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  1. In GPMA Beaver we had rockets and snipe default, camo in the OS-cave and OS inside red base. Played pretty good even for 2s.
  2. On one hand it's a huge yikes that they're rushing these games out so fast while Reach, CE and H2/A are still in abysmal state. On the other hand, once they're done adding games they can finally start working on the things in the backlog such as forge, custom browser and crossplay, which are dearly needed.
  3. Their "fix" was to punish people who aren't touching their controllers while searching MM. In-game you can afk all day. Meanwhile H5 has had afk detection and booting all along so they definitely know how to do it.
  4. Right, wasn't that changed in later games?
  5. Cod4 promod has hitmarkers on flashes and stuns disabled. Obviously not a "full game" but it didn't feel weird to play at all.
  6. It's going to be like this for at least another two months because there is fuck all to talk about regarding Infinite.
  7. Asymm gametypes just need to be played in two rounds with a score limit of 3 or 5 and in case of a tie the team that caps faster wins. If clusterfucks like Overwatch can make asymm gametypes fair and balanced then so can Halo.
  8. Sounds like r/halo bait, talking about playable Elites and Falcons for entire paragraphs. As a whole it doesn't sound super unrealistic, but at the same time there's no proof so it's borderline useless.
  9. Lmao "intelligent delivery" is apparently still too dumb to separate H2 and H2A MP even though they are completely separate games.
  10. Yes there was already a year of only three maps that is exactly the problem. People are already sick of those maps. Also I'm so tired of Halo devs using "the next gaem is right around the corner ;)))" as a cop-out. It's been going on ever since they refused to add ranks to Reach MLG in 2011 and needs to stop already.
  11. "If you can't find games turn off relays" "if your aim is broken cap the game at 60 FPS" "if you want to actually see something turn off centered reticle" "if you don't like looking at your own elbows and shoulders turn the FOV down" MCC is as good as you make it.
  12. Wasn't the game supposed to be revealed at (the now cancelled) E3? Why did they delay it another month?
  13. The only time I really had fun in MCC was sitting in a lobby using speech to text and then having Microsoft Sam read the chat out loud.
  14. I hope these H2 clips take off and generate some awareness that 343 is still shitting the bed at every opportunity. I'm seeing way too much optimism towards Infinite and "MMC is fixed" is apparently lore now and no longer a meme? We really need some course correction regarding the public opinion on this developer. Things like Reach's fucked audio, hit reg, performance issues and their empty promises of mod support, file share, forge, theater, crossplay, custom game browser etc. are hard to show in a short video that the average social media kid can enjoy. But these clips immediately show how fucking stupid and broken the game is and are easily shared on twitter and reddit.

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