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  1. Halo needs to attract an army of casual gamers with gimmicks like vehicles, movement abilities, and equipment so that they can be shown the door to arena gameplay. No more half measures. No more team slayer and MLG playlists. One arena playlist alongside the more casual BTB mode. “What’s Arena?” ”Oh that’s for sweaty weirdos who like to run around on tiny maps with no vehicles and only their pistol. Don’t worry about it.” No much of a pitch but more than they would have heard had they not initially been attracted to the explosions and chaos of big team.
  2. The way I would design the AR, the skill wouldn’t necessarily be in using it so much as knowing when to drop or keep it. The Assault Carbine primary fires an AR and alt fires a Railgun but players don’t spawn with ammo for it; railgun ammo is found as an on map pick up. Say you are picking up a power weapon, do you drop the AC and keep the utility as a reliable secondary, or do you drop the utility and use the power weapon to fight your way to the incoming Railgun ammo spawn in order to keep your spree going? Make the wrong decision and you’re getting lit up at range with no way to return fire because you dropped your utility or you are standing on Railgun ammo with no way to pick it up because you dropped your AC.
  3. Quick Camo made the AR more than just your back up weapon. Picking up a weapon was a choice. Keep the AR for the ability to quick camo or keep the Magnum for its utility. Is there any way we could reimagine the unique relationship between your secondary spawn weapon and and a map pick up like Camo, creating a new decision for players to make?
  4. Burst firing should increase effective range.
  5. Armory and Garage are two pieces of equipment that function similarly. Press B to display a small menu then press Down, Left, or Right on the D pad to select one of the three options on that menu. Armory makes one of three possible weapons appear in the player’s hands. Garage makes one of three vehicles materialize around the player, placing him in the driver’s seat.
  6. Sears : Amazon :: Halo 2 : modern esports
  7. If throw grenade was mapped to R3, the button layout could be called Clicker Flicker.
  8. Much like two houses across the street from each other, the two bases on this map appear to be a short distance apart, separated only by a short field in between but there is an invisible wall on each team’s 40 yard line that teleports any who cross it to one end of a long map. Players can fire from their base to the enemy base off spawn but to reach the enemy base, that requires crossing the street, which as it turns out, is much longer than it initially appeared. The bulk of the fighting occurs on the street portion of the map but in order to capture a flag, players have to run it through their front yard, which is in plain view of the enemy base, allowing for last minute stops and skirmishes.
  9. Vehicles should probably spawn on map in most cases but I think that a mystery box could also be fun. When a lone player enters the cube of opaque shield doors, he gets to choose between spawning a tank, banshee, or hog. In a CTF match, any one of those vehicles could be a game changer.
  10. What do you think about destroying enemy vehicles before they are occupied? Fair play or does it shift the balance of power too far in favor of those currently occupying vehicles, undermining the importance of future vehicle spawns?
  11. @Silos If the Artifact was going to be used in Arena, I would make it a reward mechanic and not just a standard pick up. Say there is a neutral flag. Capping it gives the player the Artifact. It has enough juice for two secondary activations or one primary activation; alter the map twice or drop the boom once. As for the portal, it could always be changed to a one way exit node so players can only go forward from their base and not home from the enemy base to prevent objective cheesing.
  12. Unlike most equipment, the Artifact doesn’t immediately perform an action when B is pressed. Instead, B displays a small menu with three options. Left and Right on the D pad toggle two map elements on or off, up or down, open or closed. Down on the D pad designates an area for imminent Orbital Bombardment. The other piece of Promethean equipment, the Token, functions similarly. B displays a menu. Left or Right teleport the player to exit node 1 or 2. Down creates a portal that automatically links with a previously inactive portal in your team’s base, connecting them so players can travel through.
  13. How do you think Guardian is going to play with sprint and clamber?
  14. How should an Infection match be structured? Are players trying to reach a location or capture an objective? Can humans win or just survive as long as they can? Do zombies have any special abilities like deploying flood spores or opening flood doors?
  15. If you were at one end of a hallway, and your enemy was at the other, what movement abilities would best aide you in closing the gap without getting shot in the face? Evade is a combat roll, quickly moving the player in the desired direction while bobbing and obscuring his head. Evade combines an offensive forward rush with defensive head shielding. Even with Evade’s slight defensive properties, diving straight at an enemy is still a good way to get domed. Side to side and up and down movement would make the player much more difficult to headshot. Wall Kick allows the player to turn the walls from something that would halt his movement into something that enhances his movement. While moving down a hallway, a diagonal evade, to jump, to wall kick, to ceiling bounce would have the player moving forward, sideways, up and down, making him a much more difficult target to headshot. What about when a player is airborne but not next to a wall? Thruster can be activated while airborne, why can’t Evade? Activating evade while airborne now causes the player to do a flip in the desired direction. Grounded evade causes the player to dip down a bit during his combat roll. Airborne evade does the opposite, popping the player up a bit during his combat flip. In what situation would charging down a hallway be required? One word: Zombies. They can’t just sit back at the other end of the hallway and pop off pot shots; they need to get within lunging range. The aforementioned movement abilities will help them do it.
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1r0fo4ZrtCk
  17. How should zombies behave in Infection gametypes? What abilities should they have?

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