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  1. I really wish someone would take what made CE so great (sandbox, static weapon and powerup spawns, neat little stuff like quick camo, nade tricks and double melee etc.) and make a modern game with a 2019 aesthetic, movement like H2 or H5 Evolved, modern sound design and working ranking system. There is no way that wouldn't be a success. I doubt people actually want to play nonsense like default Reach and H5 over what CE can offer, it's just that the presentation of these games is miles ahead of CE. And it's not just graphics, especially the movement and spawn system are an instant turn-off for 80% of the players and I can't fault them for it. Honestly, the spawn system is complete utter horseshit outside of 2v2 and jump delay can go die in a fire.
  2. Sounds like a cool action sack mode. Didn't we have something similar to that in Reach with power slayer?
  3. The dedication shown here is astounding. Very impressive work!
  4. Why they gave us pay-to-win microtransactions and wasted thousands of man-hours WZ instead of just charging for custom servers like Battlefield and/or more fileshare slots like Bungie used to do is beyond me.
  5. Reach could benefit massively from just a few tweaks to the sandbox but given that 343 didn't fix that garbage in 2011 we're never going to see that happen. Literally: Disable bloom Make DMR 4sk and NR 7sk Magnum needs RoF nerf to not be broken, remove spread Buff the AR and the other autos if you want, I really don't care And the game is instantly 10x better, even with the AAs (ideally these should go too, but someone think of the r/halo "good positioning is not really part of my playstyle" brainlets.)
  6. 2. but depends on what you mean by Advanced Movement. Sprint, wallrun, slide etc. can fuck right off, but something like double-jump or even a loud jetpack with limited fuel could potentially work. The others are fine by me, 1) might be controversial but it basically just turns every weapon into the PR or Beam Rifle which I don't have a problem with personally.
  7. Calling it: Infinite will have a decent campaign and more traditional art, music, sound design and writing. The MP and core gameplay will be a half-asssed compromise between old and new, still featuring at least sprint/thrust, slide, clamber and probably ADS. Another step in the right direction but ultimately a mediocre experience with weak as shit post-launch support and a forced competitive scene.
  8. @Shekkles I wish there was an option to disable that garbage in Reach and H4, but they were too stubborn/lazy to add it. So many kills and games lost because the game thought someone was holding the button instead of tapping it and gets you stuck in a dumbass animation for 5 seconds. It even happened in MLG events. It just hit me: Half the mainline Halo games have had Assassinations, Armor Abilities and Sprint. There is an entire generation of players out there who thinks Halo is about running up to a dude with your gun down and hitting a button to get a gimmicky quick-time animation kill. Ouch.
  9. I mean yeah, that's a matter of perpective. My point was that unlike H4 and 5 removing all the gimmicky nonsense reveals a good game. Also same haha.
  10. 100% dude, I just got a game of HC Reach and despite how shitty the vanilla game is, when you trim the fat there's a good game underneath it all. Man it feels good to finally have a game on the Xbone with decent hitreg where you can actually outshoot people and there's no ability cancer. I reeeally hope the HC playlist isn't DOA and /or filled with fuckass to4 because I'm gonna grind this
  11. Another reason why console FOV sucks is that their target audience isn't sitting in front of a gaming monitor, they're playing on a plasma TV sitting on a couch across the living room. Low FOV works better if you're super far away from the monitor.
  12. Dude I remember after the Reach beta when people where still in honeymoon phase and complained about every shot in H3 "wow in Reach that would've registered" and people unironically said "moving to bigger and bettter things". Then the game came out and within a month killed at least half my friends list (H4 killed the rest). The game was only enjoyable once it way heavily modded and half the game mechanics got removed (Anniversary settings, NBNS and GoldPro). I'll never forgive Bungie for completely shitting on this franchise on their way out.

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