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  1. I heard rumblings that the amount of content you have on your online profile is slowing most games down.. it's the wave of the future boys! *goes back to 15FPS H1*
  2. Aw a man of culture. The Quake/Unreal fans have arrived.
  3. If you enjoyed Green Room I HIGHLY recommend Blue Ruin which is written and directed by the same guy. My recent favorites: Peanut Butter Falcon Ad Astra Parasite Once Upon a Time in Hollywood The King All-times: Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Pulp Fiction The Fifth Element Lord of the Rings Trilogy The Thing
  4. Is Gold Pro NBNS? I'm willing to try anything that is NBNS. Let's get some customs up! Memories:
  5. The next Dreamhack will most likely have one and UGC probably has something in the works as well. Everything else will probably be online unless there is a big surprise from the old MLG team
  6. Yeah, it's a big problem in every online shooter. It's impossible to avoid. Especially in a game like Halo where the maximum kill time is so long
  7. I've been playing a lot of BC Reach lately on 30FPS and the aim assist is extremely strong. It's much easier to aim on PC due to the frames and field of view... that's it.

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