is super inconsistent. Game-to-game as well as between fights. Reminds me a lot of H5's aiming.
  19. Given that they added instant-crouch on Reach PC, jumper jumper and modern aiming can we please get rid of jump delay in CE? Make it a controller option that is off by default.
  20. CoD is actually popular with streamers though and I guess they actually invited CoD streamers that are also good at the game.
  21. I'm actually getting consistent EU servers in CE, it's mindblowing. Did they finally fix the server selection?
  22. I'd say it's more efficient to just play and design maps that don't require fixes like these to even work, but the concept does have potential.
  23. Battle Royale feels super dated now, it seems the trend is finally dying with MW's Warzone as one last breath. In other words there is a 90% chance of Infinite having a dedicated BR mode that will eat up a shit ton of resources.
  24. The fact we still don't have basic shit like spectator mode and working theater is a joke. Decade-old PC games have this, but apparently microsoft's flagship game can't? Also if they want to be taken seriously on PC they really need a server browser and a decent UI, actual mod support instead of simply tolerating it would be nice too.
  25. I guess some kind of E3 stream is still happening just hopefully without all the cringe talking in between. It's not like 343 is the only one who has prepared a "gameplay" trailer specifically for E3 so that's still happening I assume.

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