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  1. Command. This is Red Team. Something hit us! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orLi5r3WPjQ I'm so sorry.
  2. I agree completely. The reach sniper looks sick!
  3. Is it bad that a lot of what stevomilo said actually makes sense to me? I don't know who made the specific changes to the maps or why, but the changes they made and continue to make don't really seem to "help" gameplay. It seems to me like they get too caught up in the lore sometimes and don't realize how something like a "giant fucking sun beam" in your eyes can impact competitive gameplay. They call it beauty but in kinds ruins it. It does look pretty tho' Although calling out the entire department rather than just specifying why you don't like something is really annoying to me. People still need to learn how to give good criticism without appearing too aggressive.
  4. This should replace the one in matchmaking. The one in Action Sack is made of rocks and it has too many invisible walls that I constantly kill myself on using explosives. Great job on this one with the whole pipe thing.
  5. Can we get a Bomb Planted Live Show? I wanna hear dem thoughts and hype, even the jerky jokes.
  6. Halo Master Chief Collection Reaction Compilation Hey Everyone! I was watching a bunch of community reactions to the new Halo Master Chief Collection and I thought it would be fun to mash them all up into one video, enjoy Be sure to subscribe to everyone in the video! "Links down below"
  7. One of the best Reach maps
  8. It makes me sick that I have actually talked to that kid before :wacko:
  9. Haha, Yeah, I think everyone here is subscibed to that one already
  10. "Hey Everyone! I thought it would be a good idea if there was a place where people could find new Halo videos. If you have a Youtube channel that primarily uploads Halo content or you know someone else who does, leave a comment down below. I hope everyone who visits this post will find someone new in the community to watch on Youtube, enjoy : )" -Easy Youtube Channels 0xEasyTargetx0 LunchBoxACL Ikleenup ImHerbZz MrChompski YourHaloCreations CommunityForgers TheBlitzBroz oasishurl MrMintyBlitz SeveredVoid
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