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  1. @Silos If the Artifact was going to be used in Arena, I would make it a reward mechanic and not just a standard pick up. Say there is a neutral flag. Capping it gives the player the Artifact. It has enough juice for two secondary activations or one primary activation; alter the map twice or drop the boom once. As for the portal, it could always be changed to a one way exit node so players can only go forward from their base and not home from the enemy base to prevent objective cheesing.
  2. Unlike most equipment, the Artifact doesn’t immediately perform an action when B is pressed. Instead, B displays a small menu with three options. Left and Right on the D pad toggle two map elements on or off, up or down, open or closed. Down on the D pad designates an area for imminent Orbital Bombardment. The other piece of Promethean equipment, the Token, functions similarly. B displays a menu. Left or Right teleport the player to exit node 1 or 2. Down creates a portal that automatically links with a previously inactive portal in your team’s base, connecting them so players can travel through.
  3. How do you think Guardian is going to play with sprint and clamber?
  4. How should an Infection match be structured? Are players trying to reach a location or capture an objective? Can humans win or just survive as long as they can? Do zombies have any special abilities like deploying flood spores or opening flood doors?
  5. If you were at one end of a hallway, and your enemy was at the other, what movement abilities would best aide you in closing the gap without getting shot in the face? Evade is a combat roll, quickly moving the player in the desired direction while bobbing and obscuring his head. Evade combines an offensive forward rush with defensive head shielding. Even with Evade’s slight defensive properties, diving straight at an enemy is still a good way to get domed. Side to side and up and down movement would make the player much more difficult to headshot. Wall Kick allows the player to turn the walls from something that would halt his movement into something that enhances his movement. While moving down a hallway, a diagonal evade, to jump, to wall kick, to ceiling bounce would have the player moving forward, sideways, up and down, making him a much more difficult target to headshot. What about when a player is airborne but not next to a wall? Thruster can be activated while airborne, why can’t Evade? Activating evade while airborne now causes the player to do a flip in the desired direction. Grounded evade causes the player to dip down a bit during his combat roll. Airborne evade does the opposite, popping the player up a bit during his combat flip. In what situation would charging down a hallway be required? One word: Zombies. They can’t just sit back at the other end of the hallway and pop off pot shots; they need to get within lunging range. The aforementioned movement abilities will help them do it.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1r0fo4ZrtCk
  7. How should zombies behave in Infection gametypes? What abilities should they have?
  8. What do you think that expanding visual scan wave should do? Highlight visible enemies and pick ups?
  9. RT - Fire LT - Scope, Alt-fire RB - Throw grenade LB - Jump, Armor Ability (aerial) A - Armor Ability B - Equipment X - Reload, Aux weapon control Y - Switch weapons, Equip Sidearm L3 - Crouch R3 - Melee Up - Cycle grenade types Down - Cycle armor abilities Left - Cycle equipment Right - Cycle sidearms The controller provides the player with access to five independent systems. Each system has a primary function, fire weapon, throw grenade, and a secondary function, switch weapon, cycle grenade type. Since weapons are the main mode of interaction, their secondary functions get the preferential treatment of face buttons. Grenades, Armor Abilities, Equipment, and Sidearms all use the D pad to cycle through the available inventory for that class of item. Weapons - LT, RT, X, Y Grenades - RB, Up Armor Abilities - A, LB, Down Equipment - B, Left Sidearms - Y (hold), Right There are many weapons but the player can only hold two of them at any one time. In contrast, there are only four grenade types and the player can hold all of them, simultaneously. Armor Abilities, Equipment, and Sidearms follow the same model as grenades; one primary operation button to throw, activate, deploy, or equip, and one secondary operation button to cycle through the available inventory for that particular class of items. Armor Abilities (A, LB, Down) Each armor ability is actually composed of two separate abilities, one general purpose ability activated by the A button and one aerial ability activated by the jump button (LB) while the player is airborne. Down on the D pad cycles through the player’s available sets of armor abilities. The player can hold up to four sets of armor abilities. Thruster and Jump Jet are worn like a backpack. Evade and Wall Kick are represented by alien knee and elbow pads. Gravity Boots and Gravity Gauntlet are predictably represented by a pair of boots and a glove on the left hand. B performs a high jump. While airborne, B hovers. While hovering, B performs a ground stomp. While airborne, LB lunges forward and if a ledge is reached, clambers up it. Sphere and Glider are represented by a set of shoulder pads and a glowing emblem on the chest. B transforms the player model into a smaller, metallic sphere that can roll and jump but not attack. While airborne, LB deploys a hardlight wing that reduces descent speed and increases forward movement speed. While in sphere form, activating glider turns the player model into a small, drone-like aerial craft that doesn’t appear on radar. Equipment (B) Left on the D pad cycles through the player’s available equipment. The B button deploys or activates the selected piece of equipment. The player can hold up to four pieces of equipment. Power Drain Flamethrower Missile Pod Hologram Bubble Shield Artifact Spotting Scope Sidearms (Hold Y, Right) Sidearms are a sub-class of weapons that do not count toward the two weapon limit. Players can hold up to four sidearms. Right on the D pad cycles through the player’s available sidearms. Holding Y equips the selected sidearm. Y again switches back to the primary weapon and secondary weapon. Like any other weapon, sidearms are operated with RT, LT, and X. Magnum RT semi automatically fires bullets that kill in 4 shots (1.0 seconds) with a bleedthrough headshot or in 7 bodyshots (2.0 seconds). AP rounds deal increased damage to vehicles and occupants. LT activates a 2x scope. X reloads the 12 round magazine. Energy Sword RT lunges at a targeted enemy, killing in one hit. LT activates Speedboost (+20%). X performs a Thermal Scan, revealing recent enemy footprints. SAW RT rolls the large, spiked, perpetually-moving wheel forward (roll over infantry/vehicles to kill/destroy them). Once deployed, LT and RT steer the remotely controlled vehicle left and right. X toggles between player-view and vehicle-view. LT+RT activates a short duration speed boost. Power Glove RT pulls a targeted aerial vehicle to the user. LT picks up and drops a moveable object. While carrying an object, X rotates it and RT launches it forward. Different objects have different projectile traits. There’s an inventory system and the loot to fill it with.

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