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  1. Weapons that kill in 2 or 3 shots are the most interesting. The utility kills in 4 shots, the power weapons kill in 1 shot, and the autos require time on target. The deepest, most fun weapons to use should be the mid tier, pick up weapons.
  2. Go forward faster but can’t fire. Short delay, slow rate. +5% Health and +5% Shield pick ups in a gametype with non recharging health and shields would be cool. I too like Reach’s health system. This doesn’t sound bad at all. Except how health packs recharge shields.
  3. You know where Sprint could work in Halo? Flood Mode. A squad of ODST’s have to survive against wave after wave of various flood forms. When your Flashlight is attached to your weapon, sprinting means not seeing well in front of you.
  4. You said map design wasn’t limited by base player traits and I explained to you why I believe it is.
  5. The synergy between base player movement (and traits in general) and map design is one of the most important core aspects of a shooter. Sprint as a base trait in Halo causes map design to suffer because it puts too much emphasis on traversing the map horizontally. Maps can be inherently tighter without sprint. Maps can be bigger without sprint but maps cannot shrink beyond a certain size before sprint is no longer a viable mechanic. I prefer my Halo closer up and in my face, when it can be. Verticality. When a base trait is so focused on horizontal movement, vertical movement can suffer. I think no sprint gives a more even distribution of horizontal and vertical player movement. Tighter maps with more verticality vs longer maps with less verticality. I prefer the former. In classic Halos, I felt connected to the game. Every input on the controller instantly translating into actions on screen. I was immersed in the game. With sprint, I feel less connected, like I am watching myself play.
  6. I believe Lockout’s top mid being open was conscious design decision. It was a choice. Sprint REQUIRES elongated areas, no man’s lands, else players could traverse the map too quickly. Forcing map design into a certain style, a style that doesn’t produce great Halo maps, is bad for the game.
  7. I was actually thinking that a lot of things that could be said about an unreliable utility could also be said about sprint. Like one player beginning a gunfight with his weapon down and the other with his weapon up? Same as above. Like one consistent movement speed that maps can be designed around so that there are no “no man’s land” that need to be sprinted through.
  8. Damn, sprint with an accurate and reliable utility or no sprint and an unreliable utility. Raise and lower an accurate weapon or always have an inaccurate weapon ready. I guess the questions would be, how unreliable are we talking and how long does it take to pull your weapon up from sprint. I think I would have to go with sprint and an accurate, reliable utility weapon because then at least some of the time, the game could feel good.
  9. The player made a mistake and the game is punishing him for it. I believe that statement could be true in reference to both betrayals and assassinations. Assassinations would be inherently more rare, as only melee weapons and objectives can perform them (weapons with unused melee buttons). If the sacred respawn timer has already been sullied by the filthy touch of betrayal, I don’t think another mechanic that modifies it is sacrilege. I’m not married to the idea of “assassination = extended respawn” but I do think it would be cool to have some benefit to performing this lengthy and dangerous animation. @Apoll0
  10. If the purpose of the respawn timer is to balance the flow of the game, why is it ok for betrayals to modify that game flow by extending the standard respawn time?
  11. Because if one wants the benefit that the action provides, then one must wait through the animation that that action requires.
  12. And Assassinations, especially if they had their own button instead of hold melee, are completely optional. Never want to perform an assassination? Then don’t hit that button.
  13. I don’t like watching Reload animations but if I want a full clip, I do it. Similarly, if I want whatever benefit the assassination animation provides, I execute this completely optional attack. The “it already extends your respawn” argument isn’t very strong because it takes one player from each team out of the game for the same amount of time. It doesn’t give the assassinator’s team any advantage over the assassinatee’s team. @Apoll0

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