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  1. XBL is a socialist scheme by the deep state?
  2. Best part is there are bootlickers defending this garbage in the comments. "you're using Microsoft server", when you can play literally the exactly same game on the same servers on PC for free. I think Xbox though there are enough dumbasses out there that would just accept this price increase.
  3. Lmao wtf they're increasing the price of XBL Gold? That shit has been a scam for years and I always thought the announcement of it becoming free was right around the corner. Especially now that big franchises like CoD and Halo are shifting to crossplay this move makes zero sense. After the fiasco of the Xbone they'd better give people who moved to PC (like me) some incentive to even consider the fridge, but this is another nail in the coffin for me.
  4. He played the Reach Gold Pro Mod with us last year if that counts.
  5. 343 added a "new version of the pit" to Reach Hardcore. If your flag is pulled you spawn on the opponents court and it becomes a game of 2 bomb assault. Such strong QA over there.
  6. Sounds like we're in for yet another entry with a fuckton of cheese. Just imagine shooting a dude with your 6sk starting weapon for him to sprint around a corner, press F for overshield, turn around and AR you to death. Can't wait. Thrust pickup and hook could be ok if the sandbox was decently powerful to punish shit plays (it won't be). A-Wall and Sensor Gun can fuck right off back to Overwatch. Repulse bomb actually sounds good, not the most original idea but could allow for some creative plays.
  7. Ooooor we could stop designing maps with bullshit bottlenecks followed by no man's land sections, barely any power items on them and spawning people with piss-poor starting weapons. Honestly this isn't the worst idea for something like BTB or Social Slayer, sounds kinda like dogs from CoD. This was probably what people had in mind when Warzone was announced, AI fighting alongside players in a MP match. Also @Soul my expectations for Infinite are extremely low but I'm still curious what you have. Let me guess: Sprint is a default ability in all modes, and loadouts/attachments will be all over MP?
  8. Who knows if you can actually hold down the trigger or if you have to spam it, the E3 demo players are always thumbless af. But it cetainly shoots much faster than the Halo shotgun, has a ton of ammo and looks pretty much exactly like an AA12 with a drum mag (ATTACHMENTS INCOMING ?). Just another useless redesign no one asked for.
  9. The problem isn't just weapon imbalance or lack of knowledge on their end. It's their whole philosophy that's wack. They think every weapon needs an equal kill count on the post game carnage report. They think adding headshot bonuses to spray n pray weapons with tons of spread magically make them more skillful. Redundancy everywhere, like half the Prometean weapons have tracking now. And from what we've seen, Infinites sandbox looks even worse. Why did we need a heavy AR and an autoshotgun again?
  10. Honestly I get the argument from AR fans, weapon variety in Halo has been a joke since H2 and it's so fucking boring to have 80% of the weapons in the sandbox be obsolete. The BR and DMR is overpowered in the sandbox, but not exactly rewarding to use because of the piss poor damage. And it's not like the BR in most of the games is that much harder to use than the AR, you need ONE headshot that you can easily sweep for and with H4/5s insane magnetism you can be off by at least a foot. The only games with decently hard utilities are H3 and CE (lol MCC). Turn down the AA, make them projectile and up the damage already. Personally I wouldn't even be against making it require more than one headshot to get the perfect TTK. Probably wouldn't feel like Halo anymore, but making the utility harder to use with more lethality is the only way I see to have a 1) varied sandbox 2) decent learning curve and 3) fun to watch competitive game.
  11. So we can finally lower the excessive AA in the newer games? There's really no reason for it outside of AdVanCeD mobility bullshit.
  12. But if everyone knows it anyways what's the harm? It helps complete newcomers and doesn't hurt high-level players, who have a coach anyways. The only people this hurts is MM warriors who want a free advantage for getting the first powerup/item. Exactly my thoughts.
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