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  1. Yeah but without Freud there would be no Lacan...
  2. "Life's what you make it." - Hannah Montana
  3. Rhythm825


    Roses are red Violets are blue I'm a schizophrenic And so am I
  4. I've just been so busy with the masturbation and all.
  5. Kids raised money for Feed my Starving Children and picked to pie me in the face.
  6. Fruit has a ton of carbs. I couldn't survive without them. I have probably 500-600g of carbs per day when I train.
  7. Just go do some crunches on your kitchen floor.
  8. So like 3 years into lifting I'm finally going to eat right. Finally have a house of my own, finally got a food scale, finally taking the time to control exactly what goes in my system. Hopefully dis gon be gud.
  9. Different, but okay. Nothing blew me away but I'll give it a few more spins. I've been having Ludaverses on repeat for the past few days. Can't wait for Burning Bridges and then Ludaversal in the spring.
  10. I just set my new desk up and don't want to move stuff around. The Xbone is just chilling in its box on my bookcase. Are they planning on fixing it? Fuck Fuck Fuck
  11. I think I got stoned when I was out in Denver this summer. Not really sure since I was by myself but shit was weird. Side question - is the MCC good yet? I picked up a Xbone on Black Friday but haven't set it up yet. Should I wait?
  12. You probably should have gone knuckle deep in his angus to assert dominance. Maybe next time...
  13. And to think....I've been standing right above the solution this whole time....
  14. Will try and report back. Dr. says I'm too young and won't do it. Still mentally worried I would happen to be that .01% where the condom fails. It really doesn't bug me at all though, seriously. I'm focused on work and stuff.
  15. Damn straight. Fear of having kids>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>satisfaction of sex. At least in my mind.
  16. Livin' it up in the 60148 First mortgage payment isn't until the 1st of the new year....I still have time, man. I still have time.
  17. Fuck a humble brag. I just bought a house!
  18. Deadlifted dukiduke for 3 today. Dude is solid so I'm pretty stoked.
  19. Hey fucker I took a road trip out to Denver this past June. Where the hell was my invitation to your sex cabin?
  20. What the fukk?!? Hey yo Whoo Kid run that shit back, cot dayum!

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