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  1. We've seen it in CE, H2V, H:O and H5. It's disheartening, but not surprising at all that yet another custom/server browser is littered with trash gametypes, but yeah can't say we didn't see it coming from a mile away.
  2. Interesting backstory. Personally I had a blast in 2016's MP despite the loadout and rune nonsense. That really speaks for the quality of maps and gametypes CA designed. It's a shame that id just completely removed proper PvP MP from Eternal instead of looking at 2016s MP and analyzing what was good and what went wrong and then building from there.
  3. Even if the could disable nade hitmarkers they won't do it. This is one of those hills 343 wants to die on, just like Sprint.
  4. So those good sounding "leaks" lasted uuuh, two days?
  5. Wait are repair tools and ammo and med boxes completely gone? I'm on the same boat as you, the "press A for infinite ammo" has always been boring and obnoxious. But are they actually gone in BF2042? From what I heard they're ditching the class restrictions for something more like CoD where any gun and gadget is available for everyone, and then adding some champion/hero mechanics on top with the specialists.
  6. Adblock/ublock origin on Desktop. On mobile install Firefox and ublock origin. No more of this nonsense.
  7. With an overcharge you at least have to track the vehicle and guess where it will land and get there in time before the EMP expires. Hijacking with hook seems extremely 1-dimensional from that video, but then again it seems all players in those lobbies were thumbless smoothbrains so we'll see how this works with a good pilot vs a good player with the hook.
  8. It probably is, but that's not exactly a high bar. We also still don't know if the typical 343 shenanigans will come back to haunt us: Matchmaking, map quality, can we actually aim this time around, barebones launch etc. Things look ok-ish so far, but the same was true after the H4 and MCC reveal and we all know how those turned out.
  9. Maps looked kind of underwhelming so far aside from that BTB Valhalla spinoff.
  10. How people haven't figured this out after 10+ years on this forum is beyond (huehue) me. No one here wants a CE carbon copy, we just don't want the devs to hit the reset button every time a new game comes out and actually learn something from the games that came before. Crazy concept I know.
  11. Did they really have to fuck with powerups for the third time in a row? No one asked for this.
  12. Most of what we saw in this trailer was cheesy as fuck and 100% cringe inducing. This honestly does not look polished at all, feels like I watched and Installation 01 trailer (no offense to the people working on i01) Sprinting with the flag lmao. How many more game mechanics do they want to break to make sprint "work"? I expect this game to have a half life similar to H4 and 5.
  13. Dude has made this video at least three times and still hasn't actually made a good case for sprint being a net positive for the game.
  14. Step in the right direction, but we really need the nospread fix for all playlist and general hitreg improvements. Also if you're going to say f*ck it to legacy anyways then get rid of jump delay pls.
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