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  1. i like your attitude @MUSE_iC do you know where you're posting?
  2. the director Otto Bathurst has a lot of experience and might do really well! yay for positivity!
  3. Royal 2 has been on the grind and is highly entertaining. I've been watching him for years! (I TOTALLY AGREE LETHUL NEEDS TO STREAM)
  4. i havent enjoyed any battle royale until now PISTOLS PISTOLS PISTOLS
  5. has this happened to you @Nokt I swear this game creates more entertainment than any other game ive played - I WAS CRYING FOR 3 MINUTES
  6. Play co-op and firefight sometime. It's actually so FIRE #FilthyCasual
  7. I understand the argument for Halo but that's CoD - a much bigger fish. I can't really speak on the success of Overwatch but it seems to be doing really well.
  8. What are the drawbacks of esports mimic'ing the way traditional sports handles business? From an entertainment and recreational standpoint I see no difference. Esports has always had an issue with creating revenue. We are almost at the point where we'll have a set formula - it just needs to be handled the right way with the correct leadership in place.
  9. he won the first h4 event and he ALMOST won the first reach event once you paste a link there should be an option at the bottom of the window to change it to "PLAIN TEXT"

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