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  1. I've always thought it should be 3 melees to kill someone with full shields, but if you put one shot (DMR) or one full burst (BR) then it will be 2 melees to kill. I think this would help eliminate people sprinting at you to melee you. You can easily shoot them once and melee twice before they can melee 3 times. And I would also keep the 3 shot melee kill also.
  2. 1) Pistola 2) Snip3down 3) Heinz 4) Formal 5) APG 6) Ninja 7) Legit 8) Flamesword 9) Enable 10) Ryanoob
  3. I voted no on dual wielding just because I think Halo is better without it, but I'm not against having dual wielding either. Dual wielding did add options to the sandbox which was cool, but I'd rather have a few really good guns with separate roles like CE did. Every gun was worth picking up. All these new Halo games have so many weapons and most of them are just useless or reskinned copies of other guns. I don't see a reason to not have support weapons. They were fun for campaign or casual BTB I guess. It doesn't make a huge difference to me so why not? Ideally I would like to see Halo be simple again; meaning no armor abilities and no equipment. But realistically that isn't going to happen. And I would rather see equipment return than armor abilities. Equipment were one use, so no one could just spam regeneration fields or jet packs. And you had to pick them up off the map. Meaning you can't just spawn with active camo and camp in one spot with it. You had to earn them much like power-ups. That's my opinion on equipment. Like I said before, I would rather have no armor abilities at all (including sprint) and no equipment. Just keep Halo simple.
  4. I really love the tuned BR for competitive games and any small gametypes. But I also have a lot of friends who play BTB and when I play with them the Light Rifle destroys! I will never use the DMR again.
  5. I mostly play v4 in custom games rather than the Throwdown playlist. I really like extraction so the 2-plot variant in TD just ruins it for me.
  6. I've played the Promod Settings with NS and thruster pack starts, and I did not like it one bit. Thruster pack is cool and all, but it is just as much of a crutch as sprint is. Especially because the movement speed is usually increased with NS, which makes thruster pack fling you so far! I think the most competitive choice is no sprint or thruster pack.
  7. I don't think we "need" sprint in Halo 4. The maps are not ideal for NS, but the benefits of NS outweigh the negative stuff IMO. A lot of pros and top amateurs would start to outshine the lesser-skilled players if there was NS. And I think anyone is in favor of a larger skill gap.
  8. I'm surprised the Light Rifle doesn't have any votes yet. Probably has to do with it's inefficiency at close range. I'm definitely going to try it out though. But more than likely I'll be sticking with that BR(;
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