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  1. Hi everyone! I'm newbie here . Truth be told I'm mostly into RPG genre, such as Skyrim (for modding of course), Witcher 3 (excellent story and exploration), Dark Souls (brutal but fun... if I can progress), Dragon Age Origins (the first of DA and also the best experience), Dragon Age Inquisition (truly good, especially the dragon slaying part), Persona 5 (i've tried it recently and it's good). However, due to my working condition right now I can't really spend much time in RPG like before so I gradually change to shooter. I've played Halo Combat Evolved but that was the only Halo I played ever since. I also played other shooter like Call of Duty Modern Warfare trilogy, Gun (a really, really old shooting title). And so, I hope to learn more and share experiences with you guys. Thanks!
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