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  1. i thought liquid just announced their new roster EDIT nvm just read what you said
  2. PC because i invested in one and i prefer pc games over xbox ever since ive started playing PC games. im sure everyone would enjoy pc games more if they had better PCs IMO but i think the new xbox scorpio coming out will have keyboard mouse compatability if you think about it.
  3. you doubt overwatch will sustain its popularity?
  4. kinda craving a overwatch forum, downvote if im the only one but im sure there are others who would appreciate it
  5. No problem i appreciate how you went about everything other than the blunt responses you gave but no qualms man. <3
  6. Wait so E6 lost against RNG game 1 and game 2 because E6 has bad starts? ninjaTooth
  7. youre not moderating youre shutting down supporters cheering on our team. also please unban me youre perma banning everyone lmao
  8. Moa banning everyone in halo chat for supporting ninja... ninjaTooth
  9. welp guess im getting the legacy edition. just sucks because i probably wont even touch the new cod
  10. at the end of the trailer it said get cod 4 remastered when you preorder the legacy edition. my question is are they selling cod4 remastered as a stand alone or do i have to pre-order? because personally im not into the whole space game. i literally just want the remaster
  11. anyone see this yet? http://espn.go.com/esports/
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