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  1. As they do. Blind rage towards whoever the first name is that pops into their head instead of breaking it down. Snakebite was smart to go to Lenox though because he's been great for Halo and is very passionate about doing things right.
  2. Southeastern Esports are contracted out. He might not have any control over who Microsoft hires
  3. No thats why I asked. Still don't see what you're talking about
  4. He's the call of duty world champion and making BANK!
  5. Same! Lot of people need to remove thy stick. Also, the H1 pistol is the most fun weapon to use in the franchise
  6. A team shouldnt be rewarded for great teamwork and syncronized shooting?
  7. Great work writing that up, Mitch! Fantastic presentation.
  8. Well you see responding to bait was all we had for 3 or 4 years so old habits die hard.
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