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  1. It wasn't saved but as the map was symmetrical it took me like 5 minutes to recreate the fallen part of the map
  2. I was forging with a friend and suddenly half of my map fell off... Not sure if it's a bug or my friend did it accidentally but at least we had a good laugh :lol: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/xAcer95x/video/13305303
  3. xboxdvr.com/xAcer95x/8650baf3-8f4e-4c86-8a42-896d832ae65c xboxdvr.com/xAcer95x/177dc6e3-3d8a-4604-b63c-f4bec0b39e23 Capturing a flag in 10 seconds using slide boost on Empire.
  4. Yesterday, I got champion 1 with 17% win rate. I was top 3 in the majority of games so it really sucks to have such a low win rate
  5. Your Name: xAcer95x Winner: xAcer95x Round Number: 1 Score: My opponent Vinny Mendoza didn't show up. He has been offline for 14 hours and didn't answer to my messages.
  6. Includes some nice clips I've got in the last two months.
  7. Amplified v5 made by CCKLNG
  8. This was a problem before the April update. There's even an onslaught remake now. http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/7861-mcc-halo-3-mlg-mapsgametypes/?do=findComment&comment=484129
  9. H3 BRs > H2 BRs > H3 ARs > Grifball > H2 SMGs
  10. I'm not going to remake them. Hopefully someone else does.
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