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  1. Pretty sure CoD on console is 60°. I agree with the sentiment though, anything below 90 is terrible. Gotta love how people completely disappear out of your sight when they thrust in CQC.
  2. Like I said before, they should have delayed this announcement until they actually have something to show. Cutting corners, delays and false promises are not how hype is built. I'm still waiting for that custom game browser for MCC that is coming soon btw.
  3. That doesn't look like actual ADS. Literally just a WIP version the zoom we've always had and it looks like there's no zoom HUD they forgot to disable the first weapon render. Also it looks like it's just on the pistol, I expected him to zoom in with the AR for a second. Let's be real the A(I)DS in H5 wouldn't even be half as bad if they didn't slap it on every single gun in the sandbox (even the fucking bomb has ADS rofl) in order to appease the CoDtards. Zooming in with a sword will forever be the least intuitive video game mechanic I've ever seen.
  4. Hell yeah. Finally playing the best Halo settings post CE without the shitty motion blur and in 60 FPS is about all I'm looking forward to nowadays concerning this franchise.
  5. Never seen a Star Wars movie in my life, am I missing out?
  6. The PP just shouldn't exist let's be real. It's either a cheap-ass trash gun like H2/5 or complete garbage (all other Halos). Idk, I think the damage resistance thing is just odd, like how does the player getting shot know he's now gonna die in a single AR bodyshot? It's also emphasizes teamshot even more. Other explosives can exist? It's a completely different weapon than the GL, mostly given by that the orb flies in a straight line and can be comboed out to much further ranges.
  7. Just make the orbs do damage roughly like the concussion rifle, a combo should do about as much damage as a sniper body shot. I don't see how fucking with damage resistance is 1) a good idea to balance the weapon and 2) intuitive to the user. It could work as a grenade type or its own weapon though that could be cool. I like Zenyattas discord orb in OW. The concern about the alt fire + melee cheese is valid though. Maybe give it a smaller melee range and hitbox?
  8. No because autos have tons of spread making headshots a dice roll instead of a test of skillful aiming. Exceptions would be spreadless autos such as a plasma rifle or maybe reworked needler/spiker with no spread could have a headshot multiplier.
  9. Fuck this takes me back to when kids had their mic on in MM. Laughing my ass off at this.
  10. What's wrong with hit stun? Just don't make it obnoxiously powerful (like Mei in OW, that shit is so stupid) make the projectiles move slow-ish and make the PR overheat quickly.
  11. Seriously can we not take that obvious bait?
  12. It still doesn't have a good spot in the sandbox though. Too weak to be a PW, too strong to be a loadout weapon, a terrible utility weapon. What do you do with it?
  13. In theory there should be less constant pressure on Bigship in H5 because the map is like 3x the size of Middy/Heretic. But you're right the sprint dash slide clamber bullshit has people constantly coming at you from all angles. It's a really frustrating game to play.
  14. I don't think rockets need a buff like that. H5 has a few REQ variants of rockets and they're all on insane levels of cheese. From what I remember there's variants with lock on, faster travel times, bigger mag, secondary cluster-bomb explosions, firing three rockets at once and they're all fucking stupid IMO. The only one I like is the wire-guided one that allows you to steer it after it's been fired. Something like that could be decent for BTB as a tank-buster. What I would change about the rockets is lower the firing rate a tad, ever since H2 it's been too easy to get a follow up shot after missing. The slow ROF reload is what balances them IMO, together with the blast radius making it hard to kill someone without suiciding in the process. They're supposed to be the best weapon in the game and sort of ez mode, but not completely brainless. A slow ROF allows opponents to counter them as well as the slow reload, it creates an opportunity for interesting engagements and outplaying the rocket wielder. If the user can just fire rocket after rocket it pushes them into completely uncounterable territory. It's the same reason why camo fades when shooting and why OS isn't just 45s of invinciblity. Map pickups need to come with certain bonuses as a reward for acquiring them, but should still be balanced and not a free killing spree like the pre-patch Railgun or the sniper in H5.

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