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  1. Montages turned into complete shitshows starting with H4. Extended multikill timers, easy as fuck weapons, ugly medals, gross art style, downgraded theater, maps that all look the same etc. There's a reason people are still putting out mostly H2 and 3 tages even nowadays.
  2. I always thought this is fucking ridiculous concept. "Trigger discipline" might work on full auto guns and in a game like Battlefield with tons of recoil and instant kill times but in a game like Halo with long kill times (especially Reach being the worst offender here) where players are expected to hit the majority of their shots this just gets annoying fast. Bloom isn't just stupid RNG, it's also literally making players fight THE GAME instead of their enemies.
  3. Boyo... you're literally defending one of Halo's shittiest mechanics because in certain niche cases in a gimmicky 1-shot gametype it might be beneficial. And even then, your idea falls apart as soon as you're fighting more than one enemy or both players miss their first shot. NEXT.
  4. Neither of those games are good because of these RNG mechanics, but despite them. Not a single fucking soul outside of Valve thinks there's merit to the first shot inaccuracy on the AK47 and the same is true for the spread on the CE Pistol, H3 BR and the bloom on the DMR.
  5. More truth bombs by our man @Favyn
  6. But then again can you explain mechanics like Armor Lock, Drop Shield, Bloom, no melee bleedthrough, weapons like the DMR taking upwards of 2.5 seconds to kill someone with perfect accuracy, and the lack of good maps? This stuff can't just be pure incompetence especially given that the game also had an insanely good UI, forge, netcode, armor customization etc. I just fail to see how they dropped the ball this hard on core game mechanics but everything else was stellar. Classic playlists have been garbage for as long as I can remember. The maps are always either disk maps designed for 10 different abilities or terrible forge remakes, the settings are usually ass and you're right, the word "classic" alone ensures that the average player will never even bother checking out the playlist.
  7. Yeah but 343 just continued down the path Bungie set. Copying other games wasn't a thing in Halo from 01-07 but with Reach it became the standard. Going from global loadouts to custom loadouts and perks is a smaller step than going from no classes to global loadouts. Of course 343 is also at fault, just for the fact they were too inept to realize Halo 4 is a sequel to Halo 3 and not the weird prequel spinoff that tanked and split the population in half.
  8. I'm seriously starting to believe Bungie fucked Reach's mechanics on purpose to lead 343 down the path (nosedive) this franchise has taken since so that Destiny has an easier time establishing itself on the oversaturated FPS market. The game just had too many baffling design decisions that make zero sense for it to be a coincidence or pure ineptitude. It's not even like there's a core philosophy behind it like "make the game more accessible to codtards", no Reach was made to be atricious and frustrating for all levels of skill and we're still suffering from this nonsense almost ten years later while Bungie managed to become independed from Activision but keep the rights to Destiny. What a 4D chess move by Bungie.
  9. Get your free daily dose of rage-inducing stupidity right here:
  10. Hah, wasn't a jab at you. I just know from experience people always fight for the sniper and if they don't get it they betray, rage down the mic and quit. Team Snipers allows them to skip that and just go straight to working on their sick noscope montages. Man that's just stupid and disheartening. They should've collected feedback and fix them in the next update instead of removing them, setting the fucking stupid precedent of "onLy SlAyEr iS CoMpEtiTiVe" and then re-adding them. Some of the settings were ass but none of the objective gametypes were completely broken (like H2A's score limit and return time shenanigans lol) and stuff like 1 Flag / Bomb and CTF on Narrows/Pit was a blast to play. I really really hope these get fixed and put back into Team Arena (that was one of the best things 343 did hands down) and the Match Composer because objective is all I play nowadays given that 1) I can 2) Slayer can still get you AR starts and 3) Slayer is fucking boring.
  11. Basically this. Even in H3 where the sniper was hard to use I've never regarded it as a premier competitive playlist. It was harder to get a 50 in Snipers than Slayer and SWAT obviously but at the same time Team Snipers is more of an Action Sack thing than an actual competitive gametype. Montage kids love it and people who are too bad at timing weapons to ever get a sniper, that's about it. It's a fun niche gametype, but we don't have ranked Griffball either. I remember a GDC talk from Menke where he said he likes games with a wide skill gap because it makes ranking systems and matchmaking way less of a headache. It gives me hope that at least one person in that company doesn't think shrinking the skill gap to irrelevant levels is a good way to improve this franchise. What do you mean by out of ranked? Did the Slayer kids win and get objective removed from H3 Arena? Besides that, thank you for continuing to fix these awful settings we've been playing for over a decade. 15 second flag return times on small maps just should not be a thing.
  12. False, H5 does not have a single social playlist. It's all ranked, the social lists just don't show it. Wtf lmao. Aw man I miss getting salty as fuck messages all the time.
  13. That was a thing for like two weekends across 3 years of H3. Meanwhile ranked SWAT has been a thing for decades.
  14. I could get behind that. What I'd really like to see the return of is double XP weekend though, that shit was so fun and really got the community to play together. Rotational playlists are nowhere near as exciting (of course the fact most rotational playlists are complete ass also plays into that).

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