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  1. What do you think about this radar like HUD widget built specifically for Warlock? The “Simon” widget is comprised of four colored quadrants of a circle: red, blue, green, and yellow. On a map like Warlock, a glowing quadrant on the HUD widget indicates that the corresponding quadrant of the map is occupied by at least one enemy.
  2. You know I mean that when the user strikes an enemy, the user’s shields begin recharging. You think that’s too OP?
  3. That’s why the concurrent development of a small scale Arena experience alongside a large scale Invasion experience is the correct route. Develop six good maps for each premiere game mode. That’s enough to launch with. Make Arena a faster paced, pick up centric, in your face experience. Make Invasion an ability centric mode with heavy weapons and vehicles on a larger battlefield with bigger objectives.
  4. Redefining Close Quarters Combat The Shotgun is the only real CQC power weapon (the Tractor Beam can launch crates to splatter enemies and the Mauler can fire-melee for the kill). The Energy Sword and Gravity Hammer have been removed and replaced with “Melee Weapons”. Picking up a Melee Weapon enhances the standard melee attack for a limited number of strikes. The Energy Gauntlet (Sword) lunges. The Gravity Fist knocks back. The Lightblade begins shield recharge. The Shotgun fires a center slug surround by two rings of pellets. The slug alone is a 4 shot kill (1.5 seconds) and it is accurate to long range. The spread of the outer ring stays tight till close range. The spread of the inner ring stays tight until medium range. An accurate slug and a tighter spread increase the Shotgun’s effective range but its short red reticle range leaves it up to the user to land ranged shots. The Boltshot can charge then fire a single bolt that kills with a headshot. The Conduit is a grenade type that, instead of being thrown, fires a short range beam that vampires an enemy’s shields. And, as always, when in doubt, panic Sticky.
  5. Bloom increases the effectiveness of teamshot. Multiple enemies can laser beam you with perfectly accurate first shots and you have no chance of fighting back because your weapon stops working correctly after the first shot.
  6. Tightening the spread of projectiles is a rather bland way of increasing a weapon’s range. Instead of giving all weapons ADS, give weapons without scopes Alt Fire instead. Take the Mauler. It doesn’t have a scope. Its projectiles have a very short effective range. What if the Mauler could alt fire Bruteshot rounds, extending its effective range? Accomplishes the same thing as ADS but in a more versatile, arena fashion. On the Mauler, primary fire is a point blank 2sk, allowing for 1 shot plus melee kills, while alt fire is a point blank 3sk. Primary fire and melee for up close combat. Alt fire for enemies further away.
  7. ADS doesn’t have to exist at all. All I’m saying is the sniper rifle doesn’t need a giant scope on top of its weapon model to have zoom capabilities. Put the scope underneath the barrel and activate it remotely with the HUD. You get the right half of your screen back and can still scope.
  8. I find something satisfying about the clean, unobstructed view classic scope provides. Speaking of unobstructed view, can we put the shield bar back in the lower left corner instead of the right in the middle of the screen?
  9. If the weapon model obstructing unscoped vision is your concern, couldn’t the scope be mounted under the barrel? Aren’t Spartans interfacing with these scopes via their HUD anyway, not by pressing them up to their eye. Where is the H1 Magnum’s scope located?
  10. Do you think all weapons should aim down sights or do you think there should be weapons with scopes and weapons without scopes?
  11. What roles do you think weapons could be filling but currently are not?
  12. I think I might be leaning more towards something like this for the “Chariot” (blue panels are shields). The Chariot tows a hovering Stinger turret behind it. The driver accelerates with LT and activates Quantum Tunnel with RT. The gunner fires his hand weapon while standing. Crouching toggles into turret view and detaches the Stinger from the Chariot, creating two independent vehicles.
  13. Say there was a piece of equipment that could activate a scripted event on the map. On Lockout, it could spawn in green room. The player who picks it up can temporarily disable the top mid glass and enable a jumppad beneath it, giving the team spawning bottom lift a new route from bottom mid to S3 or BR3.
  14. A full team of Brutes in an Invasion match consist of 6 pawns, 2 knights, and 1 queen. Low ranking brutes have no armor abilities or modifiers, just basic movement. The two medium ranking brutes can superjump, lunge, and ground pound. Up, over, down. The high ranking brute can deploy a rolling death wheel that is remotely steered left and right with LB and RB, allowing it to travel in any direction the user wants.
  15. Looks like Kornman A prominent Halo modder who I believe worked for 343 at some point.
  16. How about objects on the map that can redirect grenades?
  17. I don’t think you need a button dedicated to underhand grenade throws and double tapping or holding the throw grenade button is not ideal. Why not just have the underhand throw be how a specific grenade/equipment is deployed, like how Power Drain was.
  18. If there were two buttons dedicated to equipment, I think a Power Drain-Grenade Launcher combo would make for a nice pick up against vehicles. Similarly, a Flamethrower-Missile Pod combo could be good for up close and distant vehicles. And to protect yourself from vehicles, a Bubble Shield-Hardlight Shield combo. By rolling select equipment, armor abilities, and support weapons into one unified system, these items can be better utilized.
  19. The Conduit is not thrown like a traditional grenade; it is instantly fired from the user’s left hand. A short range, continuous beam transfers energy shields from an impacted player to the user. The beam lasts for 7/10ths of a second, raising the user’s shields by 1/10th a shield layer for every 1/10th of a second on target. Shield Barriers (objects on maps that players cannot travel through) can be disabled with Conduit grenades. Fusion coils can be drained of energy, rendering them inert. Time on target determines the amount of shields a player can transfer before before the burst runs out.
  20. Used for what purpose? Damage over time? Lingering area of effect? Burning something down?
  21. Wouldn’t a Bruteshot and Grenade Launcher fill those two roles?
  22. While you can trash a play area in campaign because you are constantly moving through them, multiplayer maps don’t have as many moveable set pieces and even if they did, would we really want them to be tossed all over the place after a few vortex grenades?
  23. Spike grenades not only explode but also fire off secondary projectiles that ricochet. Because the projectiles are always fired perpendicularly away from the surface the grenade is stuck to, they can be used as a directional attack. Stick it on the ceiling and it will fire downward. Because the ricocheting projectiles only travel a certain distance before disappearing, the smaller the space a spike grenade goes off in, the greater the chance of dealing damage to a target in that space. A spike grenade has an asymmetric blast radius that interacts with the map around it. Neither can be said for frags or stickies.

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