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  1. Playing the Quake remaster reminds me why certain things should be the way they are ie golden triangle, crouch jump, utility weapon, etc. These are natural evolutions of existing concepts. A return to simplicity before further evolution ensures the direction you’re heading is true to the game’s core; that you’re not just tacking things on for no good reason.
  2. Does the shock weapon affect vehicles?
  3. Low. Expect different DLC weapons to fill those other roles, at some point.
  4. The truth about gamers is that you can do anything to them except bore them.
  5. Watching 343 try to balance weapons
  6. I thought you guys like a one gun game?
  7. You guys are looking at this the wrong way. 343 Industries is a very successful jobs program.
  8. Sometimes you have to change things that are perfectly good just to make them your own.
  9. BXB without RRX/BXR promotes the wrong kind of gameplay a la sprint double beat down no bleed through.
  10. Metal central structure surrounded by sandy outer ring.
  11. Utility, frags, stickies, OS, Camo, Rocks, Snipe, Sword. Where would you like the sandbox to go from here? Plasma Pistol and Power Drain? Pro Pipe and Evade? Smoke and a pancake?
  12. Movement that is fast enough to make an individual gunfight unpredictable but slow enough to allow maps to feature prominent structures in close proximity to each other. A high jump compliments this relatively slow movement speed, making vertical movement almost as accessible as horizontal. This unique combination of player traits creates the type of maps that give Halo its signature feel. Those are the constants. The sandbox contains the variables.
  13. The Shade Turret is a double barreled ball-turret hovering above its mounted base. The operator can toggle between up to 4 types of ammo. Plasma Bolts are standard. RT alternates fire between the two barrels. LT dual-fires both barrels with a slower rof. Fuel Rods can bounce off the ground multiple times before exploding on impact.* Boomerangs do not travel straight forward. RT fires projectiles that veer off to the right before swinging back toward center. LT’s projectiles arc upward before curving back down to earth. Quantum Tunnel transports the player from inside the ball-turret to a compatible object, like a Receiver Dish. The player aims for the dish but ends up a short distance from it. For example, the dish is mounted to the roof but wired to the top floor, where players exit. *RT fires a fast projectile that rapidly slows moments later. Projectile speed can be temporarily increased by ‘skipping’. LT causes the airborne projectile to rapidly drop, bounce off the ground then travel continue to travel forward, faster, for a short time. Each successive skip provides a shorter and shorter speed boost. Maps can feature an obvious, half-closed garage door to skip shots under or employ subtle elevation change that synergizes with these unique projectile traits/abilities.
  14. If only this mechanic were for a game with strict control of what apps and peripherals the player has access to. Pass. Final headshot allows engagements to begin sloppy and fine tune as they go. It allows engagements to evolve. Final headshot accommodates the inherent imprecision of joysticks for the majority of the engagement while still testing them at the end. Balancing two killtimes per weapon is already difficult enough. The more potential killtimes you add, the less significant the differences between them become.
  15. Take 1v1’s to the next level with the USB Shock Collar peripheral! You’ll be on the edge of your seat…one way or another.
  16. Imagine if, instead of nerfing the H2-H3 BR, Bungle built a sandbox around a double shot capable BR. Embrace that shit with a bumper jumper style control scheme, Shoulder Reloader. Make flames shoot out of a red hot barrel. Loading screen tips, the whole nine. Could have continued to redefine the genre.
  17. Campaign trains players for multiplayer is how I saw it. What could be accomplished by splitting MP/SP? One thing I like about campaign only games are mechanics like time rewind or bending a slow motion sniper bullet into an enemy’s head.
  18. What do you think about giving the ODST arm of the franchise to another studio so alternating releases can be delivered every few years?
  19. I wouldn’t necessarily describe it as belittling others but if you don’t want to scream “Fuck!” when someone scores on you then you either lack the drive to win or the game isn’t captivating enough. I will also say that there is the ‘slap in the face’ factor. An opponent’s move in chess is like being served a summons. It’s formal, uninflammatory; it makes you ‘white collar upset’. The opponent slamming his puck into your goal is violating, audibly and tactilely, like a slap in the face. Do you think chess players would talk more trash if one got up and dragged their pelvis over the opponent’s face after a particularly devastating take?
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