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  1. @Trespa5s great content man keep it coming. also i have respect for voicing over a game you're losing LOL
  2. Wow, Ace absolutely destroyed someone at lift. Loving the content from all of Halo's creators. I don't remember a time where there has been this much quality editing going on. We're really stepping it up in hopes that Infinite doesn't launch like MCC and we are catapulted back into the spotlight. Nice job Paradise and @Trespa5s
  3. There was a Deadzone who competed at a ton of LANs back in the day. He needs to keep Png
  4. im excited for h2 anniversary in 4k 300 frames per second on my 244Hz monitor with a mouse through my much better network adapter
  5. There is invisible bloom and randomness in Halo 1 & 3. There is randomness in CSGO. There is randomness in most shooters. The top professionals in Reach during the MLG pro circuit all ignored the bloom.
  6. Forget numbers when a team is hot. It's rarely you doing anything wrong at that point - it's just the other team doing everything right. Ace also had less than 5 assists that series - 0 in game 3.
  7. I love the level of sass in this post.
  8. I know there is a negative to Vetoing but I can never remember what it is. Someone remind me please?
  9. Host or stream from their channel? There is a huge difference. They hosted the BL two years in a row.

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