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  1. Backsmack/Assassination should be how you steal a power-up from an enemy, IMO.
  2. Power-ups were unique specifically because you couldn’t tuck them away for a rainy day. They pushed the match forward. How do you think giving players the ability to turtle with a deployable OS will play out?
  3. Do you get stunned or have your attack disabled when you’re hit by a Grappleshot?
  4. When I suggested an alt-fire similar to Repulsor, the criticism I received was that it would lower the significance of rockets because you can now deflect them. Should there be a hard counter to a well placed rocket? Is it really a top tier power weapon if its projectiles can be brushed away so easily? How does Tywin put it? “If another house can seize one of our own and hold him captive with impunity, we are no longer a house to be feared.” Does this apply to the Rocket Launcher now?
  5. Were you tired of only lowering your weapon while sprinting?… introducing Grappleshot! Why do all the movement abilities have such a long range and disable attack?
  6. I had previously suggested an Assault Rifle secondary weapon that can alt-fire Railgun Slugs once ammo has been picked up off the map. 343’s approach to empowering infantry with anti-vehicle capabilities is woven into the Grappleshot; reel in a fusion coil then toss it at an enemy vehicle. Which approach is preferable? Toting around a fusion coil carries the inherent risk of getting blown up yourself while tying power ammo to the spawn secondary means if you swap out your AR for another weapon, you lose your anti vehicle capabilities.
  7. That’s a high rate of fire for a semi auto on console.
  8. What happens when three airborne players in a triangle all grapple the player to their right? Perpetual motion generator?
  9. Like Heroes in BTB? Pick up a token and play as the Arbiter for a little while.
  10. Even if limited to high player count, vehicular modes? Who wouldn’t want to launch out of a man cannon, glide through the air, fire at enemies below then hijack an enemy banshee?
  11. It’s just that they pair so well together. You can reveal the same map multiple times as the player views it through the lense of their new ability. Encounters evolve. The way you hit that outpost earlier was different because you didn’t have the abilities you now possess. Replayability.
  12. You would hate it if you earned new abilities by defeating mini bosses then used those abilities to go back through old areas to explore them in new ways?
  13. I take it you’re not a fan of the semi open world campaign then?
  14. Would you be opposed to pick-ups that enhanced aerial movement ie double jump, wall kick, glider, lunge-clamber?
  15. The Jump button while the player is airborne is an open mapping. A whole class of items could be designed to be activated by that mapping. Then one of the directionals could cycle through the available items, just like grenades.
  16. Imagine what Halo could be if 343 wasn’t so dead set on latching onto the played out sprint/ads model, a model that directly conflicts with the design that made Halo so popular in the first place.
  17. It’s the combination of sprint and ads that is so restrictive. You have to enter a dedicated movement mode or a dedicated aiming mode and you can’t do both at once. These tunnel vision mechanics force risk/reward in a manner that compresses the skill gap because even good players will get caught sprinting and can’t immediately return accurate fire.
  18. Oh yeah probably. The second clip in the second video shows the player targeting the enemy’s chest for a 1 shot kill. More evidence of weapons having different damage multipliers for different body parts.
  19. Why do you think the video cuts away between Repulsing the overcharged PP projectile and the headshot? Perhaps the overcharge shot is supposed to track the player who fired it after being repulsed but they haven’t coded that in yet. @0:16 What equipment is being activated/deployed here? @3:05
  20. What did you think of the Repulsor jump? @1:33
  21. The combination of sprint and aim down sights makes moving quickly and shooting accurately mutually exclusive.
  22. @Ethereal Nights When sprint is a base ability, it affects more than map design. Aim assist values, splash damage radius, projectile speed. While I do agree with you that shooting is the most important part, sprint still affects shooting by affecting all those values.
  23. Do you think they have the sandbox figured out before they start designing the maps? Ideally, you would have the sandbox done before you started designing maps for it but I don’t think that’s the case. Map design.
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