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  1. I don't understand why some people are trying to play ranked at this point. It's hard to play consistently and to find unlaggy games. I have had beat luck searching TS. Most people say they find heaps searching FFA. I have only found 2 games in FFA. Is this just me?
  2. Automatic weapons have a place in competitive halo. In halo CE the Assault rife is useful for a number of reasons. It is almost always the best choice for close quarters combat (besides from shotgun obviously), you can melee from greater distance and it can be used to quick camo. While I believe competitive halo should use precision weapons of spawn, it would be nice to see it have some uses in competitive play like in halo CE. But precision weapons should always be the main weapons in the game, that's just how halo is.
  3. Teacher/Studnet: Student GT: PizzaMuffinTime Games: HaloCE, halo 2, Halo 2A Specifics: Map movement/map control, Timing weapons, decision making, jumping, grenade placement TimeZone/Location: AEDT Sydney Australia
  4. I'm keen on editing something and am looking for players that have a few clips lying around and wouldn't mind seeing then in a montage or minitage. If you want something made let me know and ill get back to you.
  5. GAMERTAG: PizzaMuffinTime Customs & MM Location: NSW Australia
  6. maybe for a year, i dont see the population staying any longer.
  7. scarlet is good, i would recomend listing to mile zero, and all the stuff off there new album clear that was my thoughts exactly yeah they really do some crazy stuff, also the keyboard of periphery which is pretty much in this soundtrack is pretty much something straight out of a periphery song listen to mile zero, scarlet, and there album clear
  8. idk how many people know who guitarist misha mansoor is, but he is in a band known as periphery and theyy are kick ass. So is anyone else excited to play halo and have a periphery sounding song start playing? or is it just me?
  9. i plan on having lans in my garage. havent had a proper halo lan for a long time and i hope i can re live those memories.
  10. yeah man its a fun time, i remember halo 4 midnight we all had cans of coke watching Red vs Blue. classic
  11. water works, so that way 2 big team maps, it wouldnt make sense to have one big team map by itself
  12. So when every minute counts at midnight, what do you prefer, heading out to your country's game store, or do you download at midnight. Now pre downloading is a thing but its for selected games only. So if halo the MCC does not get the pre download what are you going to do? I am going out to EB games to pick it up and install because my connection sucks ass and will take all morning to download.
  13. bro if there isnt a FFA playlist im gonna run customs for it, so many good FFA maps
  14. i think people will mainly watch halo 2 anniversary multiplayer and campaign
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