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  1. Power Weapons are an objective. If you lose the fight for them the enemy still has to execute good play. They aren't an auto win. Every top esport title has a similar item that is on the map equally contested by both teams. In OW & CoD they're in the form of killstreaks or ultimate abilities. In MOBAS it's a wide range of buffs. In BRs there are locations with better loot and midmatch drops. In Gears it's also weapons.
  2. eldewrito is still projectile but the bullets travel time is much much faster. a small lead is still necessary at far range. it feels so smooth though. im still sad about the pop drop
  3. As an observer.. I couldn't catch my breath over on open. It was awesome! I hope we can adopt it at some point
  4. No one or thing is beating Keanu right now. The world is in the middle of a love affair with that man.
  5. And many are still getting enjoyment out of them! Halo on PC is another story though.. game. changer.
  6. It's not open to spectators. Just a tiny studio running a production.
  7. All joking aside. What is an actual dead game? The definition. All servers taken down and no variations anywhere with zero population?
  8. Agree 100% It definitely should've been before WB/LB. --- This tournament's level of gameplay is out of this world. I've never seen Halo as good as it has been at Austin and now Dallas.
  9. LAN isn't perfect for any game. Period. You get blanks in Halo 2, Halo 3 and Reach even on the most ideal setups/hardware. ---- I wish listen-ins were played low under the casters mics. The way MLG used to do it was great.
  10. Trippey had HUGE plays all series long too! That snipe from plat to greenbox on rocket player? JESUS

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