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  1. Apart from reach being reach (bloom, AA's), I've been quite impressed at the level of competency 343 has been showing with this insider flight. The game runs pretty smoothly. I still don't understand why bloodshots and poor rego are so much more apparent in 343's upgrades of the halo games though, is it a 60fps conversion thing?
  2. On average I'd say about out of the 4 nights I week I get a chance to play, I only get 3 or 4 games a week on aussie servers. I know for a fact that there aussies playing the game because I match them frequently (7/8 people in a lobby being australian, 1 american). 90% of the time its West US, then the remainder is Asian servers, which are WAY better. I dont think it's ever given me an EU game (200 ping i'm used to, but 300? gtfo) Just give us a damn option to at least try search a preferred server first, then we can switch it. Adapt
  3. Hey thats my boy leaky, he's a good dude, despite the gross imaging
  4. Summit, ninja, and some other big names in the tweet. This is huge for halo population. Hopefully crossplay means other regions (OCE, EU) will actually be able to get games on dedi servers in the same region, rather than just NA lol.
  5. Comment from the OP r.e. slow turn: "So slow turn is a known issue at the moment, I'm hoping it'll get sorted soon. It's caused by an imbalanced ratio between the acceleration zones. In the original games, horizontal turn was roughly double the pace of the vertical turn. Same for MCC Classic. So it's roughly horizontal:vertical 2:1. In MCC Modern, horizontal is about the same as it always was, but vertical (for HCE, H2C and H3) is slower. So it's something like 2:0.7 or so. So when you're tilting diagonally down, and you're closer to south than you are to east or west, the game switches to the vertical accel zone and slows right down. You can find the biting point between these two zone at around 45 degrees from south and east/west. Same goes for looking diagonally up as well. It's a known issue with the current build. Best I can say for now is to up your Look Acceleration a little bit, and just keep in mind that the vertical accel zone is a little slow at the moment compared to horizontal." Good to know it wasn't only me. I've seen a few of you guys on here also having this issue, so this explains it. My controls are almost perfect apart from this issue. Slow enough for fine aiming, fast enough to turn around, but slow turn is killing any diagonal looks. Current setup on h3 is H:4 V:4 Accel:10 Radial & Axial: Can't remember, will edit later
  6. Having issues with it too. I thought it was slow turn on my elite kicking in, but I've realised that on my 4/4 6 accel default deadzone sense my horizontal/vertical are perfect, the diagonals are SO slow and feels like slow turn half the time. Tried changing them but to no avail, anyone know how to fix? I saw something about deadzones having something to do with it?
  7. Has anyone had random frame drops in MCC since the last update? I can't remember if it was the November update or the October one (i'm leaning towards the October one) but I've had around ~10 of them since these updates for mcc started rolling out. I'm playing on the stock day 1 xbone console too. Didn't really notice them at first, but when I realised it was happening more often I started to clip them. I believe I've had them in all games except h4. Don't have a h3 one clipped (definitely had one on narrows), but here's two from the others. h2 ivory tower (around 0:20) hce dammy (around 0:20 too) Going to post on waypoint feedback forums if no one has already edit: got a h3 pit one as well. seems to occur withing first 30 seconds of a match
  8. Ordnance, nuff said. Every ~5 kills you get a free power weapon / power up, and that includes the ones that spawn on the map, as well as the ones that your enemies drop after you whomp the entire team with a single clip of the SAW (its not considered a tier1 power weapon so its WAY more common in ordnance drops). Rinse and repeat, kills come way quicker. Oh and also, I CaN rEaCH tHe EnEmieS QuIcKer wItH SprInT
  9. Maybe some more emphasis on my last sentence will help haha From a social standpoint, the game was fun as for pub stomping. Load me solo into a H4 social game any day solo dolo and you can guarantee 30+ kills every game - whereas the older halos it won't be as high of a score. Its easy to abuse all the unbalanced mechanics to turn it into a good casual game, but not a good 'halo' game. Don't get me wrong though, on a competitive level the 3 previous halo's are WAY better. No descope can fuck right off though.
  10. I'd say there's a lot more OG players that preference the earlier halos, but you're not the only one who likes h3. I actually enjoy all the halos (yes thats right, even halo 4), and have played all of them at a fairly high competitive level in matchmaking. I find each have their enjoyable & irritable nuances (some games more than others in their own ways)
  11. Can't believe people still have this opinion.. https://imgur.com/a/nzjOAat Edit: Image tag isn't working at all
  12. Sort of a poor reason, but at least they are communicating with us. Happy to wait for it if they're not confident with it just yet though.
  13. Could you please change my username to "Jarrah"? Thanks
  14. Oh for sure. It's only games with low population that suffer though. Take a game like overwatch, fortnite, or COD on console and you won't have any issues finding aussie players. Halo's just dead over here, more so than elsewhere. On a side note, is it just me who gets absolutely ear raped on h2 elongation when multiple BR's are firing at the same time? It's like pure static /crackle when you're shooting next to a teammate.
  15. You're an aussie playing Halo, you should be used to high ping games by now. I'm also from aus, I'd say about 1/20 games of my games are on aus servers, otherwise it's just the usual 200ms+ ping disadvantage. Your best bet is to play dubs with another aussie then you've got 50/50 chance of it being your host. But you're right - hopefully mixtape solves this problem. I can't get games in anything but social, btb, h3 and dubs.
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