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  1. To play mostly H2/H2A/Championship series. Mostly want someone who's sociable but also pretty competitive. No worries if you don't feel that you're good, my skills aren't much to write home about either but I'm learning. If you're interested, my gamertag is FatJalepeno
  2. http://i.gyazo.com/c8266004805e6f1e75f9eb065ca796de.mp4 I'm officially done with Halo. After all the feedback, harassment and talking and hoping and planning and everything. They throw it all down the drain.. once again. I officially give up.
  3. I really don't like the thought of getting a 1-4 remade. For one, Halo 4 came out a little over a year ago so there's no point. Second, this means we won't be able to get a Halo 3 REALLY REMASTERED anniversary in 2017. Finally, it means more than likely that Halo 2A won't be getting a multiplayer remake. And if it does, that means they'd have to remake ALL of the multiplayers, which would create a huge population divide and nullify all of the games being remade. Not to mention, this means that they wouldn't be able to focus on one game in particular and make it good, but instead we'd be getting little chunks of shit, instead of a masterpiece.
  4. Basically when there's the timer set for 10 seconds and you usually just see an image of a map, I think it should be of your spartan, dropping in a drop pod to the battle zone, then have maybe a little animation of kicking the door out of the way. This is just visual thing to take from the boring loadout screen, nothing big. -I picture it as somewhat in the beginning of Halo ODST where you're dropping from the sky, except you're in a brighter city with the sun flare reflecting off your visor, and the pod is much more transparent so it doesn't look too much like a pod but rather a free fall.
  5. Halo 2A is NOT coming, here's why. Halo CEA took over a year to make with FAMILIAR xbox 360 hardware. The Xbox One has only been out for a few months and yea they got Dev kits and got familiar but that's nowhere near 6-7 years of familiarity with a console. They announced not too long ago that there are no plans for a Halo 2A, and even if they did change their mind that instant it would still be less than a year of time for development. The leak on NEOGaf said that it would include multiplayer and ports for H3 and H4, so if Halo CEA took over a year of production time with a familiar console, there's no way that they'll be able to make ports for H3 and H4 WHILE including multiplayer, on an unfamiliar console in less than a year.
  6. I was watching Beyond radio and U4ix was talking about how he liked the idea of throwing an oddball but you just threw it too far. Idea: -In custom games, have an option to change weight of bomb, ball, flag (5 kg, 10kg...100kg whatever) -Weight affects movement speed for all objects, then for the bomb or ball, throwing will vary depending on weight, or for the flag, flag juggling may be a a little more difficult as you cant look up and throw it as far as you can, it'll maybe do a mini hop.
  7. Which do you think will be coming out this year and why? -I think 343 is concerned about whether or not they really can switch over to core halo fundamentals and classic game elements. Even though most of the community is asking for that, they're trying to appeal to other casual players so they aren't to sure -That said I think that means they're going to see how Halo 2A turns out, kinda test the waters abit, and if it succeeds then halo 5 will be like halo2/3 if it doesn't then I think it'll be a halo 4 rehash. I think Halo 2 will come out this year to test out the waters for classic gameplay and maybe with a beta access code like with reach/odst
  8. I thought Formal quit playing Halo? someone on his COD scrim said that formal said that halo is a horrible game
  9. Obviously everybody is going to say no sprint, armor abilities, in-game ranks, spectator and all that good stuff but what is something you'd want back or something new even that isn't 100% obvious? -For me, flag juggling/odd ball juggling is a biggie, and also the mini-callout location that told you where you were on the map from Halo Reach
  10. So this game type is very simple but I thought it'd be interesting. Correct me if this is already a game mode and if it is I apologize but here goes. Infiltrator: (Bad name haha, you can name it what you want, mine sucks) -A 4v4 competitive game type that is somewhat like King of the Hill. I imagine this game being played on sanctuary. There are two hills active the entire game, one at Blue flag, one at Red flag. Players have to try to score hill time in the opposing hill, but doing so would leave their own hill open. I think team work would be extremely crucial because there would be a variety of methods of charging the hill. Do we have 2 people charge the hill while 2 better players defend their's? 3 people? or all in? Mechanic Ideas (feel free to make your own or change mine): -Score to win- 100 -While in the opposing hill, players have a bit slower movement speed (encouraging strafing over taking cover) and shield recharges are a bit slower than normal. (I think this would make it so it's not a completely 1-sided victory) -Every 5 consecutive seconds in the hill give you 2 extra points along with the points you're earning already -tell me what you think!
  11. since everybody mentioned sprint, perks, armor abilities and all dat ish, im gonna point out one of my faves. FLAG JUGGLING BALL JUGGLING WHY WOULD YOU TAKE THAT OUT I miss: flag dropped, flag taken, flag dropped, flag taken, flag dropped, flag taken... ohhhh that beautiful sound Also they added in so many big maps and didn't bother to fix spawns at the beggining, not to mention every fight was just a DMR fight everywhere, everytime, every range. I think that's what got a lot of people off h4, it's what got me off.
  12. I know everyone is going to say BR but I just wanted to point out a few things that makes each skillful then tell me your opinion. Also take the BR from halo 3 and DMR from reach. Also tell me if I miss anything. BR lead shot/3 round burst" -From distances shots must be fired where the player is going to go rather than reticle -This takes even more skill to hit a distant moving target -3 round burst and 4 shot kill makes every burst count -This means shots have to be on point to guarantee a solid 4 DMR's Reticle Bloom" -Makes target way harder to hit -Must time your shots accordingly -Timed shots mean slower kill times -Slower kill times mean an edge to the better strafer and players who play on BJ -"shot-by-shot" (couldn't think of the word) makes every shot count, can't just shoot in general direction -I personally think halo 3's BR was more skillful, but even though people hated it, I think the DMR's reticle bloom was also pretty skillful
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