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  1. Armor Lock, Jetpack and full bloom will suck the fun out of any good settings. H4 is stupid don't get me wrong but it's not as frustrating as vanilla Reach.
  2. I get that they want to get things right and not have an MCC launch 2 experience but Jesus Christ, no release date, staggered releases starting with fucking Halo Reach (possibly vanilla Reach aka the worst iteration of Halo ever) and they're already cutting corners left and right. Just delay the whole thing a year and get it close to done before announcing anything and building the hype train.
  3. They also confirmed they're working on a new progression system and that MCC PC won't require XBL Gold. Great news.
  4. Yeah same, but it was 343 who refused to patch the entire game in the first place. Classic case of trying to appeal to all sides at once.
  5. GP customs and Invasion are about the only thing's I'm looking forward to in Reach. Maybe they will also bring back the Anniversary stuff? Doubt it but those playlists were fire. Vanilla Reach is hot garbage though and if 343's obsession with shitty settings (*ahem* AR and SMG starts) they will be very happy to put non-TU stuff into MCC playlists. Even if we get all the best DLC and forge maps into 4v4 and BTB, the shittiness of loadouts and AAs cannot be overstated.
  6. Fixaim's shitposts made this go unnoticed which is a shame because it's actually a good post on the topic from the "other" side of the argument. Personally I would add to negatives that it makes things like picking up weapons and running out of ammo a hassle. This might be a minor point but it's insanely annoying to have one BR mag, then you run over a DMR with two mags and in the next room there's a half empty carbine. Shit's dumb, maybe this could be resolved by all the rifles sharing ammo or something. IMO in an ideal world every weapon should behave very different from another one in the sandbox. The issue is not just 5 utilities, we also have three rocket launchers, three sniper rifles, 4 dedicated CQC weapons, countless autos etc. So in a sense it's hypocritical to hate on the BR/DMR/Mag/LR/Car redundancy but be okay with all the other duplicates in the sandbox. I'd rather have 10-15 unique weapons that all this fluff, but if it keeps Mr. average casual happy and makes 343 more bucks with skin sales I can see why they're clinging on this overbloated sandbox.
  7. Hey just because H4 and 5 have cluttered the sandbox with tons of garbage and have absolutely atrocious weapon balancing doesn't change the fact that the real Halo games had a utility weapon with a sandbox of powerful niche weapons built around it.
  8. Haha my friend had one that wouldn't load Sandtrap, became my go to guy for BTB.
  9. People are hyping this up and I know to keep expectations low because they still didn't do shit about the rampant afk problem
  10. Really curious how they're gonna handle this. Separate people by platform or by input device? Give controllers aim assist but not mkb? This won't work in games like H3 and CE because they don't have that high AA, H2 and H4 can probably be balanced like that.
  11. This is potentially awesome news, but given that we are still dealing with 343 I can think of hundreds of ways this can go wrong. The fact that CE and H2 still play like ass, that they were too lazy to add ODST Firefight and their history with TU Reach and being adamant on catering to fans of vanilla Reach makes me worried. Mod support is also mostly wishful thinking in today's gaming landscape. Also I really hope we'll finally get the real armor customization back and they add a solid progression system.
  12. STEAM! Here we fucking go. And Reach! Oof they're actually listening.
  13. He's been awfully.. quiet, man.

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