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  1. You could argue that sound is even bigger advantage and more abusable through monetary upgrades. Surround sound, headphones can improve your ability process directional sound which is a constant, significant advantage. Everyone has a controller. We all use the same vibrator.
  2. I feel like a lot could be learned from smart phone user interfaces in regard to transmitting information via vibration. Moving away from “IT FEELS LIKE IM FIRING A REAL GUN BECAUSE MY CONTROLLER IS MASSAGING MY HANDS” to things like short vibe, long vibe, double vibe to convey various bits of information. You could even do things like weapon timings. Long vibe at 30 seconds, double vibe at 20, single vibe at 10.
  3. Hearing footsteps is unfair. It gives an advantage to people using sound.
  4. The real reason he doesn’t want these things known is because it makes him artificially better at the game than people who don’t know these things even exist.
  5. The people who designed the game shouldn’t attempt to teach players how to play it? Has anyone asked for something to be available only through vibration?
  6. Should an overcharged Plasma Pistol deal bleedthrough damage? Should a player with low shields be killed by an overcharged shot or should it stop at removing shields?
  7. Radar should be disabled by default and enabled by picking up the Radar Equipment.
  8. Causing two moving objects to collide in space and time requires more skill than pointing and clicking.
  9. BTB could have a Spotting Scope Equipment that allows the user to tag up to 3 enemies with a waypoint visible to his team.

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