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  1. If the utility weapon was a 4 shot kill, would you rather have a weapon with an 8 round magazine that reloads in 1 second or a weapon that has a 16 round magazine that reloads in 4 seconds?
  2. He did win quite a few FFAs on forge maps. I liked how he would play on maps he didn’t know.
  3. You are of the same skill level that the soul flame is of. Fucking BKs.
  4. I will only upvote Walshy as Uncle Jesse. All these new options are fucking with me.
  5. I used to play with King Nick. Did he ever do anything outside of his first tournament appearance?
  6. Well as long as their stance on social media/content creation is good then the game should be awesome.
  7. I felt like Elongation really showed off the weapons on it. The Plasma Pistol and the Brute Shot aren’t terribly creative or skillful but that map meshes really well with them.
  8. If you want maps without power weapons then you definitely need some sort of Equipment class of items. Halo would be boring and shallow with no pick ups.
  9. I guess I’m just confused that the guy with giant bold letters in his signature that reads “REMOVE RADAR FROM COMPETITIVE” would describe a precision weapon with random spread as “new and fresh”. Random spread on the BR certainly isn’t new. How is it fresh?
  10. People may start out believing the same thing but after a while they might go off in different directions...much like the BR.
  11. Didn’t realize that random spread on a precision weapon was considered new and fresh.
  12. Didn’t realize that sprint and aim down sights were considered new and fresh.

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