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  1. I'm certain that the User Research team did a lot on Halo 5 and now Halo 6. Microsoft wouldn't let their top franchise go without testing. But again, if you're putting in the target demographic that plays FPS shooter games (the casual bro gamer), you're going to get feedback that ends up making every game look similar to CoD. More explosions, more weapons, more abilities, more vehicles, more everything. You're going to value that feedback more than the occasional competitive Halo fan - especially when you're looking at it from a monetary point of view. I'd argue that looking at Halo this way is just a short term solution and eventually a long term disaster (as I think we are seeing).
  2. All this talk about competitive halo and 343 listening is just PR. When their user researchers at M$ put their "target demographic" players into a lab, those players will giddily clap for armor abilities and extra crap. That's what happens when you can only observe and analyze different people playing your game for 2-6 hours only. That's the data they'll be basing the core of Halo on. It's how basically every company does it. I'm confident the polls on here and Twitter are no where close to the data they get in their labs, and if you think they'll disregard their lab data, you don't know Microsoft.
  3. Incompetence at Microsoft gets you rewarded with lateral moves to other positions. Again, how many people were fired after MCC? Yeah. . .
  4. Why do you think 343i would use these survey results?
  5. I always come back every few months to see where Halo eSports is going and it's always hype then disappointment.
  6. Blair is like the epitome of that business frat kid who's a total shit head and knows nothing. The jokes he made about his mom and Bravo and the other stuff he said was beyond cringe worthy. How the fuck does someone like that get to be on the stage?
  7. Jesus. Nadeshot has a bigger presence then all of HWC/HCS. Telling.
  8. I'm not talking about the matches, I'm talking about production. If this is ESL then I'm done. Why the fuck can't anyone get a crowd for this shit? We've been saying this for literally the entirety of HCS/HWC? Why is the stream choppy for a 2.5 mill tournament? At this point I'd rather have 343i run a 100K tournament and spend 2+ mill on paying people to fill an arena.
  9. X-games/Regionals was miles better in everything except prize pool. Next time let MLG or ESL host the World Champs please.
  10. Viewership during this =/= long term viewers/participators. I already said I'm glad there is the HCS, but people need to stop being delusional. I expected better production for this tournament.
  11. Love the HWC but... -Choppy Stream -Lame Crowd -No Puckett -No MLG and prob a 4-0 series (outside of 343i's control). I don't know if this helps Halo as much as we would wish.
  12. Bravo: ALG should throw first match so CLG doesn't get cranked. I'm not so sure about that.
  13. anyone getting choppy stream or is it my shitty internet?
  14. Not good for people viewing for first time. They see this big tournament and can basically only hear the player's moms/dads clapping for them. 50% of the reason why I watch LCS is just for the spectacle and the fact they can pack a stadium of fans.
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