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  1. The body is Halo and the Focus Rifle is 343.
  2. Shoutout to @Arlong for giving the Reach mod a try. Had some really fun and close games.
  3. No they're the same aka way too fucking strong lol. With that said, people love to complain. They play one match with mouse then they instantly complain about controllers when they lose.
  4. It's already better in 4v4 and objective because the spawn system isn't aids lol. Now if only we could get a lobby going. And yeah it's the best Halo I've ever played because sadly no one LANs CE around where I live.
  5. I think having it slightly slower on the utility to prevent cheesy snipe bodyshot + utility headshot combo is fine. Rest should be faster I agree.
  6. It stands for Gold Pro Mod Arena, a mod Sitri has been working on with me, Warlord Wossman and Killmachine testing it. The name started as a meme but kind of stuck. You also joined the GoldPro discord right? It's the PC mod we've been playing all week. Basically: Faster strafe + movement, complelte sandbox overhaul, no melee lunge, 3sk projectile pistol starts, fixed the obnoxious viewmodels, CE style grenades, faster shield recharge and many more changes. We're trying to get 4v4s lobbies going this weekend if you're interested. It takes less than two minutes to mod the game if you have the steam version and customs have been a blast so far. Gameplay can be found on the channel:
  7. You know what? I'm just gonna say it: CE > Reach GPMA > H2 > NBNS Reach > H3 > H5 > H4
  8. Appealing to honor rules has never worked. Hey, if no one used their cancerous armor abilities and paced their shots vanilla Reach might actually be a fun experience right? It's delusional to not expect players to use any possible game mechanic to their advantage.
  9. RRR and scope magnetism are actually separate variables lol. But 100% agree, it's garbage like Hemmorhage and Paradiso's mountain that drives the dumbasses to claim the DMR is OP. Isn't it funny that we now have Blood Gulch, Coag, Bloodline AND Hemmorhage in the same collection? Halo is back.
  10. Doesn't really do much. Nerf the RRR and magnetism.
  11. Can I get a refund on those brain cells I just lost? Jesus Christ.
  12. Shitty open wasteland maps like Boneyard, Hemmorhage, Paradiso and Ridgeline are why kids are crying so much about the DMR. And because they're bad at actually hitting targets. It has fuck all to do with weapon balance or lowered bloom on the DMR. Also we played a game of Paradiso 2v2 with the CE magnum for shits and giggles and guess what the Banshee is still brokenly overpowered even with a decent starting weapon.
  13. If is was that easy that would be all over youtube lol. But I find it amusing that they added full forge to PC just to hide the menu selection. Like... just enable it and say it only supports controllers for now? Not that hard.

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