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  1. Same old pattern. Announce a string of LANs. After they're finished announce next string.
  2. I don't know how outspoken Neighbor was in the office during Halo 5s development but publically he was timid until he was leaving. Ghost was MVP.
  3. the pro team keeps filling up with people who won't hesitate to challenge ideas. great sign!
  4. yeah green book was shit
  5. Gears of War, Quake Champions, H1Z1, PubG, Fortnite, CoD: Blackout and Apex: Legends all do real well with power weapons on map. I am really confused why you want Halo 4 again.. @My Namez BEAST
  6. i swear this doesnt seem like a thing since mlg orlando 2011.. but no, he got second. it blows me away he's still only 23.
  7. this tells me you really enjoy being spawn trapped and spawn killing. respecc

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