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  1. Thanks! Good to be here. I mostly just play Halo 4 and 3. Don't play Reach anymore. I feel like I can hold my own against competitive players when I'm on my game, meaning when I've been playing everyday. I live in South Jersey though, but I'd still definitely be down to check out a lan.
  2. I just joined and wanted to introduce myself real quickly. My name is Dominic and I'm from New Jersey. I love Halo with a passion, yes, even Halo 4. I've been following the community for years, but never actively participated, mostly just creeped in the background. I hope to post on the forums often, because I truly enjoy this site and respect what they're doing here. I got my Xbox One on day one and will be glad to run games on Battlefield 4 or Ghosts (even though I despise the game), until Titanfall, Destiny, and Halo 5 drop. Also, I still play Halo 4 and Halo 3 everyday. My Gamertag is DominicNJ (I like to keep things simple), so hit me up on Live.
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