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  1. Personally, from what we saw yesterday, I'd be content with just pistol starts, but then again, 343 are going to want to keep it close to vanilla settings, which does mean AR/Pistol starts. However, those who want to use the Pistol are going to switch to it when they spawn, and those who don't want an AR are going to drop it as soon as possible. As long as Pistol is usable, unlike the H3 Magnum, then we should be okay with AR/Pistol starts.
  2. If there is any legacy bonuses, I imagine they'll be announced around mid September, probably around the same time the achievements will be released.
  3. This site is encouraging me to play more Halo 1 and get up that leaderboard. Good job!
  4. www.twitch.tv/j0shcon123 This is my twitch! I stream a lot when I'm on the MCC, usually run HCS, or H2C or sometimes H4! Thanks! Going to follow everyone on Twitch now!
  5. If HCS events have their own dedicated server and not offline LAN support, we still have to rely on Xbox Live being up, right?
  6. Gamertag: j0shcon123 Customs/MM: Either, but a preference for Matchmaking! Region: UK
  7. Awesome looking content dude, hope to see you back for Halo 5. Subbed.
  8. Hoping to hear that final burn GoldenBoy has lined up for Walshy to be honest
  9. Still quite a way before matches get back underway by the sounds of it
  10. Would much rather have the casters talk about the teams and strategies when technical issues occur, rather than these silly ground pound or banshee montages
  11. I'm wondering if we'll see another cringe commercial for Halo 5 before the next series starts. Also, can somebody add me to the Team Beyond Twitch chat? Twitch username is 'j0shcon123'. Thanks
  12. The amount of issues in this tournament with connectivity issues must tell Microsoft that an offline LAN function is needed
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