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  1. So how's everyone doing with Doomfist?..hit me up..
  2. So, I have been digging a lot on this and have shared a blog about it in the shooter's discussion. Is this really happening?????! https://giphy.com/gifs/the-lion-king-jaw-drop-4lsKITftHaUpi
  3. So, I found something while scrolling through my timeline. After Doomfist's addition & reading the latest Skin rumors, this thing seems to be new to me. What do you guys say? Is it yay or nay?
  4. Man, I kept myself away from GoT spoilers and didn't want to discuss it but couldn't take it anymore and I had to post something out of my excitement and now I have stumbled upon the spoilers.. :S :|
  5. petelil

    Film Discussion

    Yeah he is! for sure!
  6. I opened 7 Loot Boxes and didn't get a legendary skin!!! :"(
  7. It is competitive and fun at the same time, I honestly once heard a person getting yelling at! Easy? Nah..it's just whom are you playing it with and how good are you at it..
  8. petelil

    Film Discussion

    I think the producers will make Spider Man: Kindergarten after Spider Man: Homecoming. I feel Tobey Maguire did justice with his role.
  9. So, the winter is finally here and so is the great war! Who do you think will die this season for sure?
  10. Today I saw that my introductory post was not published IDK what the problem was..so HI EVERYONE! I am Pete, I like playing FPS and like many others I spend most of my time gaming in CSGO & OW and everybody is welcome to connect with me!
  11. So, I wanna know what did you do? I mean did you take your daughter there?
  12. You know you were correct when someone thinks the same about the games you have played being visually stunning. Oh and I have found Assassins Creed: Syndicate and Uncharted 4 visually wonderful. Every bit is just treat to play.
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