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  1. The Sand Blaster is a hybrid, part weapon and part “vehicle”. RT semi automatically fires 6sk glass projectiles. LT sprays a flat, wide ribbon of sand forward a short distance. RT while holding LT tightens the spread, concentrating the ribbon down to a focused jet, increasing the Sand Blaster’s range. X transforms the player into the Sandman, a subterranean vehicle that rides below the sand and performs various transformations/attacks. The Sandman can ride beneath players or vehicles and create a pit to swallow them in. It can create and send dust devils forward, damaging and tossing players or vehicles. It can rise up from the sand as the top half of a large humanoid sandman, either spitting a stream of damaging sand forward or clapping his two arms together, damaging whatever is caught in between the colliding sand dunes. Throwing grenades into a sand pit or into the sandman’s open mouth will damage him, severely. If a Chopper can spot the shimmering sand, he can nose dive beneath it for a moment, splattering the Sandman. The Flamethrower allows infantry to counter the Sandman, torching him into glass that is easily shattered. The only way the user can refill the Sand Blaster’s shared ammo pool is by standing on sand. In addition, Sandman can only be activated while the user is standing on sand. With this in mind, a map designer could place the weapon inside a labyrinthine structure, forcing the user to fight his way back outside to get the most out of this unique pick up.
  2. Equipment is activated with the B button. The Spotting Scope temporarily tags a targeted enemy with a waypoint visible to the team. The Missile Pod semi automatically fires explosive projectiles that can home in on tagged players or vehicles. The Hologram sends a duplicate of the user running forward. Holding the B button stops the hologram a short distance away from the user. When the user releases the B button, the hologram will remain near him, mimicking his movement and actions. Upon release of the B button, the Body Double’s direction, relative to the user, is locked. The Bubble Shield creates a stationary spherical barrier around the user that blocks projectiles but not players. The Power Drain is a small sphere that is rolled forward a short distance. It emits a shield-draining field for a short time before self destructing in a small explosion. The Flamethrower shoots a continuous stream of flames forward a short distance. The Token is a piece of Promethean equipment that allows the user to do three things. B teleports the user to the map’s designated exit node if one is available and unblocked. Left on the D-pad teleports the user to the Slider turret and Right on the D-pad teleports the user to the Rover turret. Left and Right are auxiliary controls and may be disabled in arena matches. The Artifact is a piece of Promethean equipment that allows the user to do three things. B activates a scripted event. Left on the D-pad toggles switch 1 and Right on the D-pad toggles switch 2. Left and Right are auxiliary controls and may be disabled in arena matches. Spotting Scope Missile Pod Hologram Bubble Shield Power Drain Flamethrower Token Artifact
  3. @Crimson The ranking system doesn’t have to be 1-50 but I would like it to be because Halo used to have all these little things that made it unique, gave it its own identity. No sprint, no ads, one hit kill jumping objective melee, sword cancel, bruteshot jumping, double shot, superbounce, et c. The 1-50 ranking system was one of Halo’s little quirks. If we had stayed on track, we might be at the point to naturally abondon 1-50 but since we didn’t, I see the return of the 1-50 ranking system as a gesture signaling a return to form for Halo’s gameplay and community. Do I think this will ever happen? No way(point)! Halo will forever be mediocre, like a store brand cola. @Reamis25 What playlist was your 50 in?
  4. The reason you incorporate a faux progression system into the low end of the rank system is because being told to play 10 qualifier matches to receive a placement is less exciting than playing a game, ranking up, playing a game, ranking up. Edit: I think a good way to sort out the top end of the ranks early on is to have 343’s in house pro team practiced and ready to go on all the maps when the game releases to the public. Give them an artificially high rank so they only match the top teams online. Use the top teams performance against the pro team as a metric to rate their skill. Then you can use these teams performance against other online teams to determine their skill and so on.
  5. There would be behind the scenes magic where the game might be able to tell you are about a 26 after three games but still makes you play 10 games to get to rank 10 because players who play a minimum number of matches tend to keep playing and being frequently rewarded with level ups gets players through this critical learning phase. Maybe even mute all other players and hide their true gamer tags and ranks from the player until he reaches rank 10. This allows the matchmaking system to pit the new user against higher skilled opponents to test his true skill level without intimidating him.
  6. Not to be obtuse but isn’t that what slayer with power items already does? Capturing the rockets creates the likelihood of your score going up by 2-4 points? Or you mean bigger swings, like 50 point flags? Glider allows players to sail from a mountainous ledge over to the top of the enemy base. Glider creates additional invisible routes in the air that players can use to drop down on the objective below. The Gravity Hammer’s alt-fire can pull an elevated objective down to the user, allowing his run to begin with a slight head start.
  7. @JordanB My opinion is that the vast majority of players should fall between 20 and 40. Under 20 is new or well below average skill level. Over 40 is really, really good. This gives new players that initial march where they are consistently climbing ranks every couple matches (but then levels off in the teens for the thumbless) while also retaining the wow factor of higher ranks. 46-50 wouldn’t even be numbers but symbols.
  8. I feel like this idea has potential, carrying an objective with a lit fuse but CTF isn’t the place for it. If the game time has ended, and overtime has ended, and both teams are still holding flags, they should link together like Harry Potter and Voldemort’s wands, damaging and pulling the carriers towards each other.
  9. Needler Rifle RT automatically fires low speed projectiles that home in on a targeted enemy. LT semi automatically fires projectiles that count as 4 needles toward a supercombine and cause primary fire projectiles to more aggressively home in on the target, tracking his movement around objects. X toggles the weapon into rifle mode, extending the barrel, extending the stock, and flipping up a scope. Now, RT fires high speed projectiles and LT activates a 2x scope. Once the user has stopped firing, after a brief delay, the weapon quickly and automatically reloads itself, pushing out new needles.
  10. His buddy, that worked on Shadowrun, told him about it.
  11. I always likened an objective carrier to a King in chess, slow but deadly in close quarters. @MultiLockOn If you had to split gametypes between “4v4 and under” and “over 4v4”, how would you divide them?

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