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  1. How about a side scrolling map? The map is very long but only a small portion of it is being played in at any given time. Battle Royales have a shrinking perimeter. Halo has a sliding perimeter. The inside of a Halo ring is the very long map. The sliding perimeter is a phalanx of sentinels fighting off a flood horde that kills you if you enter.
  2. Why isn’t a seven game series all played on the same map?
  3. If the enemy team controls Camo, then flood the map. The puddles, waterfalls, and mist betray the invisible player, revealing him in the negative space.
  4. Such as? What would your ideal spawn weapon/s look like?
  5. An amorphous sand map could transform over the course of the match. Dunes could be blown away over time, revealing hidden structures/items.
  6. Oh, I like this one. So, we’re talking strictly visual changes?
  7. Would the map’s evolution be completely scripted or would some act trigger it?
  8. How can a multiplayer map tastefully evolve over the course of a match?
  9. I’m Jeff Steitzer? Go fuck yourself, Richmond.
  10. Movement Abilities Thruster is the standard dodge. Evade is advanced dodge that can interact with the environment eg launch the user off a ramp. Gravity Boots high-jump on the ground, hover in the air, and ground-stomp while hovering. Artifact modifies the map in some way eg open a locked door. Airborne Movement Abilities Jump Jet is a quick upward boost. Wall Kick moves up and away from the vertical surface. Gravity Gauntlet lunges forward a short distance then clambers up a ledge if one is reached. Glider increases forward movement speed, decreases descent speed, and enhances air control by granting the ability to bank left and right. The latter.
  11. Halo needs a strong utility weapon. There are three valid choices: 3 shot magnum, 4 shot magnum or a BR with the ability to double shot.
  12. What do you think about the Repulsor’s ability to interact with an incoming rocket?
  13. What do you mean by this? Where’s that?
  14. Halo 2 all the way. Do you have any special memories from playing Halo, God Fuadder? I won my first 360 from a H2 tourney. The final match was on Lockout. I’ll never forget the look of shock and fear on my opponents face after that first no scope (which allowed me to take his shotgun and secure the win).
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