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  1. I mean I was 14/15 then, now I'm 27. So 'almost' I guess.
  2. I've had a lot of desktops over the years but I've come back to this one over and over again- These are a couple more of my favorites that I use periodically- https://imgur.com/a/2b9za
  3. Fuck I'm almost double the age I was when I registered on mlg lol
  4. I've only ever had them each once (from the can, no less), but Alter Ego and Haze impressed me more than Julius. I was just in Des Moines yesterday. Stocked up on Sue and other goodies.
  5. Don't buy Cascade? But Bruery is good right? I at least want to try a few of their beers, although I know the heavy hitters won't make it out here. Haven't been able to find 3F in forever it seems like. I saw a local store had the Abyss variants but I hadn't been out yet, I'm not sure they're worth it.
  6. Thoughts on Cascade Sours? Appeared around here lately. Also Bruery Terreux.
  7. My grandparents live in Cedar Falls, so we drive north through Des Moines, and then past Ames. Never really stopped there.
  8. Another big Iowa hall- 8x Sue 4x Some other TG PA lol I can't remember 4x Surly Abrasive 4x Surly Overrated 8x Various TG Bombers (Pompeii, Sosus, Thresher, Hopsmack?) 8x Sixpoint Puff 6x Sixpoint Resin 6x Sixpoint Bengali 4x Deschutes The Dissident (2x 2015, 2x 2016) 1x 2015 Bourbon County (no 2016 lol) And a Growler of OJ IPA from 515 in Des Moines. I've got some pictures to post from the last few months, I'll try to get to them before the new year. Just the highlights.
  9. Was lucky enough to sample some Treehouse goodies. Julius, Haze, Alter-Ego, and Green. I didn't have full glasses of any, so it was tough to reach any real conclusions; but God damn those are some tasty beers.
  10. 2016 Saison-Brett came out, so I had one last night, and tonight opened a 2013. She's done great with 3 years. A little more dry, much more fruit/esthers, less booze, less hops, I made a good decision to hold on to a few each of the last few years. I've practically got a full case from 2013-now.
  11. Update on KBS: Underwhelming I just get this feeling of 'that's it?'. Doesn't pack nearly the punch I had hoped. Smells great, sure. Tastes pretty good, sure. But the bourbon influence is minimal if not completely absent. Not nearly the imposing force I had hoped for by references. On the bright side, the store was selling these as singles, so I grabbed a 6pack holder from the mix-6 section. Grabbed 4 of these and two other random beers, and they charged me the mix-6 price of $10.99. So at least I didn't waste my money on these.
  12. Stumbled onto a 4pack of KBS somehow, I'd pretty much given up on finding any. I've heard the word 'overhype' thrown around a lot, but I'm just excited to finally give it a try.
  13. I bet that vanilla is tasty.
  14. I didn't see any details on what the distro would be like for Alexander, Scalzo? Read an article on it a while back, sounds like it could be great if it lives up to it's predecessor.
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