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  1. What is the Halo formula composed of? Which elements should be amplified and which should be muffled? Where are the gaps in Halo’s formula? What should these gaps be filled with?
  2. If they took a risk and stood on their own designs instead of brainlessly copying mechanics from shooters of a different genre? Yes, I would prefer that.
  3. Lol, good luck guys. Not my cup of tea but I hope you enjoy.
  4. Precisely. Halo used to be music. Now it’s noise.
  5. The interval between utility weapons shots needs be long enough that an action can at least be started eg jump, crouch, change directions.
  6. Share your thoughts on Halo, in three emojis or less.
  7. At this point, I’m convinced that IBM’s Watson is really in charge at 343, algorithmically generating game mechanics after analyzing the shooter market. Beep boop flash suppressor. Click click whirl sprint slide clamber ads. The balance between these two ideologies is the secret sauce.
  8. Do you think the reload button could be put to better use?
  9. Has 343 ever had an idea that they didn’t just pull from the next popular shooter?
  10. I’m with you but there is something to be said for tone and atmosphere. Baseline gameplay should be fun and engaging. Mood should take the experience to the next level.
  11. If the target is within your field of view, they’re highlighted. This doesn’t require any audio, waypoints, or off-screen indicators (ie it doesn’t have to be obnoxious). Keep Halo Simple.
  12. Limiting the number of players can who can create pings in the first place is another way of limiting total pings.
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