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  1. They're so good at adding new content no one asked for, but still have not managed to create a decent MM experience after seven years. Why do I get more consistent and faster matches in Splitgate lmao.
  2. Isn't it pretty much known that they slapped that demo together in a few weeks because they had quite literally nothing else to show at E3?
  3. Hot take: all of 343's slip-ups regarding audio, graphics and story would be excused if the gameplay was solid. Of course you can't completely separate the two (especially the visual clutter negatively impacts gameplay), but I'd take CE gameplay with H4 graphics over nu-Halo gameplay with H3 graphics any day of the week.
  4. Good to hear. Coupled with the better strafe this could make for some decent duels IF the aiming gets fixed lmao. Kind of disheartening to already know this game will yet again make individuals useless and thus create a miserable MM experience as a solo, because we know how allergic 343 are to party restrictions. A to4, even if they're thumbless brainlets can just steamroll all over people with these weak-ass starting weapons.
  5. You can crouch while strafing and don't have to stand still (please tell me they didn't remove this in Infinite?)
  6. From the sounds of it, it's like Sector from DOOM 2016? Extraction, but instead of a dumbass QTE you have to capture a zone and then hold it for 20 seconds. Personally I loved that and I could definitely see it work in Halo.
  7. What's the TLDR on forge? I heard there's scriping and that people can basically make thei rown campaign levels now. Neat I guess, but how does this help us as the comp community?
  8. The thing is... "scavenging" is kind of a recent concept. It slowly started creeping in with H4 then they went full out in H5 and especially Infinite. CE gave you options: The weapon hierarchy is rather flat, except for powerups and rockets. You can pick up stuff on the map but it doesn't give you a flat upgrade. H2/2A/3/Reach is the "one gun game": it's basically only your starting weapon plus fighting over very limited power items. Map pickups are generally garbage. H5 introduced "scavenging", the concept of randomly finding flat upgrade weapons scattered around the maps: Pick up an SMG or LR, suddenly you're a god compared to people off spawn. Granted this got better when we finally got that (one) balance patch, but it still exists. https://steamcharts.com/app/1233550#All Looks like he learned a lot and successfully applied H4/5 population curve again . I'd say the Commando wouldn't, maybe because of the bloom? It can still easily finish a kill before someone sprints around the corner, which the BR can't. Everything else, you're probably right. Sadkick you're constantly reloading and need teamshot to finish your kills. AR is just dumb all around. Stalker Rifle or Mangler? Same reload issue, plus alien guns can't be the starting gun. The BR seems especially bad though. 1.6s perfect TTK with (alleged) lower aim assist puts is into the realm of pre-TU Reach TTKs, which is just ridiculously teamshotty.
  9. It's an interesting conundrum. What do you think is worse for Halo: teamshot meta or RNG spread? I can't find the video anymore, but aim assist tests have been done before to compare the trilogy games. Make a dummy walk through the FOV of a player and then measure the angle displacement. Or walk past an enemy without moving your reticle and again measure the angle of displacement. Interesting, so the sidecuck really requires such accurate aim to get RRR, and yet they still felt that it needed bloom and such a shallow mag? AND not be the competitive starting weapon? Weird choices over there. Finally someone says it, I thought I was taking crazy pills reading all this unanimous praise for these settings. Are we supposed to be excited that the competitive settings aren't just fucking stupid for once? Did H5 lower the bar that much? I get why they went BR starts. This entire game is a big package of nostalgia bait, and people still consider H2/3 the pinnacle of competitive Halo. Which it was in many ways, but not because of the BR, quite the contrary actually. But this is how you get the old MLG kids to hop back on board. You have to remember that the TTK discussion and criticism of the teamshot meta comes from a few individuals that were a small minority even back on the MLG forums. It's the jaded boomers subset within the jaded boomers population. The vast majority of Halo kids loves the teamshot meta and thinks CE/Goldpro is too fast and stupid. BR starts are a smart marketing move, but from a gameplay standpoint it will lead to the same old teamshot meta we've already seen, just with sprint, clamber, weird equipment everywhere and on worse maps. I guess it will have a following, more so than Reach/4/5 and probably H2A as well because that game was always the weird stepchild of the series. Also, no nade hitmarkers is very good, but this again shows that 343 is clueless. Adding a cancerous mechanic to the game just to disable it in comp is such a 2010 move. I guess if they turned up the RoF on the BR to make it like the H5 beta this would actually be sorta acceptable. But with this weird feeling 1.6 TTK BR I just don't see myself playing or watching this game.
  10. I really need to see a side-by-side comparison of the aim assist and magnetism in Infinite compared to the OG games, because I still think the "low aim assist" argument is a myth. Go back to the early pages of the H5 thread and people were also talking nonstop about the low aim assist. Turns out it was just heavy aim and shit hit registration coupled with a nerfed RRR on the starting weapon. The input lag and performance is even worse in infinite so I could definitely see people mistake that for low aim assist. The only comparison I've seen is with the sniper, and that was in the first flight before that washed up H5 kid told 343 to increase the aim assist and like a good doormat they followed his orders.
  11. For the record I'm not dissing people for falling for H4. I did too. I just wanted to debunk the argument that this place keeps making "false" prophecies of games being DoA because it's simply not true. Also yeah BFBC2 and 1943 are classics, my safe bet statement was more referring to activate population. Also slightly related It's amusing to see how both the CoD and BF community are hyper aware of how bad Vanguard and 2042 are shaping up to be and are nonstop roasting the devs (bf 2042 subreddit has some decent meme material lately) , meanwhile the Halo community is in full damage control "bro it was just a TeChNiCaL PrEvieW" and keeps digging their heads further into the sand to avoid seeing the dozens of red flags.
  12. Forgot to reply to this. BF4 is hands down the safest bet. The game kinda never died, got an influx of new players maybe a year ago and ever since the BF2042 reveal it's been crazy. I guess BFV also have some sort of population as its the most recent game. What kind of retcon is this? Beyond (and THC back then) completely drank the kool aid for Halo 4, do you not remember the "have faith" signatures? Only after launch did people get disillusioned. MCC? I remember getting negged for saying that I'm not buying an Xbone to play it at launch. @chaosTheory said a 25 gigabyte day one patch is a red flag and caught like -27 within a few minutes. This place was NUTS for that game before launch. Same for Halo 5. The cynics were making fun of ADS and sprint sure, but most of this community ate that shit up, and unlike H4 and MCC people also defended Halo 5 post launch (some to this day). It's kind of funny how most of the H5 kids are long gone, but again there was a strong 343 defense force back then. The fact that 343 won't share the population numbers, that H5 had the worst sales of any mainline Halo game, that EU and Oceanic players couldn't play half the playlists, that party restrictions weren't possible "because of the population", all that leads me to believe otherwise. But this isn't even the point. Yes you will be able to find matches. But the population will quickly fade. Maybe DoA is the wrong word, no the game won't be another MCC (hopefully). But it will be such a bad product on launch that it won't be able to hold a population and suffer the same fate as H4/MCC/H5/Splitgate. F2P might help of course, but the trash tier optimization will drive away a large part of that possible population. And man, Is the bar for Halo really that low nowadays that "I can find games in MM on day one" means the game is fine?
  13. You must've missed the 200 pages where everyone declared the game will be DoA because of the trash sandbox, non-existant optimization and the glorious return of heavy aim and bloom. Maps aren't anything to write home about either. Did I mention you have to reload after every kill? Because you have to reload after every kill.
  14. Yikes okay. I thought it was re-rolling a loot crate opening or something, but I guess these are gone for good.
  15. What does "reroll" mean in this context?
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