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  1. Oh man I used to play DDR so much. One time I was in Vegas with my dad, we went to Circus Circus to kill some time. I played a song that wasn't too hard on heavy when all of the sudden I had this large group watching me play. It was so akward. I do miss it though.
  2. Man if it doesn't suit your play style go with what's comfortable I just unlocked the ICR this morning and I have a grip and high caliber unlocked on it so far and I am loving it. The thing is pretty good so far
  3. Same here. I saw karma using it on stream the other day and I immediately wanted it.
  4. Question. If you were to order a scuf with exactly all the same features that this elite controller has, how much would it cost?
  5. I did the bounties/chests today and I got a treasure key out of one of them
  6. Saw this on Twitter while stalking coachmayne today https://twitter.com/meestasingh/status/590082527882280960
  7. He looks like he's already called the butler and his patience is wearing thin
  8. I dressed up as a nun (like method man in how high) for Halloween two years ago. Was at the church and had to get a pic with white Jesus
  9. Shit, accidental neg rep. Fat fingers and on mobile. My apologies.
  10. "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." -Albert Einstein This is me expecting every patch to work.
  11. Looks like EA's got their work cut out for them this year
  12. God damn. That book still gives me nightmares when I read it
  13. I went on the Halo Reddit for the first time yesterday and saw this I'm never going back
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