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  1. You could combine the focus rifle and the beam rifle. Primary fire is a non headshot capable, hitscan, continuous beam. Alternate fire is a headshot capable, projectile, semi auto shot. Easier to hit long range shots with a hitscan weapon but it also requires a longer time on target. Harder to hit a headshot with a projectile weapon but kills near instantly.
  2. What do you think about a piece of Equipment that combats aerial vehicles without destroying them? The Gravity Anchor fires a single, large projectile that sticks to and drags down an impacted aerial vehicle. The anchor can be knocked off the vehicle with a melee. If the operator remains in the vehicle, it can be hijacked. If the operator exits the vehicle to melee the anchor off, he can be killed and the vehicle taken.
  3. I don’t particularly care for Infection but in my opinion, Reach was the best, mechanically speaking.
  4. Could you elaborate on this? Your meaning is unclear.
  5. The Wingship is a troop transport vehicle. It is a floating, boomerang shaped craft. The operator stands on top, manning the forward facing turret, while infantry independently move below the vehicle. Rotating the turret rotates the entire vehicle, which includes a small top-frontal shield for the operator’s protection and a large bottom-frontal shield for the infantry’s protection. The underside of the vehicle emits a regeneration field.
  6. You do have the exact same tools...
  7. You know how you nullify all these complaints about matchmaking? Retain a healthy population of players. When enough players are spread, geographically, skillwise, and party size wise, you can be matched against appropriate opponents. You know how you retain a healthy population of players? Make a game that people want to keep playing. Selling copies is important and it doesn’t matter if people play for two weeks and move on, you still got their money but Halo used to be more than just a money maker. It was a source of pride to have over a million concurrent players online at once (or however Halo 3 measured it). It was a source of pride to have organizations want to run tournaments for Halo. I want that pride back.
  8. I used to be against informing players of when power items were spawning but now, I would be in favor of flashing lights and audible announcements that inform players that there is a blue light special on aisle Rocket Launcher just so everyone could experience the flow of a game where every player contests every power item spawn. I feel like the main reason people don’t enjoy them is because they don’t keep track of them. I used to play with this kid Scottie who was a talking clock. He called out every power item on pick up, at 30 seconds to respawn, and 10 seconds to respawn. He wasn’t the best shooter but I still played with him because I felt like he raised the overall team skill by raising our awareness. Everyone should have a Scottie. If someone really loved utility weapon battles, they should be in favor of power items because it draws a whole bunch of utility weapon users to the same spot to fight it out. Should the Rocket Launcher have zero aim assist? Does a weapon with a large explosive blast radius need aim assist? Hell, do you even want it when you are trying to lead a target or aim at the floor or wall next to them?
  9. The Plasma Launcher can charge then fire a burst of up to four plasma grenades that home in on, and stick to, targeted players or vehicles before automatically detonating. The Reload button semi automatically fires up to four plasma grenades that stick where they impact until remotely detonated by the user. The Scope button simultaneously detonates all active grenades; the D-pad detonates individual grenades. Grenades will explode if shot or exposed to explosive damage.
  10. You absolutely could make the gravity bumpers a permanent effect. That could even be the best thing to do. The reason I choose to make them optional with trade offs is so the user could specialize the weapon prior to deployment. Its core functionality stays the same but has a few configurations that offer fringe benefits. The best configuration, in my opinion, would be default with neither attachment enabled. You get the tightest turn radius and can still boost and jump. Yes, moveable objects could be set to respawn so the map is not permanently altered.
  11. The reason for the Gravity Bumpers is to combat vehicles that play chicken with the Shredder. A good way to avoid the rolling weapon is to drive straight at it then turn away at the last moment. The gravity bumpers make this a more risky maneuver as they could flip your vehicle over if you get too close. Plus, it would be badass to roll down a walkway and send moveable objects flying off on both sides of you. Now a walkway that had cover, no longer does. Map evolution. @Ramirez77
  12. Increasing the number of unique methods of combatting vehicles increases the number skill sets required to be competent in vehicular gameplay. Different maps could be tailored towards different types of vehicular play and counterplay, giving each a unique theme. A weapon should also show what species it was developed by. You should immediately be able to tell the difference between a Brute weapon and a Promethean weapon, both in aesthetics and function.
  13. The Shredder is a Brute Chopper with the seat and handle bars removed. Only the front wheel remains. Upon deployment, this single-use weapon is rolled forward on the ground. It instantly kills any players it runs over and destroys any vehicles it runs into. Once the Shredder begins rolling forward, it never stops. If it impacts a wall, it climbs the wall at the same speed it traveled along the ground at. Once deployed, the user can remotely steer the weapon using the D-pad (Left turns left, Right turns right, Up performs an upward boost, and Down performs a forward boost). The outer rim is impervious to damage; the weapon can only be destroyed by dealing sufficient damage to the broad sides of it. Prior to deployment, the Reload button extends or retracts two spikes out from the center of the broad sides of the weapon. The extended spikes create a wider path of destruction but also increase its turn radius. Prior to deployment, the Scope button activates or deactivates two gravity generators, flowing out from the broad sides of the weapon. The side facing gravity generators push away and flip proximate objects, players, and vehicles but disable upward and forward boost. Once deployed, the weapon is removed from the user’s inventory.

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