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  1. Hey guys, I was playing some halo 3 earlier today and upon winning a game of lone wolves my skill went up to 41 (don't laugh) but also I went up 100 exp (although this doesn't show in my lone wolves playlist rank, only my main service record). Any idea what happened?
  2. Has to be the first time I played halo 3 online. I had never played any game online before and thrashing my sister in splitscreen was the extent of my multiplayer experience. I was thrown into the recruit/beginner playlist (whatever it was called), ended up with one kill and many deaths spraying anything that moved. I was hooked. Then there was the time me and about six friends were in a custom game, all against one guy who wasn't a complete noob like we were. He was camped out at the bottom of highground, literally surrounded by our dead bodies. We eventually swarmed and killed him, declaring ourselves the winners whatever the scoreboard said and mass t-bagging. Also on halo 3, I was walking behind my mates brother on the pit when he stopped turned round at looked at me (we were on the same team but he had trouble telling who was friendly or foe as he was new to the game). Before he could decide whether or not to shoot me he was instantly killed by a random flying street cone, laughed so hard.
  3. I'm a far more casual gamer than most of you (only made it to 40 on H3) but having a rank based on skill really gives even casual players something to aim for- especially with it being numerical as its instantly easy to comprehend. Testament to this was one of my friends that only ever got to highest skill 19, but carried on playing for thousands of games trying to get to 20. It's an incentive to carry on playing and actually makes games "worth" something in a way exp or credits doesn't because they are merely indicative of how long you have played.
  4. Yeah I'm already subscribed to him, seems like there are a lot of hidden gems out there
  5. I didn't even realize until today that youtube series for "road to 50" on halo existed. I found this series which is taking up my whole day haha: From the looks of it not many other people have found it though! Any other underrated youtubers/series people think should get more views?
  6. I agree with most of the list minus the removal of the spartan laser. On large vehicle based maps like sandtrap on H3, a scorpion can really run unchecked without it as the other options available are more difficult to successfully pull off. Personally, I liked duel wielding and the missile pod/flamer. Added more variety, was always an unexpected and entertaining surprise getting mown down by duel spikers etc. Would also like more vehicles including the elephant, chopper etc and maps that make full use of vehicle combat, again for variety. Personally I think the maps in H4 and reach to some extent lacked any defining character or feature. For example construct was based on lifts and elevation control, high ground had the big gate, santrap had the elephant etc etc. Also NO killcam, this really annoyed me and I'm far more casual than most of you guys on here! Like you said this isn't cod. Carnage report and fighting for mvp in H3 was also much beloved. Even small details like the sloppiness of the way the banshee flips and the spartan's head not looking where the person is from their perspective irritated me in H4. It's not that I'm particularly nit picky or resistant to change, it was just so much that was done right before wasn't executed as well this time, even though it is a later version. Definitely would love 1-50 ranking system back though, gave games more of an edge and something to play towards. I only ever made it to 40 (don't laugh) but that made games so much more nerve racking and every top three finish in lone wolves (my highest skill playlist) felt amazing because of it. Jeeze, only meant to say a couple of things and gone on this rant!
  7. Wow this forum really is active! Loads of good replies, subscribed to quite a few channels. Still a bit disappointing there are no absolutely humongous channels but there we go. Nak3d Eli and halo follower are my favorites so far
  8. Hey Guys, first post! Unless I'm seriously missing something it seems that for a game of Halo's size there don't seem to be many big, dedicated youtube channels. It seems to me that that the demise of halo's popularity in general (although mainly down to halo 4 being poor imo) can also be attributed to having relatively few large channels with quality content for us to all congregate around. Especially if you compare that to the explosion of COD, FIFA etc based channels where the entire community will have "household names". Anyway, what do you guys think and what are the best halo youtube channels? Paul

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