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  1. The Halo 3 sniper was extremely easy to use because you had forever to line up the shot. Halo 4 you had to deal with flinch which sucked and you could get 4 shotted fairly fast across the map. But the noscoping was aimbot.
  2. Everything you type is objectively wrong. If you were any more full of it it'd be coming out your nose!
  3. Not biting. Not biting. Not biting. *takes a long walk*
  4. Everyone else seeing it in-game would help sell it.
  5. Record the head to head and post it here, fellas.
  6. CP2077 is actually real solid on a good rig. But we are talking about 12 months during crunch time of people working on the game in an entirely different way. Bound to be issues!
  7. Go look back at the USA Network show of MLG during 2006 and 2007. Watch the MLG ESPN 2008, 2009, and 2010 shows. Then look at the coverage of CS from the same years. As far as population - CS definitely had more people on the servers but viewership of esports and players of the campaign is a different story!
  8. Definitely will. Theres been a ton of testing/flighting since 2014. MCC was the biggest beta test of all time
  9. There has to be a good pistol shot comparison video between MCC H1 and OG H1. Anyone know of one?
  10. "The only modern AAA dev to take months to fix minor issues" Nah, fam.
  11. I never saw that BK commercial. I kinda liked it
  12. Sounds like Forward Unto Dawn.
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