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  1. What's with the casino stuff on the front page?
  2. I honestly don't know anymore. With the weird wave of Reach kids I've had the pleasure of interacting with I'm starting to think anything is possible. People are actually saying that Reach was the best Halo game. Now don't get me wrong, the MLG settings were pretty dope, but to say that it was the best Halo? At least when I was consistently hating on Reach when it first came out I had every H3 kid supporting the notion, but now it's like a complete 180. I honestly just want H3 anni to be an ODST to H3 type of deal with MCC. But the second a Reach anni gets announced I'm jumping ship to CoD or BF. Also H4 Anni
  3. I get that you're trying to go for a chill type of montage, but I feel like syncing the music more would go a long way.
  4. Wouldn't be surprised if we got a six shot pistol after that.
  5. Haven't been able to play yet here since I have no idea how to plug in my xbox. I guess I need a transformer? If anyone can recommend one that would be amazing. I hope the servers aren't as bad as people make them out to be.
  6. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/mode/warzone/matches/7dac0aff-43c5-4375-8b1c-6c1f0e154395/players/southpaw%20xoxo?gameHistoryMatchIndex=2&gameHistoryGameModeFilter=Warzone
  7. Literally exactly what happened. The new warzone map has him spawn twice. Who thought it would be a good idea to have such an open map have both teams basically flip a coin..twice..for 150 points. Just checked, 50-3. Guess I died again at the end.
  8. Just went 50-2 and lost a warzone match.
  9. Sensitivity 10 No Acceleration and no deadzones After reading these posts I'm going to try putting the acceleration at 5.
  10. I still think H5 is a great game. Easily my favorite game since H3, and I for one actually like the new movement options. Would I like them gone? Yes, but they're here to stay and because of radar and shields I don't find myself sprinting, like ever. If the right changes are made soon then this game could have real potential. Is that going to happen? Probably not. Seeing as how forge maps count as dlc and classic 343 shenanigans, I doubt this game will have real longevity. I think new games like BO3 and Fallout 4 will be keeping the players they have stolen because there's going to be no real reason to come back.
  11. I'd say both for sniper, but yes for everything else. I still get the two mixed up every time. And I'm reading these replies now, and it's like well yes obviously you think the pistol is balanced because you're playing bronze kids in arena or you're playing warzone.
  12. Why do waypoint kids still defend 343.. They have to have been at least a little bit affected by the state of MCC. How can you still blindly stand behind the decisions they've made with H5? The sniper is literally as bad as H4 Beam Rifle (if not worse), the aim assist on the BR is stupid high, and the autos are too powerful in comparison to ease of use. Toning down aim assist across the board and making the pistol kill faster would really help this game. Just because 343 made it the way it is now doesn't mean it's perfect.
  13. Swear to god you guys, everyone whining about no social, h6 is going to be back to having no ranks. Also, can't wait for AR/Pistol Starts in BTB with a sniper that aims for you.
  14. I promised myself I'd never buy another cod. I'd rather actually go outside for once.
  15. I plays well. I can't tell if I actually think the aiming is off or it's just after constantly reading that it's off I'm starting to think that even though I never initially thought it. It's nice not to have a Halo game be ass. I have yet to actually get anything cool in my fucking packs though. I can make my spartan look like a ******, but i haven't gotten any skins yet..or visors..or any cool stances. I got an assassination but I really don't know what it looks like. I also just joined a warzone game with 45 second left and my team lost. So now I lost my warzone exp boost on that "match" and it kills my W/L since it's so fresh, and my kills per game just dropped dramatically. Love it.
  16. The fact that I can play this game and nothing immediately pisses me off puts it way above the last couple Halo games. I'm actually pretty happy with it.
  17. How can you guys go from playing H2A and then say this game's aiming seems weird? Feels perfect to me.
  18. I don't understand the ranks.. I won 9/10 games and I have close to a 3.0 KD in arena, but I got put in what I think is a bad rank?
  19. The AI is still pretty bad in my opinion. One time I literally had Tanaka just watch me die three feet away from her.
  20. Late on the 27th they all seemed to attack at once, so i said fuck it and went to bed. This morning they seemed to divide a little bit so I just directed the squad to a corner and got the wardens to follow one at a time. Last one was still annoying since you had those stupid lasers following you. They were nowhere near as deadly in H4. Same with knights.
  21. I just hope it doesn't become a ghost town. I could still see myself playing after putting time into H5.
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