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  1. Using power weapons to clear a sniper perch The user can control a rocket by continuing to hold RT after firing. Doing so activates a laser that guides the airborne rocket to the targeted location. This lets ground-level infantry fire a rocket that won’t just sail over the elevated sniper’s head. The SAW also gives the user remote control over the “projectile” but this time the spiked wheel is permanently bound to the ground that it rolls on. Where a rocket is strictly airborne, immediately exploding on impact with a solid surface, the SAW is forever grounded, permanently land-locked, never catching even the slightest bit of air. Impacting a wall causes the remote-control splatter-vehicle to climb the wall at the same speed it rolled along the ground at. This allows a ground-level SAW to hug the wall to hide its approach, turn into the wall to climb it, then finally crest the wall and splatter the sniper atop his perch. The Plasma Detonator can fire remotely detonated stickies into or around the perch, blowing the sniper up when he backs down or pops his head out. The Scepter fires a remotely detonated EMP+explosive projectile that can be bounced into areas that traditional explosives cannot reach. The enemy sniper may feel safe inside and around a corner, where even a remote rocket couldn’t turn tight enough to touch him but the Scepter’s bouncy projectile still finds a way to be a close-talker.
  2. I guess there’s still a non-zero chance that I’ll play infinite then. Cool. Hopefully Bonnie Ross’s diversity hires can pump out a generic Halo game sometime this year.
  3. Armor Abilities (A) Thruster functions the same whether standing, crouched, or airborne. Attack is never disabled. Evade performs three different maneuvers depending on whether the player is standing, crouched, or airborne. Attack is temporarily disabled. Gravity Boots perform a series of three maneuvers with three successive button presses. 1) high jump, 2) hover, 3) ground stomp. Sphere shrinks and transforms the player model into a ball that can roll and jump but not attack. The smaller player model can fit through short and narrow passages, granting the user access to exclusive paths ie shortcuts. One unique vehicle is only accessible by players in sphere form, like a battle skin for the sentient orb. Aerial Abilities (LB while airborne) Jump Jet - double jump Wall Kick - propels player up and away from wall Gravity Gauntlet - short range forward lunge followed by clamber if a ledge is reached Glider - reduced descent speed and increased forward movement speed, can steer left and right Equipment (B) Chariot - single-rider user-deployable vehicle, constant forward boost, can steer left and right, can’t slow down only disable
  4. Me: They can’t possibly fuck Halo any worse than they already have. 343:
  5. That being said, it is OK to be excited about Halo Infinite here.
  6. Imagine a power-up that spawned in Green on Lockout. Flood spores hide on the underside of the map structures, dormant until the power-up is picked up, at which point they seek out and attack the user’s enemies, adding an element of PvE to PvP multiplayer, giving the map it’s own army that synergistically feeds into the map’s character. Placing an item that is accessible from bottom lift, the worst spot on the map, that can quickly and autonomously put pressure on other parts of the map not visible through direct line of sight can threaten the absolute lockdown of lift tower by big and snipe, in turn increasing the importance of the bottom-mid drop-down to the top team, since it is now worth it to sacrifice some top-control in order to secure this pick-up.
  7. You paid $60 for Halo 5 but wouldn’t pay $1 for an upgraded forge? Seems like you’re passing on a good value. What gave you such strong feelings about not giving 343 another red fucking cent?
  8. Yes, yes. But would you buy infinite forge for a dollar?
  9. It might actually be a good thing to charge $0.99 for forge in order to keep the riffraff out. Would you buy it for a dollar?
  10. If you believe this fucking forge kid isn’t going to buy forge, I’ve got a Halo 3 map to sell you.
  11. What do you think about a Friendly Fauna power-up that allies the local wildlife to the user? Each map features a unique species that passively inhabit the playspace until the power-up is activated. Once the power-up is active, each species takes on a new set of traits and abilities. On one map, the wildlife could be a herd of killer moa, where on another it could be a infestation of flood spores or a squadron of sentinels.
  12. A utility weapon done right.
  13. The Assault Rifle’s ability to alt-fire Railgun slugs once they’ve been picked up from off the map isn’t really giving the AR the ability to beat a precision weapon. It’s giving the player the ability to pick up a Railgun without dropping his AR. By making better use of the buttons, the AR has no useful function mapped to the scope button for example, we can design a risk/reward mechanic into holding onto your AR. By making the AR the vehicle by which rails are fired, you are giving the player a choice when he picks up a new weapon: drop the trusty utility weapon or drop the thing that turns into a power weapon once a certain pick-up is secured?
  14. Automatic weapons do not need to have a killing potential equal to that of precision weapons. As I said previously, autos derive their power from their secondary abilities. A spiker is no huge threat on its own but its alt-fire grappling hook can put the user in a position to make good use of its primary fire. In addition, spikes embed themselves in walls when impact is perpendicular, creating temporary jump-ups. Like homing needles, automatic projectiles can have special traits that give them small benefits in specific scenarios.
  15. How many consecutive headshots do you think you could land on a strafing opponent with a zero bloom plasma rifle? Not very many right? There’s no rule that says we can’t reward skill just because a weapon is automatic.
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