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  1. There are plenty in social but it won't be popping until Halo 2, H2A, and H3 are out.
  2. I hope it's not a reliable source - I'm really hoping for class based gameplay and maybe an added thrust like Doom: Eternals dash. Also would like to see sprint a lot faster. Definitely don't want to see ground pound removed.
  3. I get destroyed every single time. Radar. AR. Thrust. Nah.
  4. We'd like to keep it that way. It's not Quake.
  5. I feel this. My official count of goosed players since quarantine is about 236.
  6. OS, Camo, Rockets, and Sniper are all a beautiful game of rock paper scissors. However.. in OG H1 the OS is far less useful if you are trying to fight camo/rocks. Rockets and pistol are just too weak in MCC so OS is much much smarter to pick up.
  7. Did you count ODST? We adjusted everything in H3 and turning off sprint in Reach helped it big time. Thats the beauty of Halo - customize!
  8. I'm with Mow. We'll just edit basic movement and turn sprint off - test it - pray.
  9. My theory about "shot placement" is each server/host will play different. You'll never know where exactly to aim to kill the other player unless you're on LAN. Sometimes you have to aim behind someone - other times far ahead - then when you're host its dead on. A lot of the time they are warping/glitching through your shots too. Other times the game is anti-aiming. It helps to remember not to focus on your shot online and only the most important aspects of your game. This is why it's best to start every series with Hang Em high when playing off host/ on host in H1. It lets you warm up the "lead"!
  10. Even small crowds can bring the hype too. It's an absolute essential asset to invest
  11. A. I'm a Halo player. B. I enjoyed them immensely. C. Explain how SXSW, Pro League, and X Games were a slap in the face.
  12. SXSW and the H2A one BtH won were awesome. Not sure where it's seen as a bad thing.
  13. I had this exact same idea while talking with Quinn Del Hoyo about 4 years ago. He was asking everyones opinion in the green room on how to change the current way Halo is played. I'm still a massive fan of static and static only in arena shooters
  14. It would be like Apex - very difficult to land long distance snipes.

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