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  1. They did it to draw attention to the MCC team's efforts on creating a good Halo experience on PC. Halo 5 was still popping during Dreamhack Atlanta 2018
  2. I need the Tron Legacy skin in every video game please.
  3. I was the admin for feature station 1 and 2 at Dreamhack Anaheim - Adam is 100% right.
  4. I've never seen so many words make so little sense. It's very impressive actually.
  5. Hawkeye is my favorite character in Endgame. I also loved him in the first Avengers. Why did you feel like Blade Runner was empty? I thought it had far more substance than the original which is saying something. A lot of existential and philosophical ideals swirling in your brain the entire time. Denis Villeneuve has been the best story teller since releasing Enemy, Prisoner, and Sicario back to back to back. Then cementing himself as one of the greatest ever with Arrival and Blade Runner. I have no confidence in Dune being his best work because everything I just mentioned is just too good. But I do think it will be incredible. What are y'alls predictions for Infinites release? I'm going with Summer 2021
  6. What did you say to me you little shit? @Pulsar There is far too many reasons to mention when discussing this tragedy but I will say CoD has a massive advantage when it comes to their creators and parent developer still owning the franchise and consistently fanning the flames of its esports community. Literally never stopping for TWO DECADES. MLG did this for Halo. Not Bungie. Then they both dipped. It is what it is.
  7. Clayster only played at Dallas 2012. He got an overkill on a pro team though! Crimsix first event he placed top 16 then his second he placed 4th. He could've done massive damage if he stuck with Halo.
  8. I wouldn't say there is zero personality at the top. Doc, Ninja, Tatman and shroud all have their own reasons for being huge. I enjoy em all. I think NIckmercs is probably the best for me though - I'm big on people who have no filter.
  9. "Esports Matchmaking" sounds way more inviting.
  10. I'm still trying to get the Not Forgotten in Destiny. (You have to hit the highest competitive rank to acquire it) Those incentives are important. Maybe a cool armor effect like flamess covering your gloves or the gun itself.
  11. Did you just compare the demand for porn with the demand for Halo MCC Multiplayer? Realistic expectation.
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