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  1. The controller is a Sandbox Manipulator. The button layout is designed to allow the player to use as many pieces of the sandbox as he can while keeping his fingers on the combat and movement buttons during an engagement. RT - Fire LT - Scope, Alternate Fire RB - Throw grenade LB - Jump A - Armor Ability 1 B - Armor Ability 2 X - Reload Y - Switch weapons (Hold to drop weapon and equip pistol) L3 - Crouch R3 - Melee Up - Cycle grenade types Down - Cycle jump modifier Left - Cycle crouch modifier Right - Cycle melee modifier The purpose of the Y button is to modify the function of the Triggers by switching weapons. The D pad operates in a similar fashion. Each directional cycles through the available items in that class. One of those items can then be activated by “fingers on” buttons during combat (Bumpers and Stick Clicks). Jump modifiers include Jetpack, Wall Jump, Ground Pound, and Teleport Double Jump. To activate them, press or hold the Jump button while airborne. Crouch modifiers include Armor Lock, Camo, Berserk, and Sphere. These replace the crouch function while grounded (crouch jumps are still possible). To activate them, press the crouch button while your feet are on the ground. Melee modifiers include the Railgun, Energy Sword, Gravity Hammer, and Lightblade. These items replace the melee function entirely. They are activated with the melee button. In multiplayer, players will typically have zero, or at most one modifier so the D pad doesn’t need to be touched (outside of switching grenade types). In campaign, or custom puzzle maps, players may need to switch between modifiers and the abilities they provide. The D pad allows that.
  2. At least sprint is up front with you. It tells you it will steal your ability to attack. Bloom is insidious in that it stays around just to fuck with you and make you question yourself.
  3. Have you ever wondered the extent some people will go to to get attention?
  4. What do you think the difference between utility weapon killtime and sniper bodyshot+Utility weapon headshot should be?
  5. What do you see as the benefits of Armor Lock?
  6. Just build arena maps that fit your needs. No one wants to play powerhouse or anchor 9.
  7. You know what midship was lacking in its design? More fucking lore, said no one ever. “It’s going to be forgotten.” You were right Quinn.
  8. Have forgers gotten over their collective distaste for “linear aggression” maps like Narrows? I just see it as one design style among many.
  9. The Sphinx is the Promethean mobile base. There is a turret mounted to the outside that can launch players in sphere form to the location of their choosing. Players enter the turret from inside the vehicle then independently aim and fire a single projectile which is their player model, causing them to exit the turret and the vehicle. While docked inside the cannon (while aiming, before firing), the player gradually charges an Overshield but waiting for it to fully charge deprives the team of that means of travel for a significant amount of time (multiple players could launch themselves in the time it takes one player to fully charge an Overshield). The Promethean Armor Abilities, Hoverboard or Glider, can be activated from sphere form. The player is simultaneously transformed into a biped while his movement enhancer is activated, allowing him to begin gliding or zooming straight from his cannonball trajectory.
  10. Yeah, you may only get 3/4 of a single layer before you take damage so that’s what you walk away with that time. It would get “burned” a lot but partial burns. You only get the full reward if you grab it completely uncontested. Instead of the binary nature of burned or not burned, there is variability to being able to stop the charging after pick up. On/off is simpler so that’s probobly the way to go though. Should probably just keep the OS as a binary pick up and have a charging station if you want an OS over time.
  11. What if OS began charging on pick up but would stop if damage was taken? That would still encourage both teams to push for it because even if you don’t get it you can prevent the other team from fully getting it. You could still get it “burnt” even after picking it up. Players would want to pick it up earlier because then they have more time to fully charge it instead of standing next to it to get the invincibility on pick up.

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