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  1. No im saying at all. They made it seem like you couldnt but that cant be true right?
  2. Anybody else see in the IGN video that the guy seemed to state you couldnt scope in with the silenced SMG? Idk if it was just cause he was duel weilding but they way he said it made it seem like you couldnt.
  3. This really surprises me, Halo Reach was such a shit game. I wouldnt say I love Halo 4 but its miles ahead of Reach simply because of bloom. Literally the worst mechanic of all time.
  4. I haven't heard anything about this but was wondering if the clan system was transferring over from old Halo 2?
  5. Oh come on you guys, they give us a massive Halo 2 Anniversary and your complaining about medals and grenade indicators? Remember you CAN play the exact Halo 2 multiplayer if you wish. I think what their doing is pretty awesome and we cant really complain about little things like these when graphics and gameplay look awesome.
  6. Ya, I have been a Cubs fan my whole life. In this situation there is no choice, sorry Halo
  7. i think we can all agree that nobody wants to make Halo more like COD and other games at all. I should never have mentioned BF4 when I said raise player counts because now everyone seems to think I just want to copy that game. My point was simply that higher player counts can often provide more casual fun so that could be an idea. The classic halo 4v4 and 2v2 would not need to be touched.
  8. Ya and what it does well is 32v32, your point makes no sense at all. Its keeping players because of its larger maps, chaotic gameplay and high player count. While I dont think halo needs all these things your point confuses me.
  9. Thats what ive been saying from the start of this damn thread, NO-ONE WANTS TO TAKE OUT 2V2 AND 4V4
  10. I have no idea whose side im on anymore because I feel like this whole topic veered off track but there is one thing i wanna say. You guys act like Halo 2 and Halo 3 were perfect for casuals because there were so many of them playing at that time but you have to consider the amount of competition now compared to then. There are so many new games that take away from Halo's population. In Halo 2 and for most of Halo 3 what were the casuals supposed to play? Viva Pinata? So i dont think we can just chalk up the massive population to one thing such as armor abilities or COD like mechanics or no ranks. i think its a vast array of reasons and ur all oversimplifying this
  11. Completely agree with you 100 percent. That would be fine by me. I guess I should have never said increase player counts cause that was just a suggestion I threw out as something I would enjoy. Not at all saying the basic Halo mechanics from CE, 2 and 3 should be touched much at all. And obviously we need a ranking system, why that was ever taken out for reach and Halo 4 will never make any sense to me. It kept people invested in the game for such a longer period of time because you can hit SR 130 in like a month and it has nothing to do with skill.
  12. Gotta agree with this guy here. People like big battles, vehicles and huge explosions. I understand this is a competative gaming forum so thats not very much liked. But think about it like this the reason COD has overtaken Halo even in competative gaming is because the fan base is so much bigger. For Competative to survive you need fans of the game. That comes from casuals
  13. While this will never happen and its pretty unrealistic, its also kinda a good idea
  14. Well I can see most people dont agree with me, and thats fine. My main point was really that Halo 5 needs to be good to revive Halo and keep it alive. I just threw out some ideas that were clearly hated. Im a fan of big battles but I do understand that big open DMR fights suck. Also like I said I would NEVER want to make Halo like COD/BF4 or get rid of 4V4 and 2V2 classic Halo gameplay. I just thought increased player counts could be fun if maybe the maps weren't wide open like Blood Gulch or anything. But i can see how my ideas were slightly foolish.
  15. Wait so your telling me your supposed to pay the winners of the tournaments and not suddenly become a snowboarding company? WTF
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