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  1. They should just reskin halo 2 with a very short thruster. Same maps and everything. I want to play halo 2 not anything else. If they could do that and just release DLC over the years and constantly improve networking, there's no way we don't have 1,000,000 players per day at any given hour. Given the current FPS market conditions this would be perfect
  2. Ryanoob is a bk. He's not even a halo ce kid. He doesn't even look like a gamer. He wears soccer shoes out in public. He's an embarrassment. He's acting like he's a player and not a developer. Out with the pitchforks boyz. More like Ryaboob
  3. I hate 343! Down with the company. Gettcher pitchforks ready boyz itz about huntin season round these here parts. Before you ask I know everything competitive and won't be told otherwise. Sprint is bad, thrust is bad, medals are bad, Greenskull is bad, ghost is bad, bravo is gone, gandhi sold out, ogre 2 is out there somewhere playing shadowrun, and we are all stuck here with the memories from a better time in Halo. Sorry guys imma cry myself to sleep now. I call on the Sudds to save the community
  4. If you guys are serious. I have a crazy idea....speak with your wallets and don't buy the game. I'm borderline right now. I've sunk 13 years into this game.
  5. From what I understand, which is very little, there are two different types of passes to this event? One as a normal team and one as a "pro team" Pro teams more likely than not get passes for promotion. Normal teams just have to buy passes. So if you want to go to the tournament possibly for free I would gather, then you must promote IG every day. I hope I'm reading correctly
  6. Jesus Christ this is the most amazing thing I have seen.
  7. Keep in mind it says everything is customizable. Meaning if it has AAs they can be taken out. Same goes for bloom, equipment, and probably sprint...if it's there
  8. Lafayette, IN gamertag is I Kleen Up
  9. On my channel I am running something similar to this. It's called Battle Royale. It is quite successful and people love to compete in it. Heck, my last FFA had 32 participants in it. It had everyone in it from Youtube personalities to people who just like to pubstomp. It is great fun. I make brackets every tournament and have even casted previous Royales. We have just spread to a European division thanks to HappyBobLives, and it is great fun too. Currently I am hosting a 2v2 tournament this Friday and I'm looking for as many as I can get. Currently I have yet to release an official video about the rules but I have a lot of teams already signed up. The coolest thing is that it is all FREE If anyone from Beyond would be interested in help or ideas on set up just let me know. Keep up the good work and keep gaming!!! YouTube.com/ikleenup
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