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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/61xgyk/343_employee_neighbor_confirms_h5_maps_play_fine/ hilarious
  2. Hey guys, I know there's a lot of discussion around settings. What do people think about adding Mercy to Arena/comp settings to mix things up a bit? Especially if we remove radar and autos (and sprint) I think it will be a top 3 map in this game at least
  3. That game was insane, real shame we didnt get the full series on stream, a reverse sweep with that game to end would be a top 3 H5 series of all time
  4. Imagine if we still had a grenade launcher instead of a plasma caster
  5. Fuel Rod on Truth sounds awful, Hydra unnecessary too. Fathom power ups and power weapon changes make no sense to me but it might play well I guess. Apart from that I think the major changes are good. Reducing autos as well as BRs is good, makes for more pistol fights and sticks to people using AR which is the most balanced of the autos.
  6. That's fair enough but I think they're top 10 players for what they did in Reach/H2A/H5 (and end of H3 for Snakebite). I just dont like the ethos of X player didnt win tourneys in CE/2 and so shouldnt be compared, skillwise, to those who did when they werent even competing. If LethuL and Snakebite played in CE and couldnt prove themselves as top 16 2v2 team and in H2 couldnt prove themselves as a top 32 4v4 team and then went on to have success in Reach/H2A/H5 I'd understand the argument as they couldnt compete with the best in the games with the highest skill gap and population. But how can this be an argument when they didnt get the chance to compete then? Surely your logic works both ways?
  7. For people dismissing LethuL/Snakebite. Who's to say that these players wouldnt have won tournaments in H1/H2? I feel like they are dismissed due to them not being pro in these games yet they werent even old enough to be relevant during their releases. As for my top 10: Orges, Roybox, Ola, Snipedown, Walshy, Karma, Lethul and Snakebite.
  8. Whatever team Contra/Devon end up on will outplace Denial
  9. I agree, Allegiance weren't even a top 4 team at the tournament and they got 2nd place
  10. A lot of people saying Lunchbox may retire, I was watching Ogre 2's stream and he made the point that both Roy and LBX have put way too much time into H5 to just quit, especially when there is still money to be made. If he was to retire it would be between games.
  11. Are Renegades the best Strongholds team? Looking top 2 alongside CLG at least for sure
  12. Elumnite in the few listen ins we've had this tournament seems so key to Denial, he communicates so much and so calmly
  13. I think mine is quite unique, mainly because of how young I was. So... When I was about 5/6 I went to a 'childminders' whilst my parents worked, the childminder had a son of her own and as we stayed at her house he was around during school holiday. Me and the other boys would go to his room and watch him play xbox, to me Halo CE was the game i enjoyed watching most, the final warthog run was so epic and the split screen was awesome. I could never play as I was too young but I was in love with the game. About a year later (2003) my dad bought an xbox, I told him to get Halo and there it began, I split screened the whole campaign with him and it was really special to me. A year later Halo 2 comes out and we play through that together well, I repeatedly played Halo up until late 06/07 where I enjoyed some other games. In christmas of 2007 I got Halo 3 and an xbox 360, I again played through campaign with my dad, but this time he said he would pay for xbox live for me, I headed into multiplayer and played around 500 social slayer games, nothing else with the friends I had from my childminders (we all loved Halo), one of the older boys was a brigadier and he introduced me to ranked through team slayer on a second account, I soon fell in love with the ranking system and pushed my way up. Through 2007-2010 I played nothing but Halo 3 and CoD, but then Reach came, and it sucked, I continued to play Halo 3 up until Halo 4 and it sucked, now I play LoL and only a bit of Halo, I want Halo back but Halo 5 just doesn't look like the Halo that made my childhood, it's a shame but Halo 2/3 lans will continue to be present throughout my life and I'm grateful to Budgie for the trilogy they gave us, sorry for the long read but this felt great to get off my chest, I'll now enjoy a read of the other posts here.
  14. Halo 2 is better 4v4, Halo 3 is better for all other gamemodes, from 1v1s to 8v8s. Halo 2 had the best 2 maps but overall I think Halo 3 had the better map set and had the huge (maybe not competitively) impact from forge.

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