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  1. If we bring back Narrows then we can't forget about Pit and Sanc. How can you say this is Halo if we arent playing Sanc every 2nd map?
  2. I'm pretty hype for the new Legend of Zelda. I just wish Nintendo would get another console Monster Hunter game. My Wii U was a MH box for the longest time.
  3. If its not a blatant hacker I usually just assume they're better than me as opposed to me getting worked up over if they have some silent aim or something. Over the past couple months I can recall about 3 blatant hackers I've played against/with. I remember one time I thought one of my teammates was really fishy and then his aimkey poped to someone else and dinked him through a wall like 3 times instead of the guy he was in a gunfight with when he was clutching and he tried to blame it on his mouse. Also Tyloo to major PLS
  4. Mcree is strong and shouldn't shred tanks instantly, but that's the only real problem i have with him.
  5. incoming getting diablo 3 launch flashbacks
  6. Looks like a solid team. Hope they stick it out. Good vid too, feel bad for some of the players that have been getting shafted from rostermania. Also obligatory T2 and Prototype drama flashbacks
  7. I remember Naded being like this back with str8 in MCC. Just seems to get really frustrated easily.
  8. https://www.twitch.tv/shazxm Looks like the whole str8 roster is on
  9. All thats left is for Halo Waypoint to call a vote of no confidence in chancellor Beyond's leadership
  10. I hope Dany isn't stuck in Dothraki nowhere for more than an episode or two I'm really getting bored of her doing basically nothing of relevance. "I'm gonna break the wheel" ya ok sure Nice to see the Twenty Good Men are still employed destroying the fleet of ships.
  11. they tweaked the rank system lots of people deranked super hard
  12. CSS used to have speed before the orange box update https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDgKAPisrWo
  13. *Wrong thread* This is why i shouldnt post with multiple tabs open I really hope they release the rosters soon though. Curious as to T2s team
  14. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/client-update/article/07f898f6-30a7-4142-9633-6b5669bdd233 Its finally happening after all these years. inb4 5 year Alpha

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