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  1. i swear this doesnt seem like a thing since mlg orlando 2011.. but no, he got second. it blows me away he's still only 23.
  2. this tells me you really enjoy being spawn trapped and spawn killing. respecc
  3. he was booked for ugc! not sure what happened. hope he's doing alright
  4. thank you! I love making those decisions. @Wonderboy& @Infinity taught me a ton the production teams were all brilliant & as usual the desk slayed. incredible week
  5. no one here wants them to reinvent the wheel. they just gotta improve upon what was already near perfect --- not crazy about having to rebuy the campaigns but mp being free will do fingers crossed for cross play
  6. i've never used the store for much more than small office apps - what's the issue with games?
  7. Radar shouldn't stay in Halos competitive settings. It's fine for everything else
  8. Unfortunately we've had radar in competitive Halo for 3 years now.. since taking it completely out isn't an option I'm trying to think of ways to minimize it as much as possible. Compromise!
  9. can't imagine this happening but it'd be awesome lol
  10. a smooth observer mode right out of the gate too! it shouldn't be active for everyone
  11. i enjoy the idea of radar being a 30s power up. maybe if it's not very effective it could be a team power up also, wouldn't it make more sense to showcase infinite at 2020 e3 not 2019 e3? the announcements and details about the engine should be enough for a teaser this year
  12. eldewrito & cartographer are incredible but 343 directly supported UGC for years. it wouldn't make sense

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