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  1. Fun Fact: I had to set all the service tags with a keyboard at the event so I memorized all the IDs. Stellur wanted B, BB, or BEE because his gamertag used to be Bumble Bee. He is an absolute freak of a player. He is the only individual Sentinals is intimated by IMO
  2. What an incredible display of competition at the top. It hasn't felt like that in a long long time. I legitimately thought 6 teams had a chance at winning..
  3. The tournaments were exciting as hell. (Mikwens sniping at UGC, the 6 replays at finals between CLG and Noble, etc) Overall the game played real well too. I do agree hitmarkers, lack of observer mode, and small map pool held it back. TBH I would have preferred Halo 5 just kept going and Grassroots been totally up to the community. It had good attendance towards the end of its run and its even getting decent numbers still. Last night a small SWAT tournament held 160 viewers for about 5 hours and it had almost zero down time. @OG Nick I remember a forged map was used for FFA
  4. As much as I love all the OGs - I've been most excited for H2A and H4 weirdly enough. They are the games I felt always played best on MCC. The rest are poor ports but Halo 4 is actually much much better. I'm still going to play Halo1 the most though.
  6. Played 2v2 Chilly Ball at a Halo 1 LAN recently. Can confirm. Hold X to pickup was revolutionary for the gametype though..
  7. Microsoft STore!? In other news... former Bungie lead on Riots new esport FPS Also, sprint IS a classic arena style shooter mechanic.. https://www.bungie.net/en/Forums/Post/38134035?sort=0&page=0&path=1
  8. I like slayers. That being said, I don't have an argument to keep them but I could come up with a 10,000 word essay why they should be gone. I don't mind them staying though because It's the only time I'm taking games from world champion professionals.
  9. Stuns and momentum changing has always been a thing since Halo 1. I could see it tested
  10. Anything that impairs vision like flashlights, explosions, sunflares, gun knockback, camera jerk from animations like melee/sprint, or camera shaking doesn't belong in an arena style shooter. Counterstrike is different because it's designed around the ability to do so... Halo is not.

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