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  1. The joy of getting killed in battlefield and then in the killcam you see your dumbass teammate going for the flashy knife kill. Randoms are already dumb as shit on most video games, please don't give them more incentives and excused to be that way.
  2. Are these new? Pretty sure MP skulls have been in the game ever since that Yapyap the destroyer event.
  3. Social should try to balance the teams, but other than that should be "everything goes" and focus on giving fast matches and low pings.
  4. Meh, we already knew the art style was going "back to the roots" to appeal to the reddit crowd. Honestly this might also be fake as shit given that it's an exact carbon copy of the Reach model (could be Eldewrito or one of the fan made games with that model injected for all I know). The "leaks" on gameplay? Zero evidence to back it up and even if all of it is true, it doesn't sound great. Thrust still being in immediately means the sandbox will be garbage again. Also that grappling hook picture a few weeks back still tells me there is going to be more mobility/ability nonsense.
  5. I just got introduced to your montages a few weeks ago so seeing this pop up was great! Funny and entertaining as always.
  6. Wasn't there a REQ variant of the FRG that did this? It was fairly useless from what I remember, but then again it's H5 where everyone can fly and the Warzone maps are huge open stretches of no man's land so of course that limits the use of a area-denial weapon.
  7. Hmm, getting Extraction and a visible OS would be interesting, definitely things that Reach lacks. But then again H2A has really weird sound design, even worse map pool than Reach, fucking glare everywhere and doesn't have a GL and the pistol looks dumb. *cries in GPMA fanboy*
  8. It seems modding is possible, but I don't really see a H2A GPMA happening. It's a ton of work and what does H2A really offer that Reach can't?
  9. They usually have playlist figured out 9 months after launch, not 7 months before.
  10. Making powerups manual pickups in H4 was already stupid as shit and people hated it, of course they had to double down on that bullshit and make it an animation.
  11. Given that it's H2V they could've just downloaded maps from halomaps and added them to the game. Same for CE. Also why is there a Turf remake in Halo Online but it's not in H2A? Why did they remake Blood Gulch (which is now in the same collection 4 times) instead of actually interesting BTB maps like Terminal or Waterworks? 343 logic never ceases to amaze me.
  12. Not saying he's wrong but then again we've had leaks that said sprint and clamber are in for a while now plus the grappling hook picture. "Halo Sprintfinite" has been a meme forever lmao. Personally I'm already expecting the game to be dogshit and have a ton of abilities so the only way I'll be suprised is if they accidentally make a good game.
  13. That guys name literally means toilet seat in german so I have a hard time taking this tweet seriously.
  14. Might be that bullet velocity is still off on MCC. Probably still tied to framerate or similar bullshit going on.
  15. That sounds possibly infuriating.
  16. Could just use the D-Pad and finally end the nonsense of changing grenade types being on D-Pad.
  17. Could even add stuff like "hold this position" or "attack the objective" so people in general MM can play objective without the headless chicken approach.
  18. GPMA standalone? Let's get a kickstarter going.
  19. 1. SWAT is the "rotational" playlist of the week 2. CE SWAT is the worst experience I've ever had in a multiplayer shooter That is all.
  20. Honestly this (the tweet not your post) looks like bait. Even for 343 standards it's complete dogshit.
  21. CE's spawns in anything but 2v2 are fucking atrocious. Especially BTB and FFA are just comically stupid.
  22. Friendly reminder that H4 BTB was Slayer only for the longest time even though maps like Meltdown seem like they were intentionally designed for CTF.
  23. Hard to tell if it's shitty registration or spread, but that clip just made me angry watching it lol.
  24. First shot obviously a miss but that second one was square in the face and the dude didn't even flinch, and don't tell me I need to lead at that distance. MCC CE in a nutshell.
  25. Plaza could have potential, I also thought Eden wasn't the worst thing ever.

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