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  1. Because of you, I am rage quitting these forums. You can find me on Next Level Design.
  2. If I had a giant player model, the size of three Warthogs stacked on top of each other, would it be harder for enemies to land shots on me or easier for enemies to land shots on the broad side of a barn that I’ve become?
  3. Shrinking your player model on demand isn’t an inherently defensive ability?
  4. The loading screen should display “item cards” with three things on it. Weapon Icon next to all its spawn times Photo of weapon in its spawn location Map overview with weapon spawn location marked Is a weapon icon appearing next to the game clock 30 seconds before spawn too subtle?
  5. BTB Heavies was a good first step in ramping up the magnitude of large-scale gametypes. What I observed was a general population that really enjoyed these maps with big vehicles and big guns and big explosions. Two areas that could be improved are 1) how infantry can move and 2) what abilities vehicles can have. A two level map like Asphalt could employ Aerial Ability pick-ups like double jump, wall kick, lunge-clamber, and glider to help infantry transition between different areas without adding dedicated hard routes. Smaller vehicles could employ Vehicle Attachments to raise their threat level up to the Heavies standard. One heavy vehicle could use vehicle attachments to make itself the Alpha Heavy among other heavy vehicles on the map. What kinds of vehicle attachments do you think Halo could support?
  6. To help players get the feel of power weapon spawns, the Back button should display all significant weapon timers in addition to the roster.
  7. Vehicle Attachments The Mongoose can have a Wedge mounted to its front bumper, allowing the vehicle to flip others by ramming into them with its attack-ramp. Where the wedge is passive, requiring no additional user input, the Warthog’s Flipper is manually activated by the driver. First, two ground-level frontal-forks are maneuvered underneath the target vehicle. Next, the A button rapidly jerks these forks skyward, flipping the target vehicle up into the air. The Ghost can boost and fire with the triggers. The bumpers control its rear attachment, a linear nozzle that can lay down a continuous wall in its wake. RB creates an Energy Ribbon behind the vehicle as it travels forward. This Great Wall can block a retreating enemy force or divert an attacking enemy force. LB toggles the ribbon from vertical to horizontal, allowing the vehicle to lay down an artificial walkway for infantry to travel on. The Ghost boosts over a impassable gap, laying down a small bridge behind it, creating a new path for his teammates. Like the ghost, the Chopper boosts and fires with the triggers but the bumpers do something else. RB deploys a Razor Chain that drags behind the vehicle. Sharp turns whip this flexible attachment around with enough force to splatter infantry. LB activates a unique movement ability. On soft surfaces, the Chopper seamlessly nose dives into the ground, like a dolphin porpoising under the surface of the water. A moment later, the vehicle pops back out of the ground a short distance ahead. Dolphin Dive can be used to bypass walls, tunneling beneath them like a dog under a fence. In conjunction with the vehicle’s large frontal splatter-wheel, this maneuver can be used to destroy heavy vehicles. By attacking its soft underbelly, the chopper can rip right through a tank’s weak spot. Talk about a game of chicken. What other attachments could a vehicle have?
  8. I mean modded settings as in disabling universal sprint, increasing base movement speed/acceleration, and other integrilicious changes.
  9. With modded settings on forge maps.
  10. One of Halo’s greatest assets is how beautiful its environments can be compared to realistic shooters. We should minimize the default number of HUD elements to let that beauty shine through, IMO.
  11. Sector Detector, five colored lights on the HUD indicate enemy presence in the corresponding section of the map, is a long range but imprecise radar analog. Instead of promoting corner camping and waiting for a red dot to go by like radar does, sector detector tells you a general direction to head in and leaves the rest up to you. Perhaps human vehicles have Radar and Elite vehicles have Sector Detector, giving further purpose and distinction to these important on-map items. Instead of raw killing power, upgrades like these could niche-ify vehicles more. What other ways could vehicle roles be expanded or refined? Offensive attachments like a wedge or a flipper?
  12. What if radar was a vehicle ability. Give the hog an antenna and it tells the occupants where nearby enemies are. Shoot the antenna off and the vehicle occupants lose their radar widget.
  13. Does giving the player the ability to shrink his player model, at the cost of reduced movement speed, exemplify the ideals that Halo should be expressing and promoting? Is Halo’s “stealth gameplay” of crouching to not appear on radar still desirable?
  14. In conjunction with half walls that you could crouch walk behind, crouch does increase escapability.
  15. Think more along the lines of a Gears of War map. With jersey barriers everywhere, crouch would become a much more significant factor in avoiding damage.
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