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  1. Each species has a Jump modifier, a Melee modifier, and a Crouch modifier. Some of these items are treated as pick ups in parts of multiplayer. Jump Modifier Spartan - Jetpack - hold to increase upward movement speed Elite - Wall Kick - situational upward and horizontal boost Brute - Ground Strike - instant Ground Pound with no secondary reticle Promethean - T-Boost - teleport double jump Melee Modifier Spartan - Combat Knife - hold to assassinate from behind Elite - Energy Sword - lunge Brute - Gravity Hammer - splash damage and knockback Promethean - Light Blade - begins shield recharge, disintegration on kill Crouch Modifier Spartan - Armor Lock - temporary invincibility immobility and reduced size player model, destroys fast moving vehicles on impact Elite - Camo - temporary invisibility while stationary, weak Camo while crouch walking Brute - Berserk - temporarily reduced size player model, head shielded by hand, increased damage resistance to bodyshots, increased movement speed, melee attacks only Promethean - Compressor - temporarily reduced size player model, attack disabled
  2. The Compressor can enter certain Forerunner statues/sculptures to bring them to life. While inside, the player operates the golem, moving and attacking. When the player exits, the golem returns to statue form. Campaign could feature a mini boss fight where you control a gigantic statue to box some giant enemy to death then grab a ship as it’s taking off. Maps could feature Pipes in the walls that the player could enter in Compressor form. These Pipes would act as shortcuts between rooms/areas. The Compressor is like Sprint in that the player trades his ability to attack for something, in this case a smaller player model. Where Sprint was the gateway to abilities like Spartan Charge, Compressor is the gateway to abilities like golem control and pipe travel.
  3. What do you like about Splitgate’s Jetpack?
  4. There are three unique pick ups that are activated by buttons with existing functions. Each has a limited amount of use/s before being depleted and removed from the user’s inventory. Jetpack is activated by holding the Jump button while airborne. Energy Sword is activated with the Melee button. Compressor is activated with the Crouch button. The Jetpack increases the user’s upward movement speed while airborne. The Energy Sword increases the user’s melee damage and lunge distance. The blade stays equipped in the spartan’s Left hand, independent of the equipped primary weapon in the right hand. Dual wielding does not disable grenade throwing. Once picked up, the Compressor disables standard crouch behavior. Instead, the Crouch button turns the user’s player model into a small ball (~1/3 Spartan height) that can roll in any direction but not attack. Running out of fuel in a small space kills the player when he automatically grows back to full size.
  5. Let’s say Spartans never drop their Magnum, only holster it when other weapons are picked up. Picking up an Energy Sword would equip the blade in your spartan’s Left hand, activated by the Melee button, with the Magnum in his right hand, operated by the triggers. The Energy Sword would behave as it always has, lunging at a proximate targeted enemy when activated but the user would also be able to fire his utility weapon in between. Would Swognum improve gameplay?
  6. The 5sk BR. It’s like they intentionally try to go against the grain for no other reason than it’s their idea. Who could have possibly thought that was a good idea? “We took something iconic that you love and made it shit” should be their slogan.
  7. If you were playing to win, and could choose between spawning with the Light Rifle or a combo capable H2 BR, which would you choose?
  8. Power weapons occupy the primary weapon slot. These don’t. The Energy Sword is activated by the Melee button and the Hand Cannon is activated by the Grenade button. They are power weapons that don’t take away your utility weapon (or whatever weapon you have equipped). Basically, you get to dual wield a Sword or Conc Rifle.
  9. The Triforce power up allows the player to activate one of three modifiers with Left, Right, or Down on the D-pad. A weapon enhancer, a melee enhancer, or a grenade enhancer. Power Glove provides a damage boost or unique enhancement for each weapon. Energy Sword increases melee damage and lunge distance. Hand Cannon fires a 2 shot kill Concussion Rifle with the Grenade button (holding RB causes the projectile to become laser guided, moving in the direction of the user’s reticle while simultaneously dropping over distance). You either get a glowing weapon in your right hand, a glowing sword that grows out of your left arm, or a glowing tube around your left hand.
  10. That’s why Sprint needs to be an Armor Ability and not a base movement ability.
  11. Hopefully a solid engine. Great netcode and hit registration. Proper aim assist levels. Proper strafe. Good maps. Nail the basics for once. Then iterate on a sound foundation.
  12. I’m not even sure I care anymore. I flushed $500 down the toilet on an Xbox one for MCC. Not sure I’m ready to do that again even if the game looks good.
  13. Hitscan and projectile can both be consistent. Uncounterable is the word you are looking for. Hitscan is uncounterable.
  14. Ah fuck. I can’t believe you’ve done this.
  15. The HMG, the Heavy Machine Gun, the human turret, isn’t a precision weapon. It fires accurately but is not headshot capable. It deals increased damage to vehicles. 3 shot kill in 0.7 seconds. Mounted - projectiles begin dropping past medium range Detached (hipfire) - vertical recoil, base spread and increasing bloom Detached (ADS) - vertical recoil, reduced movement speed Vertical recoil requires the user to acquire individual targets instead of just spraying a swath. Acquire target, dick, belly, chest, acquire new target, adjust aim, repeat. You gain mobility but lose the ability to effectively fire at one height for extended periods encouraging the user to burst fire.
  16. The HMG isn’t headshot capable though... H2 SMGs have recoil that doesn’t automatically reset.
  17. You should make a statement like “random spread does not belong in Halo” then show your reasoning through supporting claims like “it reduces player agency”. Then offer alternate solutions like “projectile weapons” and “crisp strafe”.
  18. @Apoll0 The HMG kills in 3 shots with purely vertical recoil. You wouldn’t really be compensating for recoil after each shot but after each kill. Aim at the dick, let the recoil work its way up, acquire new dick, repeat. Even if it was necessary to adjust mid burst, a little downward pressure on the thumbstick isn’t that difficult.
  19. Well, there would be two levels of projectile compensation necessary, leading the projectile at closer ranges and accounting for projectile drop at longer ranges. Projectile drop would really only come into significant play on BTB maps.
  20. The HMG’s projectiles could have a vehicle damage modifier that causes them to deal increased damage to vehicles without being overpowered against infantry. Compared to a standard hand weapon, bullets from a Heavy Machine Gun shredding vehicles would be more balanced and make more sense.

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