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  1. Only 343 would create the millionth gun game mode and make the same mistake as every other developer by starting you off with the worst gun and ending with the best. Also why is it TDM instead of FFA, which by it's random nature makes the mode much more fun than the tacticool 4v4? Don't get me wrong free new content is great and especially gun game is a total no-brainer for Halo with it's interesting sandboxes. But come on I just wish the designers tried a little harder over there.
  2. Nah, H3 was bullshit for sure, especially the BR spread and sniper bloodshots, but never to the extent that MCC CE and H2 are. People didnt just swallow entire rockets or get a free OS because rngesus decided your gun now doesnt do any damage for 30 seconds. (My post was kidding btw, I havent really raged at a video game in 10 years.)
  3. I would've tossed my controller out the window.
  4. Callouts go from your teammates eyes to their brain to their mouth to their mic to your ears to your brain. And the target is likely moving. Meanwhile outlines instantly tell you exactly where the dude is and you don't even need to know the map to connect the dots. I can get behind a vision-based radar like CSGO with limited range (so targets far away are just dots on the edge of the compass), and I've proposed teammate outlines before, it would do wonders for better team cohesion between randoms in MM. But enemy outlines are a step too far IMO.
  5. The Dragunov has been in at least 10 CoD games and pretty much always sucked.
  6. The general population will always skip those tutorials or simply go back to CoD. The only people who will actually watch that stuff are already invested or competitive players. Make your games intuitive, engaging and fun. Design single-player encounters that teach skills that translate to MP. People will naturally learn. Also yikes at that Infinite BR sound. So much for a return to faster TTKs huh.
  7. I agree with the sentiment, but it doesn't really play out like that in practice. Playing Longest for the fifth time in a row when your pistol is shooting blanks is just a shit experience. Add the terrible MM on top and you got a recipe for disaster.
  8. Custom browser is largely useless without good mod support, at least to me. Any sort of competitive or Hardcore lobby will be deserted. The custom browser will be cluttered with kids playing Infection, Blood Gulch and Assassinations Only 24/7.
  9. Y'all still believe in flights? We'll get the MP reveal at E3 so even if there are flights they will be meaningless server stress tests.
  10. I wouldn't call it innovation, Halo just needs to go back to what worked and then go from there. And by back I mean take CE and really only add stuff that is an objective improvement, like the spawn system (outside 2s), H2s movement, forge etc. What you would end up with is a game that plays like nothing out there. The last thing I want is some rehash of Halo 3 with the "least offensive" modern Halo elements sprinkled in. Sadly it seems that's exactly what they're going for with Infinite.
  11. The problem isn't grapple itself, but the fact they're still relying on gimmicks to "innovate". Picking up fusion coils and grunts to throw them at opponents? This is the gameplay equivalent of Cortana rising from the dead and becoming the villain.
  12. Yes, but not just 343. Bungie set the precedent with H2 and the ezmode Battle Rifle and the Magnum as just a spammy pea shooter. Then they just doubled down on the bullshit with every sequel and 343 was too chicken to revert that mistake (like pretty much any of Bungie's bullshit, aside from removing spread and bloom in H5).
  13. The matchmaking guy not being there at launch because the game got delayed a year is not good news. Sure his system will be there, but it anything goes wrong they won't know how to fix it.
  14. Memes aside this is another entry in a series of bad news. I'm really getting the vibe that people are leaving the sinking ship over there. Remember, Josh wasn't around for H5s launch and we all know about that games massive problems with ranks and MM. Only when he got back in early 2017 (when the population was already a disaster) did things improve. I see the same thing happening for Infinite.
  15. I always thought there was a clear distinction between tiers on the sweat spectrum. Going from Ranked > Social > Action Sack/Customs. Social is where people generally try to win, but aren't calling out and timing. Sometimes people are fucking with their teammates or running dual maulers just because they can, but you're not intentionally trolling and throwing entire games. In Action Sack people are legit just fucking around and you have to assume people are probably high when playing.
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