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  1. Those screenshots are from a fan project. The developer of it confirmed this on Twitter shortly after the 'leak'. I didn't save the link to the tweet, but the screenshots are 100% confirmed to NOT be from Infinite. Knowing that the screenshots were taken from another game and passed off as leaks makes the accompanying info unreliable as well, imo. Edit: Here's the Twitter account of the developer I was referring to - https://twitter.com/Glitch597O And YouTube account: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuYwXHmGpFayZpNcjjsgIbw Looks like the developer actually showed the images to Halo Follower, who mistakenly believed they were from Infinite. Hmm...
  2. Not holding out hope on this, but perhaps sprint will be implemented as an equipment pickup. That's about the only way I could see it working (and to be clear, I still don't like it one bit, and would definitely not want it used).
  3. I hear you, but it's not a bug in the sense that it was unknown, overlooked, and unintended. They for sure knew that it was like that, and it's a result of the way that the information is saved. From my understanding, in order to get completely accurate copies of a map after saving, it would require them to design it so that both the saving and downloading processes would take much, much longer than they do currently. Basically what the current system does is save the data points associated with each object. When it comes to the object location, it's looking at the 'origin point', and plotting it to a point within the world. Most times these points don't align perfectly, and the action of saving the map aligns them (which results in slight movements of the objects). I may be not completely right in that explanation, but that's essentially my understanding of why the misalignment happens in Forge after saving and reloading a level.
  4. How on earth do you add spread to a single shot weapon? Spread requires multiple bullets. But of course there are innumerable ways to F up weapon functionality. Changing just one aspect of how a weapon functions doesn't guarantee is will be good.
  5. Movement speed doesn't NEED to be increased. What you interpret as 'abysmally slow' movement can be remedied simply by having appropriately sized levels and appropriately balanced weapons. They COULD increase movement speed, but if the map scaling and weapon functionality aren't designed around it, it won't help much.
  6. Battle Creek does NOT have caves, and in fact does not have the ramps up the sides either (uses ladders instead). From a design perspective, Battle Creek is better suited for 2v2 matches and Beaver Creek is better suited for 4v4 matches. I really prefer no ramps when playing 2v2 because it encourages movement toward the center of the map, while also making it more dangerous. Battle Creek also works very well in Halo 1 because of the weapons and mechanics. Camo is MUCH more valuable in Halo 1 than Overshield is in Halo 2, and Rockets are more valuable as well (though I know many disagree with this). The Battle Creek design would not work nearly as well in Halo 2 because it would be too easy to maintain map control once you have it (again, this is assuming 4v4 play which is Halo 2's forte). Beaver Creek would also not work as well in Halo 1. I think this is one case where both designs are actually quite good for their respective games. Regarding remakes, I don't really have a strong stance one way or the other. The one map that I think I'd be okay with in every Halo game would be Midship (though I would keep it basically identical to the original design rather than making variants like those we saw in Halo 5). Maps like Sanctuary and The Pit should not be remade, imo, simply because their formula is so simple that it can easily be recreated in a fresh way that maintains the spirit of the original. There are SO many ways to make a mostly flat inverse symmetrical level akin to Sanctuary, or a symmetrical 3 lane map like The Pit. The designs themselves are generic enough that if they were to be implemented repeatedly they should be done in a fresh way. In general, whether or not a remake will work in a game depends entirely upon whether or not the mechanics and the design of a given level are compatible. You can't take a Counter Strike Map, insert it into a Halo game, and expect it to play well 'because it's a good design'. 'Good design' is always relative to both the play space and the mechanics used within that space. For that reason, sometimes remakes work well, and other times they can be a disaster.
  7. My hunch is that part of a Halo reveal would include an announcement that the release date is going to be delayed.
  8. Though I can't find the link at the moment, I saw confirmation on Twitter that the leak you shared with the blurry screenshots of a map that looked somewhat like Citadel is footage from this fan project. Here's a link to the Twitter account of the creator: https://twitter.com/Glitch597O
  9. It can be frustrating at times, but even with the inconsistency I enjoy it much more than anything else. We should keep in mind that console online gaming networks didn't exist when it was made, and it wasn't designed to be played online at all. Considering that, and the fact that it's a port of a port of a 20 year old game, I think it actually does reasonably well. But then again, I've been gaming since far before online gaming existed, and was around to experience some really bad connectivity issues along the way, so to me this is pretty minor in comparison. I realize not everyone has this same context.
  10. For those too lazy to click the link...
  11. Hardy has talked multiple times about how Rat Race was literally just him learning to make corridors in Maya, lmao. He tweeted this a few months ago about Chill Out!
  12. Imo, there needs to be something relatively close to the first 3 games in the series in terms of movement, gametypes, and level design. And I realize that's still relatively ambiguous.
  13. For sure. Love the thought that was put into every detail of the maps, gametypes, and settings. Hex, Slap, and Blaze were kind enough to let me interview them for a couple of articles I published, and it was very cool to learn about how Mythic came to be, and get some insight into the thought processes behind it all. I hope it will get another rotation at some point in the near future. Even if it's not perfect, it's exactly the kind of playlist that needs to exists in every Halo game.
  14. Speaking of tangent time... Saying you disagree with something and then hinting at an explanation without giving it is not a good way to start a discussion. Defo makes me not want to engage.
  15. Haven't seen this posted here yet... @Hard Way made a fantastic video on the Mythic Arena Playlist/Settings/Maps.
  16. I haven't a clue what Infinite is going to be, but I can say with absolute certainty that this is not the case. It's just that most of their team has moved on to Infinite, and the Sustain team has the flexibility to add a wide variety of different types of playlists. This was very much driven by the Sustain team, which is separate from the developmental teams working on Infinite. We've seen something like this happen later in the life cycle of previous Halo games also.
  17. Can't recall any good ball maps off the top of my head. Most forgers at that time were focused on building for Slayer and CTF. Not much attention was given to Oddball (and I think there generally wasn't a good understanding of what attributes a good ball map should have at that point). I'll give it some more thought and see if I can jog my memory...
  18. Salty Koala Bear. I totally forgot about this map. Only found it because you mentioned him.
  19. I think I've successfully blocked out most of Halo 4. It's not ringing any bells for me.
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