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  1. yea im not actually sure i think it is the start button glitch that lags you but only doing it once and getting a slight bit of lag from it but i have never actually seen it done so cant confirm. I think it would be used to hit the start button once while flying thrusting at a powerup to lag just a bit before you pick it up to ensure you live to use it.
  2. basically I want to know more about the start button glitch that you hear about in pro streams. Alot of the time you see them do it before grabbing a powerup to stay alive but I assume that you can use it at all times if you want to. Can somebody explain the mechanics of this and what it looks like as you do it?
  3. jthedruggernaut
  4. Jonny Chase
  5. sorry for late reply and thank you signing up for the ffa today (:
  6. Im just wondering which tournaments are worth entering besides the team beyond ones. Im looking at a gamebattles ffa that starts in a few hours and only has 4 people signed up :uncledrew: I know that gamebattles/mlg is pretty much a non factor for halo now, but should i still be scalping mlg for tournaments? Also are there any other sites i should be looking at for tournaments ? Thank You
  7. thank you for taking the time to help me i really appreciate it. i wasnt able to find anything called wmm, but the only setting i changed is i made my xbox dmz host. Im not sure if that is a bad thing but i havent seen much of a difference in gameplay.
  8. ya, i could absolutely hook up to my pc and my xbox at the same time. is there some kind of software i can use? model is g1100
  9. i feel you on the headcase thing. Some days i feel like "whats the point of grinding, It all comes down to connection" And i may stay in the state of mind for a few days, but i have been trying to just play alot more safe and smart. There are certain games where it is impossible to challange, so i have just accepted that and try to improve other aspects of my game. It is annoying in ffa though, you are literally fucked lol
  10. thank you for the help man, i live with a pretty big family and everyone has the iphone, the apple tv, all of it. Alot of devices. The biggest question i have is how low in price i can go if i need an Ethernet router for just my xbox. Also are there any stats that i should be looking out for? Also yes, the entire house runs off one modem which i have in my room so i can use ethernet. Speed Test: http://beta.speedtest.net/result/6511984545.png
  11. sorry to necro, but do you know how much of an effect qos settings would make? Im using a verizon modem through ethernet, but i am unable to prioritize my xbox. If it would help what steps would i need to take? Just buy a new gaming router and set it up with my xbox to be prioritized?
  12. I just want the pistol to actually zoom in, like the silenced pistol. For one it looks better, makes halo stand out more. The aim down the sights also adds an element of difficulty which debatable doesn't increase the skill gap. Just an annoyance. And Yes grenade hit markers should be taken out.
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