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  1. Prince of the City 2....
  2. Rhythm825

    MLB Thread

    Lost to the Cubs. Your point is invalid.
  3. Madison Ivy. Classy choice.
  4. Moved back to Western burbs, work in Oak Park.
  5. Work with kids who get kicked out of school.
  6. Nah dude, all you need is to play basketball every once in a while.
  7. The image you just put in my head made me laugh out loud.
  8. No love for BOATS II eh? Stay Trippy top 1 for bangers.
  9. Nah I know I'm just messin' around. Dirty bulking gives you size, but all the added fat would drive me crazy. I bulked up to 200lbs. last winter and it drove me crazy that my pants were as tight as they were.
  10. The more you spend on weed the more you can bulk. Dreamer bulk over the winter ftw.
  11. 24/40 = 3/5 of the way there.

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