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  1. Another TU is dearly needed but almost certainly not going to happen. Think of the "Reach experience" they're trying so hard to preserve. What a shame, because this game could be a blast for both competitive and casuals with very few tweaks. With the current sandbox, DMR starts are needed, otherwise we might as well make Team Fiesta the standard gametype, because the Magnum is a joke of a starting weapon. All I want is for the Anniversary settings to come back. The only Reach I've ever actually enjoyed outside of GP and modded customs.
  2. Isn't H2A 3 plot to 900? Sounds a lot better than 500.
  3. You mean my statting for 4 years straight was all for nothing?
  4. Hammer shouldn't exist outside of campaign.
  5. This system is actually much closer to H5's than Reach's. You play and get points, then you "open" a whole bunch of useless junk and after a massive grind you finally get the piece you want. Of course it's massively better than H5's random packs plus the absence of in-game advantages and microtransactions (thus far at least) paints it in a much better light, but the MCC season stuff is still nowhere close to what people actually asked for.
  6. Good changes Hardway. I love KOTH and especially in this game where CTF in MM is busted it's the only gametype besides Assault and Oddball that I can stand. Few things I noticed: - Top Blue hill on High Noon needs to be moved or cut as its the closest thing to free hill time I've seen in the game. Put it at top open ramp or something. - Condemned just needs to be removed from the rotation as it's a BTB map. By the time you reach the hill the enemies usually gained 30-50 points. - Why aren't we playing King on Zealot, Asylum (should btw get replaced by a proper Sanc remake if Duck has any say in that) and possibly Pinnacle? Way better maps than what it's in rotation currently. - Score limit of 150 is a joke.
  7. I got yelled at by a squad of neckbeards for actually playing the game and not swordlining the one time I accidentally selected Grifball lmao.
  8. Fam I'm not having a hard time playing against bots in social MCC, the gametype just keeps showing up and is consistently no fun.
  9. I completely forgot how dogshit of a gametype Headhunter is, especially for 4v4. It kind of works for Multi Team (RIP) and FFA, but if you can just hold hands with your teammates and pick up their skulls it defeats the purpose of the mode even existing. Classic Bungie who never tested their shit outside of fucking around in a custom on Hemmorhage. The laughable maps don't do the mode any favors either. and of course shoutout to 343 for putting in it the same category as Oddball in the match composer though. Because they both have flaming skulls you know?
  10. Tashi has, I linked it a few pages back. Although he said "in collaboration with the community" which is complete horseshit because this has never been publicly talked about.
  11. They are 100% porting CE and H2V using the botched MCC versions. Expect a ton of hitreg issues on top of the other shit they're going to fuck up like framerate, aiming, audio, crashes etc. Also fully agree on the UI stuff. Who thought that removing the skill ranks in the roster for ranked playlists was a good idea? Like holy shit did they ever even play this game? It's comical seemingly trivial things just get fucked up over and over again.
  12. She's so obviously just hating on it to start shit with Hardway that it's not even funny.
  13. Go on 360 or BC Reach and run around the map in a 1v1 with a friend. You can literally not look away from enemies if they're close enough, the game has always had insane amounts of aim assist and bullet magnetism. Obviously better visibility, 60 FPS, no more cancerous motion blur, better hardware etc. play a role, so it might feel like it's easier to aim, but trust me that Reach has always been a joke.
  14. You could also interpret that they have zero spine when it comes to keeping Halo's integrity and would rather sell out to the suits, "marketing experts" and focus group testing than make a game with a strong vision. Remember that their only arguments for sprint's inclusion are "immersion" and "it's expected in a modern FPS". They don't even feel convinced by the mechanic, they just think it will increase sales.
  15. 8 years after CEA came out we can finally play Creek with proper CE style gameplay.
  16. This is a great point. Given how unreliable MCC and H5's servers and menus are it would be a nightmare to constantly wonder why people leave or disconnect. "I'm stuck in black screen, are you guys already in the post-game lobby?" is something I have to say on a regular basis when playing these games.
  17. Alright, apologies for my ignorance in that post. But still, how is this issue realistically going to get resolved? I can see these scenarios: Remove controllers / remove all aim assist for controllers. Is delusional and never going to happen unless they want to lose 95% of their playerbase. Kills crossplay potential. Turn down aim assist until controllers and MKB are balanced. would be the ideal situation but again kills the possibility of crossplay with Xbone players. Also this is 343, the company that still hasn't got a clue about weapon balance almost ten years into this franchise so I wouldn't hold my breath that they're going to nail Controller vs MKB balance anytime soon. Would also have to be tuned for each game separately. Separate input devices by MM parameters My favorite solution and probably the one we should push for. At the very least in ranked this should've been there at launch. Works just like the match composer which is the best thing 343 has ever added to this franchise. Do nothing The most likely situation.
  18. Of course I'm for lower AA across the board and faster TTK. Never said otherwise. But this is a Reach remake. Also Summit is just going full DrDisrespect right now rage uninstalling and talking shit on twitter. Did people seriously expect Reach to get rebalanced for PC and controllers to be deleted? Like I said, separate the input devices in ranked, add crossplay and this entire "debate" will be over.
  19. Dude is just fucking salty and people think controllers are op because an "InFluEnCeR" says its so.
  20. PC MM actually has a few people in game chat. It's usually a dumbass yelling at his dog though. Also you can't party up, invite recent players or add people to your friendslist in game so social interaction is a joke anyways.
  21. Most people are in discords nowadays. Microsoft and the Xbox One crew actually did a lot to solve the "issue" of people being in parties by making the sound quality complete shit and tanking party stability.
  22. Meh. this reminds me so much of the mixed playlists debacle. Took them four years of people yelling at them to stop with that shit and allow players to check boxes which games they want to play. It wasn't there at launch, it was never added in the follow-up patches, it wasn't there for the big relaunch patch. Only months later after the game died again did they add the match composer. Had that been there from the beginning (and MCC wasn't knowingly released as a total PoS) MCC would've maintained 10x the population. And now the same thing for the PC launch. People told them to not mix controller and MKB from the beginning, especially in ranked playlists. Putting stuff like forge, theater, file sharing, crossplay and custom game browser on the "lemme get to that later bro" list was a typical 343 oversight. Aside from very poorly supported modding there is just no incentive to play the game on PC. Bad optimization, MKB is at a disadvantage in MM, crashes, audio bugs etc etc. I'm not saying turn down AA for controllers, because that will piss people off and make crossplay even less of a thing. I'm saying add crossplay sooner or later and let people decided if they want to get matched against different types of input devices. Modern Warfare can do it, so can we.
  23. You know I actually sort of understand where the hate for the DMR is coming from. Bloomy DMR battles are some of the most frustrating things in Halo pretty much ever. The gun also looks ugly and has way too much aim assist and RRR. If thumbless timmy can 5sk me without even attempting to hit the head using a "skill-based precision weapon" there is a problem. Bungie probably thought that pacing shots was so incredibly skillful that the gun needs a built-in aimbot to still be worth using.
  24. There needs to be crossplay and then they should separate MM based on input device at least in ranked. Imagine if this game wasn't rushed out the door for Christmas sales and actually launched in a decent state.

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