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  1. very cool video. big ups to the WFX guys for taking the time to put it together. would love to see more like this!
  2. the simms mega batch is just too good. I'd like to have a custom quilt made with each of those shots collaged into a brilliant masterpiece. I will then use it as a throw for my couch, or possibly hang it above the mantle. *googles custom photo quilt websites*
  3. Totally valid question. The selection wasn't H2 All-Stars, but rather this season's HCS All-Stars. This group wasn't necessarily the best H2 players years ago, but instead a selection of top performers from season 1 - and it's of course by no means the definitive "season 1 top players" list. While they'd both be cool for different reasons, we decided to opt for celebrating some of the top players from this season rather than focusing on H2 OGs (there is of course, some overlap however). That isn't to say that we won't change things up in the future, but just what we're doin' this Thursday.
  4. Thanks for the kind words, all. As I said to Ray on Twitter, all credit goes to our awesome video & graphics teams and also Chig and Snip3down for spending some time with us. During the first few days of the year, we really stepped back and looked at HCS as a whole - how things have gone so far, where we're headed, what pro players like - and more importantly - don't like, what other leagues are doing, etc. Che's blog began to touch upon it briefly, but overall, it can be summed up quite simply as we're looking to go bigger and better in every way, and create the best experience we can for everyone involved in competitive Halo. We've got a good bit of learning to do yet, and we've had our obvious challenges over the past few months, but I'd like to say thanks to each of you for loving competitive Halo - the players and teams, the drama, the incredible gameplay, the rivalries, the forum bickering - all of it. As many of you can guess, I love this shit, and I am very fortunate to be able to work on something like the HCS. I have no doubt that we have some awesome times ahead, and I can't wait to see the action that unfolds this weekend, at the season 1 finals, and even beyond. Again, thank you. I'm excited to see where the story of competitive Halo goes from here, and what the HCS can add to an already incredible legacy. <3
  5. just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the kind words and the hilariously lovely gesture. the unprecedented comic sans / clapton combo is spot on. also - not sure how feasible control additions (rather than updates) are at this point, but will see what design and test say.
  6. Hey! Will circle back with test and production and find out if there is anything we can post / share here. Thanks for the interest.
  7. Hey Proto, all, Just wanted to drop in and say thanks for the great feedback. Like Alex said, we've got a great deal of things we can improve upon for the rest of this season, and we will do so. Thanks for tuning in, supporting, and providing such constructive feedback and criticism. If I get some time this week, I'll drop in and comment on a few specific items, and what we're doing to update and improve. For now, MCC updates remain priority #1. Thanks again <3
  8. On top of fumble glitch, there was a newly introduced pickup bug that makes juggling very difficult. Working to get these updated ASAP, targeting pre-Columbus.
  9. General status update - what next steps are with server-side updates and beyond.
  10. Hey all, Sorry for the lack of posts from me over the past few. Between launch and travel home, been a bit busy. First off, sincere apologies for the massive inconveniences and issues you're experiencing.The updates we just released seem to be improving match times and frequency for some users, but we're aware that not all are seeing this, and investigating. As a note, data is showing that matches are most commonly found within the first two minutes of searching. If you get anywhere near five minutes, it is best to restart the search as this will actually improve likelihood of finding a match - these are due to issues known with parameters, an item we are also looking into a fix for. As we've mentioned, we're working nonstop to deliver more updates and fixes. You deserve better, and please know that we're committed to delivering the right fixes as soon as possible. Next update will be coming this afternoon.
  11. Hey all, Wanted to put together an update on launch playlists, especially the maps and game types within each. There have been some changes from the original IGN list, including things we're still working on as they need a bit more time, and we want to ensure that they're the best they can be. This includes specific work on Halo: CE, which we've started to detail a bit over the past week. The playlists, game types, and updates are listed here: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/community/blog-posts/matchmaking-playlist-lineup-update Apologies that this info is coming in , but the team is working around the clock to deliver the best experiences we can, and that work doesn't stop now. I hope everyone enjoys the Launch Invitational today - should be a fun show. I'll be back online and on these boards right after the matches tonight.
  12. can't wait to watch - gonna grab the Launch Invitational team and watch this together this evening. stoked!
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