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  1. STOP SHOUTING ABOUT YOU BEING HALF BLACK. Dude always has fantastic production, but god damn he was at his most preachy on this album.
  2. Lives in Colorado Wild jersey wat
  3. Reversing it is far more complicated than having the procedure done in the first place. That's why so many doctors will make you wait like 2 months to make absolutely sure you're ready to go through with it. Not having kids is the best though. It's just me and all my money. I'm so alone
  4. Using the phrase "express appointment" with the word "vasectomy" makes me worried.
  5. 1 - How old are you? I can't find a doctor who doesn't want to try and talk me out of it 2 - How much, if you're comfortable with saying, will it cost you?
  6. Rhythm825

    NFL Thread

    ......are fucking idiots
  7. Rhythm825

    NBA Thread

    I wonder if he would consider my rec league team. I mean we're named Triple Double Penetration, so that's a plus.
  8. thanks that's what I needed.
  9. Oh lawd Cypress procreated? Congrats and please tell me how the sex process was. Like the having sex part. In detail.
  10. Alright fine, I suppose you can choose to not pirate. But what about torrenting? Would that be an option for you?
  11. Are you familiar with pirating music?
  12. Are you familiar with sailing the high seas?
  13. Rhythm825

    NBA Thread

    So what you're saying is if Ball gets drafted to the 2012 Wolves he's going to be upset?
  14. The dude is still yoked, but when we're all 18-20ish your concept of "big" is skewed.
  15. If a person is a vegan and does crossfit what do they tell people they do first?
  16. That video made them muffins look really good though....damn Raury looks like he weighs 75lbs. in that video too.
  17. If you google some of this robot's post take a look at all the weird forums it's been posted to.
  18. Increasing the budget implies that as a country he feels like we don't have enough already, or enough money allocated to it. I can't imagine how that's the case - our military is massive and already have a huge amount of money tied to it.
  19. If they have kids (think 12 and under) what should they do?
  20. I mean I suppose it really seems like politics and religion are intertwined as of late...
  21. Obviously the author of that piece is coming from a very religious background and desperately wants to find out why so many "millennials" have decided to run as fast as they could away from church. I think it's far easier to understand that "millennials" have no need for church and that for us, growing up has exposed us to how much more harm than good the church does. Church was supposed to be this sacred place where we could clear our minds and be told the teachings of the most pure people on Earth. What it turned out to be was a cesspool of pedophiles who attempted to (and still do) cover up any scandal. The Church will be around for a long time, but the way it hangs around might look a bit different in a few decades. I'm in my late 20's....I don't know a single person near my age who attends a religious service regularly. I suppose I'm rambling, but you all get what I'm saying.
  22. It doesn't matter who you have plastered on your dress - it was straight up trashy.
  23. Cypress - you ever read Atlas Shrugged? It seems like it'd be right up your alley. Not being smarmy at all by the way.
  24. I work in a high school, but not as a teacher. Today was interesting to hear what all the staff members were saying...
  25. Rhythm825

    Film Discussion

    My top 3 in no particular order: Deadpool 10 Cloverfield Lane Sausage Party I think those were the only 3 movies I saw though.

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