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  1. Esports Engine is MLG staff and they are running H6.
  2. MLG stopped holding tournaments. Our competitive community put all of our eggs in one basket.
  3. I played the Halo 3 Beta for a LONG time before buying the game. Same with Reach.
  4. I'm still very excited to see gameplay. There is a lot you can dissect from in-game footage. If they don't show any multiplayer but the beta is announced for August or September I'll be happy.
  5. 1. When Halo 3 was at its peak in 2009/2010 it had 9 years of building it up into a massively cultivated community through Halo 1 and Halo 2's success. 3 titles all gaining tons of momentum. Even Reach had a few events with around 250 and the Halo 4 opener did as well thanks to previous success 2. A lot of people love it who arent 5 years old.
  6. It seemed 343 had the long term plan of knowing how much time they wanted to put into Halo 6. They knew their fanbase would become impatient which meant they needed something to keep us occupied. So they gave us MCC in pre alpha to chew on for 5 years. The premier Xbox gaming experience is Halo 5. Warzone still plays like a dream and if Halo 5 PC had matchmaking it'd be insanely populated!
  7. We absolutely do! Custom gamemodes are where the majority of players play in Counterstrike and Starcraft. It's also been extremely popular in Halo 5 Forge on PC, Halo 1 PC, Eldewrito (Halo 3 PC) and Project Cartographer (Halo 2 PC). Infection and Action Sack have always been the fastest and most consistent matchmaking search times in all of the Halo tiles. If MCC was given a custom browser that'd be where the largest portion of the population would be.
  8. There isn't a population counter but you can see who is on the game through Steam and the numbers really aren't that bad. Plus I can still get games instantly no matter what time of day it is
  9. Who are you to speak for the vocal minority? What about the silent majority who are enjoying the hell out of Halo 5 and think Halo 4 was the best campaign? Let people enjoy things. I'm extremely excited for the updates. I've been grinding MCC nonstop and loving it @Mow I swear some people I match have their FoV down to 70 so they can see me from a looooong way away on bigger maps.
  10. Less eyes on other major things. It'll be the only thing in that time slot.
  11. I never felt that way with the PC pistol or MCC pistol. I feel so handicapped

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