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  1. You call it "not in the budget" but I call it ORIGINALITY Please sir, may I have some more
  2. Warcraft and Silent Hill aren't terrible. Prince of Persia, Final Fantasy and the most recent Tomb Raider are the best. Mortal Kombat & Pokemon are just awesome to watch as a fan.
  3. I meant to convey Harry Potter shouldn't be considered one of the greatest stories. It's not original or special in any way. I love the books and the movies. I've read them and watched them many times. I can acknowledge they should never be compared to the LOTR books or movies. Both outclass HP by a pretty big margin.
  4. To say you prefer HP over LOTR is one thing.. But one of the best stories ever written? Come on.
  5. really disliked h4/h5. but reach was really good
  6. They are both easy snipers to use but H5's gives me kills I should never get. I have to earn the kills with almost no exceptions using H3's. I miss having pros and devs getting baited by the trolls. That didn't last long enough.
  7. He was incredible. Halo took a major hit when he started this extended break..
  8. my favorite content that i want to see infinite more of i met him in halo4 and didn't really see him around in reach or h3. my guess is he'll be back for infinite and be back on top
  9. Same old pattern. Announce a string of LANs. After they're finished announce next string.
  10. I don't know how outspoken Neighbor was in the office during Halo 5s development but publically he was timid until he was leaving. Ghost was MVP.
  11. the pro team keeps filling up with people who won't hesitate to challenge ideas. great sign!
  12. yeah green book was shit
  13. Gears of War, Quake Champions, H1Z1, PubG, Fortnite, CoD: Blackout and Apex: Legends all do real well with power weapons on map. I am really confused why you want Halo 4 again.. @My Namez BEAST
  14. i swear this doesnt seem like a thing since mlg orlando 2011.. but no, he got second. it blows me away he's still only 23.
  15. this tells me you really enjoy being spawn trapped and spawn killing. respecc

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