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  1. Absolutely. Usually I am all for accomplishing actions without button presses where possible (like removing Reload and making all weapons heat based, there’s still a cap on sustained fire, just not one that requires user input to circumvent). Maybe I watched too much fast and furious as a kid but I feel like there is something visceral about hitting that NO2 button, that the Power Glove provides and a power up doesn’t.
  2. That’s a possibility but the Power Glove is activated by Up on the D pad specifically to discourage this type of use. Prior to battle, an attacking player, behind cover, activates Power Glove then pushes out and begins firing on his entrenched opponent. If the enemy also has power glove, he could back down and activate it too but the point is that if a player wants to activate it, they can’t do it while being fired on. This inherent property of the button used to activate Power Glove rewards offensive use and punishes defensive use. Damage Boost is an impersonal, generic buff that doesn’t take into account many nuances of Halo’s sandbox. But an item that can uniquely modify each weapon on an individual basis could rectify DB’s shortcomings. The Energy Sword could immediately begin the user’s shield recharge upon successful lunge strike and immediately raise the user’s shield level by 1/2 a shield layer upon successful melee swipe. DB does nothing for a Sword. Power Glove can. If the Power Glove was a pick up in Arena that the user activated with Up on the D pad for 10 seconds with a 30 second recharge so that players who secured it and stayed alive could use it multiple times, would you have a problem with with?
  3. What would break by allowing the utility weapon to kill in one less shot, or for rockets to have a bigger blast radius, for 10 seconds per player per match?
  4. Do you dislike the idea of enhanced weapons or is it that Power Glove is earned through cumulative kills like Ordnance? I understand it violates equal starts but I feel like it gives more meaning to individual kills and deaths throughout the match. In addition, it allows for a swing play where a team tries to turn the tide of the game.
  5. All weapon control is accomplished with the Triggers. RT fires. LT scopes or alternate fires. Weapons no longer reload. For example: Magnum RT semi automatically fires projectiles that kill in 4 shots (1.0 seconds) with a headshot or in 8 bodyshots (2.3 seconds). LT activates a 2x scope. Plasma Pistol RT semi automatically fires projectiles that kill in 11 shots (1.5 seconds). Holding then releasing LT charges then fires a homing EMP Bolt that deshields infantry and temporarily stuns vehicles but consumes 50% of the battery and immediately overheats the weapon. The Y button switches weapons. Holding Y drops the equipped weapon and re equips a holstered Magnum. That’s all the buttons that relate to standard weapon operation. Yes, the weapon-enhancing Power Glove is activated by Up on the D pad. I feel it is a good balancing factor. It prevents players from instantly activating the Power Glove the moment they start getting shot. Since the player has to stop moving (LS) for a moment to activate Power Glove (Up on D pad), a stationary target would get melted before the weapon enhancement could benefit the user.
  6. In BTB, an AR and a DMR spawn in your base. The Assault Rifle’s Spotting Scope alt fire can temporarily tag an enemy vehicle with a waypoint visible to the team and the DMR’s Armor Piercing Rounds can deal 50% damage to impacted vehicle occupants. Two teammates could work in tandem to harass enemy vehicle operators.
  7. BTB has vehicles while Arena doesn’t. Invasion having Armor Abilities while Arena doesn’t, doesn’t mean the game is fractured per se. One of Halo’s selling points is its varied gametype selection. The sandbox is like an onion. At its core, you would have the Arena experience but there are layers, more weapons, more vehicles, more abilities, that other game modes use to provide different experiences. There is no reason that an amazing Arena experience can’t exist alongside a grand Invasion experience.
  8. The Battle Rifle and the Light Rifle are nearly identical. RT fires in three round bursts, killing in 12 shots with a headshot in 1.4 seconds. The difference is, LT either activates a 3x scope or performs a Combo. While scoped, the Light Rifle is semi automatic, killing in 3 shots with a headshot in 0.9 seconds, giving it the advantage at long range. The Battle Rifle has no scope but can perform Doubleshots and BXRs, giving it the advantage at close range.
  9. BR - no scope Magnum - 2x scope DMR - 3x scope Sniper Rifle - 4x scope
  10. An ideology that you should embrace is making a gamemode outside of arena as crazy as possible. Sprint. Thruster, Jetpack, etc. Let’s be real here, from a marketing standpoint, arena is boring. Can you sell a responsive strafe or reliable utility weapon or static timers? No but giant multiplayer battles with Spartans, Elites, Brutes, and Prometheans would look pretty cool in a commercial. In addition, this would give a hashtag lore reason for arena base movement speed to be set to 120%. Spartans kitted up with Thrusters and Jetpacks and Ability Trackers are carrying extra weight so they move at 100% speed. Scout-like Arena Spartans carry a Magnum and nothing else, allowing them to move at 120% speed. Arena maps can now be built with 120% base movement speed in mind. Think of it this way, to keep all this stuff out of arena, find another place to put it. Also, this allows 343 to not completely walk back the whole sprint/thrust thing. Advanced movement is still in the game, in Invasion gametypes. Other niche gametypes can use these resources, like Evade in Infection or Sprint in SWAT. By making other gametypes unique, you are actually making Arena unique, in the fact that it forgoes many of these “features” offered by other gametypes.
  11. Different Invasion gametypes feature playable Spartans, Elites, Brutes, and Prometheans. Each species has unique movement abilities. They are controlled by the Bumpers and the Jump button. Spartans can Sprint and Thrust with the bumpers. Jump while airborne activates Jetpack. Elites can Evade with LB. Similar to Evading on the ground, LB while airborne performs a horizontal flip in the desired direction. RB activates a temporary Speedboost. The Jump button, while airborne and next to a wall, performs a Wall Kick that propels the player upward and away from the wall. Brutes can activate Gravity Boots and the Gravity Gauntlet with the bumpers. Gravity Boots quickly propel the player upwards, like a personal Gravity Lift. The Gravity Gauntlet quickly propels the player in the direction of his reticle. The Jump button, while airborne and at a sufficient altitude, performs a Ground Strike, quickly lunging downward in the direction of the user’s reticle, damaging the impacted target. Prometheans can deploy the Hoverboard and Glider with the bumpers. Hoverboard increases forward movement speed on the ground. Glider increases forward movement speed in the air. The Jump button performs a T-Boost that instantly teleports the player upward a short distance (hold to hover). The only time the player’s ability to attack is disabled is during a Ground Strike and during the first half of Evade (while you’re flipping).
  12. Don’t you think an Invasion game mode could use movement abilities in large scale, asymmetric battles? And what would you choose to spend that extra time on?
  13. There are only so many ways to increase base movement speed (speed, duration, vector). I would rather have some Armor Abilities to start with, that can then be tweaked with modifiers. For example, Thruster’s direction of movement is determined by the direction of the Left Thumbstick. Gravity Gauntlet’s direction of movement is determined by the location of the user’s reticle. Even if these two abilities moved the user the same distance at the same speed, they are fundamentally different because of their different limitations. Thruster can only move in horizontal directions but the direction of movement is independent from the direction of aim (can thrust left while aiming forward). Gravity Gauntlet can move in any direction but it’s always the direction the user is aiming. Neither of these movement abilities need to disable the player’s ability to attack. Neither of them move the player far enough to break map design if they were pick ups.
  14. There was a fiesta gametype where everyone had jetpacks, bottomless clips, and reduced gravity. The map was the inside of a giant sphere. You would fly around and try to direct hit other midair players. Everyone talks about “the good ole days” of Halo 2 customs. Want to get that back? Allow players to make awesome custom games. Armor Abilities, in conjunction with modified base traits, are a great way to create wacky gametypes. Infection and SWAT used to be wacky custom gametypes and are now multiplayer staples. You guys talking about not wanting movement abilities AT ALL is literally the same thing as that waypoint thread where a causal player wanted radar in competitive gametypes.

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