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  1. Halo should be bland. It’s the measuring stick of console FPS. One man throws a ball. Another man swings a bat at it. That’s bland. But it’s also a good measure of skill. That’s what Halo really needs to succeed. The map pool represents a significant portion of the overall experience. We can dance around the issue all day but if the maps aren’t good then Halo won’t be good. Aside from base player traits, maps are the most important aspect of halo multiplayer (with the weapon sandbox coming in a close third). So much talk about shit that doesn’t matter. The reality is simple. Good maps, good base traits, good sandbox, That’s what Halo needs to succeed.
  2. Varying levels of aim assist, like the amount of bullet magnetism between the utility and the AR, should be considered while designing a console shooter like halo, correct?
  3. If a player's aim assist was not disabled while his target was thrusting, would thruster still be overpowered?
  4. Why would shooting during thrusting be overpowered?
  5. What’s the first reason it should be ditched? Because it makes it too easy to walk into a fucked situation then use a get out of jail free card button to thrust back behind cover once you realize what you’ve done?
  6. I would keep Ground Pound because there is nothing inherently wrong with a vertical strike attack. Seems like something that Brutes might perform.
  7. Powerhouse is a good asym like the reach DMR is a good utility weapon. I’m not advocating for more Midship clones but I don’t think powerhouse is the prime example of a good arena asym. What was the last good arena asym, Chilly, Turf? Redeption had some nice asyms in h4 iirc.
  8. I feel like I missed out on an era when I have no idea who cooper is.
  9. The “Artifact” Armor Ability is operated with the Bumpers. It modifies the map in some way. LB activates action 1. RB activates action 2. LB+RB activates action 3. Zanzibar Fan LB - fan turns counterclockwise RB - fan turns clockwise LB+RB - fan rapidly spins for a short time, killing anyone inside Ascension Antenna LB - antenna rotates left RB - antenna rotates right LB+RB - activates shield over antenna Lockout Glass (top mid) LB - disables glass RB - enables glass LB+RB - activates jump pad beneath glass Elongation Conveyor Belts LB - conveyor belts reverse RB - conveyor belts forward LB+RB - stops conveyor belts
  10. If MCC was any indication, 343 would sooner release a literally unplayable game than delay it so I’m going to have to press X to doubt.
  11. Good thing you clarified that you both share the same opinion. Might have been confused otherwise.
  12. Not as quickly as simultaneously releasing A while depressing D though right? You can’t do the same things with a single analog input as you can with two binary inputs.

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