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  1. Aim assist is altered to not be near as strong in 0.6 It's much more balanced between controller and kb/m players now. It's basically Halo 3 multiplayer without projectiles. Games are through a server browser (there are official servers though with stat tracking and ranks). On release ranks are just progression, but there's a Halo 3 1:1 ranking system that will drop in a future update including playlist exp, trueskill (modified a bit), total exp, ranks, social, ranked, etc.
  2. lol yeah. It was super fast to make and I'm interested to see how it plays out in a halo 3 type environment but KotH. I've since updated the ramps to be much less steep btw. If you want to see me forge a more classic style competitive map here's that. Skip to 26:30 for the cool part.
  3. I've been a tester for this update for about 6+ months now. It's the real deal. Get ready for some good gameplay. I actually forged or helped forge warlock, sanctuary, amplified, onslaught, station 9, among others.
  4. Where's the VOD's tab? I'm looking to watch the finals from this last weekend.
  5. Does this mean we get Puckett back too? Somebody phone Julia back in.
  6. I think it's being worked on, but a ranking system means nothing without a matchmaking system. The whole point of ranks is to get a game of really closely skilled players.
  7. The new update will fix a lot of issues with physics. They're also implementing halo 3 animations and they have loads of forge improvements coming out. Expect amazing maps to be made.
  8. I don't know if anybody has been following close with this but this game is going to be the best thing since Halo 3 for the community if I'm being honest. They've been working on an update (0.6) for over a year now. The game is basically Halo 3 on PC except it has modding support, 60 fps, etc. The new update will implement a whole new ui that they've built and everything will be in game. No launchers or anything like that. There's no sprint. There's forge. There's no campaign or matchmaking or theater, but they do have server browser working very well. The new update has so much to talk about I mean they've been developing it for over a year. This will be the most complete Halo game we've gotten since 2007. If you don't believe me look below. First video is just some highlights I got. The 2nd two videos are some progress on the forging aspect. Believe me I haven't been happy playing Halo since 2010, and I'm having so much fun on this. MLG FFAs, Duck hunt, infection, 2v2s, 4v4s, 8v8s, etc. It's amazing and it took me literally 2 minutes to select my mods to get the game looking and playing almost identically to Halo 3. I couldn't play MCC Halo 3 because of how different it felt, but this puts me right at home. I recommend waiting the 2 weeks or however long it will take for the update (0.6) to release, and then going to the subreddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/HaloOnline/) to download and jump in. I'll post a picture of the mods I use below as well. There's already a dedicated server for 4v4 MLG using the official settings as well as a 1v1 Octagon server.
  9. Lets count all the great things 343i has done since they took over (not including fixing their own mistakes like re adding descope/ranking system): -No Bloom, No Sprint Halo Reach -Extraction -MASSIVE Forge Improvements -Server Browser -Spectator Mode (Kinda works I guess)
  10. Honestly probably a blessing. Everybody that's intelligent is leaving Halo. I know it'd probably be amazing to work on the game that you love, but there's no way it's not a hostile work environment when you can't even constructively talk about anything. And honestly half the people at 343i probably don't deserve their job.
  11. Worked for me. Go on to the halo 3 menu, press start, go to marketplace, and redownload them there.
  12. Just had to pop in to say congrats! Gives me hope for some good maps even if they stick with sprint (tell them to cut the shit though and remove sprint).
  13. Just wanted to pop in. Haven't been on the forums in a long time. Was watching a friend compete in rocket league at dreamhack when the stream went down. I'm guessing Halo is having similar issues so I just wanted to let everybody know it's not just Halo this time, it's the whole venue. But once again this is just a lack of LAN that's the issue.
  14. You're right I overstepped. The current state of their communication is just plain bad though. It's more so when everything falls apart that they go at eachothers throats and ignore the game and potential opportunities to complain to one another about past faults.
  15. I love the twins but I've heard this excuse over and over again. It's a fault. It's not good and it blatantly hurts their communication. They obviously make up for this fault in other facets of their gameplay but their communication is horrible and it's been that way for a long time, while only recently has communication mattered so much.
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