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  1. All this eSport PR talk means jack shit if the game is another ability fuckfest. I have a feeling they're just going to throw money at tournaments again in order to force a competitive scene.
  2. Radar should work like CSGO where people only show up if tagged by your teammates. Maybe show red dots for shooting your gun. Like Hex said, radar is the biggest "bruh it's always been this way" maybe in Halo's entire existance. Such a stupid crutch mechanic and it will always drive a massive wedge between default and competitive settings.
  3. A modder named Krevil has created an MP conversion of Long Night Of Solace which also included covenant-skinned forge pieces. Unfortunately his mod crashed in multiplayer sessions and he nuked it, but I managed to salvage the forge pieces, change the shaders to something less glossy, and ported them to Condemned to finally make use of that skybox. Here's an example map (pic heavy):
  4. Do we? Maybe with mod support that game could be decent. Remove shitmarkers and nade indicators, nerf bullet mag, add more maps. But it will always be a mediocre game as even at its best it's just the same old teamshot crap.
  5. MCC is a lottery netcode wise but at least the game isn't intentionally designed to be stupid like H3's BR spread or Reach's bloom.
  6. Crouch behavior is only like that on KBM which is interesting. Is this how 343 stealth buffs KBM against controllers?
  7. I was about to point this out. The "skillful clamber" example of juking someone with clamber by peej shooting and repeatedly backing off a ledge and clambering back up is mostly just an exploit that abused the fucked hitboxes. It's like saying sliding into someone's knees with a shotgun proves slide is skillful because they can't realistically shoot you during the slide animation. I also wouldn't be surprised if clamber also caused some weirdness with the aim assist that the other spartan gimmicks can cause.
  8. Frank O'Connor denied it so it has a 95% chance of being real.
  9. Throwing could be interesting if it's tuned right. But in the majority of cases it would probably be used as an "oh shit" mechanic where the carrier tosses it in a random direction before dying and the other team has to go retrieve it. Oddball is a pretty hectic gametype and losing out on 5-10 seconds of valuable ball time every time the carrier dies can get annoying. Also speaking of objective modes, can we please get Warpath as a full gametype in Infinite? That shit is so fun.
  10. Power weapons bad hasn't been mentioned in over a week.
  11. This isn't even up for debate. The name and especially the order of playlists has a massive influence on population. Case in point, when CE Anniversary came out they had two 4v4 playlists ("squad" with TU settings and the 343 redesigns and "classic" with the anniversary maps). AT first squad was on top and classic at the bottom, classic was a total ghost town. After a few weeks this was flipped for some reason and suddenly classic was the popular playlist. Squad got removed fairly soon after because of low population lmao. It's also why ranked team slayer and social slayer has always been so popular. It's the first playlist. No wonder objective playlists always die when 95% of the population never actually scrolls down to even see them. 343 did the smart thing in H5 by making Arena the first entry and not giving it a scary name. Despite having the oh-so-hated objective modes it was a very popular playlist.
  12. Honestly if Infinite is like every Halo since H2 and requires at least two guns on an enemy to do something and has three minute timers on anything worthwhile then yes let's just get rid of slayer. Of course I'd rather get faster TTKs, good maps and faster items but this is the company that just added Pit TS to the Reach circuit.
  13. I don't know all the details but basically: Without mods you can have 3x OS but thanks to Reach's laughable shield recharge speed it requires 5s of invulnerability which is pretty ridiculous. The flaming feet can be added for any additional shields. They look super goofy though and can cause frame drops.
  14. Appreciate the detailed reponse. The thing is though that 343 tried multiple times to "fix" the aiming and failed. They never said it was a design decision aside from Ghost's "squirelly" copypasta. Sounds more like a bug than a feature to me, but maybe you're right and it's working as intended and they once again lied about it. @TheIcePrincess Not saying you're wrong, but aside from H3's grid aiming no one ever complained about OG Halo's aiming. I think the actual "suspect" thing here that you're hating on CE and 2's aiming and not that people are such smoothbrains that they never noticed that the aiming in those games sucks lol. It's obviously all subjective and if H5's aiming works for you more power to you. But if a large part of the community ranging across all skill levels and online plaforms says the aiming is garbage there might be something more to it.
  15. Sure you could say people are sheep for believing the "press start to reset aiming" thing, but the fact of the matter is that the aiming in H5 had to be cancerous in the first place in order to lead people to even consider adapting weird habits like pressing start, deleting all their REQs etc. Did people in H2A or H4 do any of that shit? Hell no. Of course people love their excuses and shit, but I've never seen a mechanic that was so bad and caused so much headcasing as H5's aiming. The regular occurance of people having "a sense crisis" is another symptom of it.

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