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  1. I only play the Hardcore playlist on the MCC. I have a bunch of games but still always find my way back to that.
  2. Stop everything. Official Panda video just dropped. http://uproxx.com/smokingsection/desiigner-panda-new-video/
  3. hey just so you know I watch youtube videos of you on the mainstage so I can masterbate more easily. good luck with accounting
  4. Yo who's McKeevers? Sounds like a complete cum dumpster tho.
  5. PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals. That reminds me, I have to get my 6lbs. of chicken ready for the Crock Pot.
  6. I'm sorry what? At least I'm not plowing other dudes in the angus. No thanks jeff. And FYI family doesn't count.
  7. Haha yeah man good memory. And nah, still just beating off every day. Bought a house, have a nice job, etc. Life is nice.
  8. Yeah fuck you Moses. Go part some seas and shit.
  9. Whoa whoa whoa fuck that noise. I'll make fun of who I want. You phaggots get soft or something?
  10. Yeah but you could just do some HIIT and be done that much sooner.
  11. What did Krillin end up doing? To be honest all I really remember him for is starting the weight training thread. He also had a cat and had a biohazard tattoo on his left pec. nohomo side note - any of you dicks play the HC playlist on the MCC?? Yes I'm 26 and still play Halo. I'm an adult and can make decisions by myself.
  12. I just found him..... iTsJuSTAvante I hated that phaggot with a passion. edit: hahahahah the cunt has an OKcupid account - https://www.okcupid.com/profile/itsjustavante/photos
  13. Nah. He was pretty young. Krillin was the titties.
  14. This makes me sad. The OG forums used to be the shit. It's like a relationship I can't get over. Also, just wanted to say that the one mod way back when was a huge cunt over on the forums. I remember he came in and said we couldn't post pictures with swear words on them. I can't remember his name, but fuck him.
  15. I've been touching myself to the thought of you regularly. Just wanted to let you know. Nothing has changed.
  16. ^ Is that Hopsin picture in your post serious or are you just messing around?
  17. Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me...
  18. You're on the MLG off topic forums. This thread made it to the front page.
  19. He died. Sorry I forgot to tell you.
  20. Rhythm825

    NFL Thread

    There's actually an article on it: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-panthers-are-the-worst-team-to-ever-start-11-0/ Except I hate that website because I lost my NCAA bracket with their pics. It's all their fault.
  21. I bought an Xbox One during Black Friday 2014. I finally opened it a few months ago to play MCC since it was "fixed." Now noone plays anymore since they're moved onto Blops 3 and Halo 5. I've looked at getting GTA V and Far Cry 4 since they can be had for cheap, but I don't know what else to play.

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