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  1. I never took much notice of how loud footsteps are until I started playing in and watching 1v1's. It's not a huge issue when there are more players, but it's nearly game-breaking in a 1v1. It certainly has more to do with the improved audio equipment over the years than anything else. I don't really expect anything to change. It's just really frustrating in that particular environment (which I realize isn't really one of the core experiences of Halo). It wouldn't be in my top 20 things I'd like to see changed in Halo, but I'd still like to see footsteps quieted somewhat.
  2. 1. I don't care 2. Quiet 3. This isn't real life
  3. Master Chief's armor should mask the sound of his footsteps. They don't need to be completely silent, but I shouldn't sound like I have horseshoes on my feet.
  4. So you want people that aren't okay with Thrust or Sprint to say they're okay with Thrust or Sprint...why exactly? So they can get another game that they know they won't enjoy?
  5. FYI, Forge maps built in Halo 3 or Halo 4 are not accessible in MCC unless they're rebuilt entirely from scratch. I haven't checked, but I doubt these maps have been remade in MCC.
  6. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would use H3’s forge. You couldn’t pay me to use it. Really wish the forge mode could/would be updated, because I’d much rather design for H3 than the subsequent games, but it’s just too painful to use right now.
  7. Cynosure King of the Hill and Hexogen Capture the Flag are both really solid
  8. I don't recall seeing one like that, but it's certainly possible that it exists.
  9. Exactly this. It's not that they can't be good. To place inside the top 8, they'll all need to be exceptional at the game. The likelihood of that happening is extremely small. They'd each individually probably have a better chance of making top 8 if they joined an existing team. I don't see it happening with all of them on the same team. I'd love to be wrong though, and I'll always be rooting for Halo players to do well in whatever games they compete in.
  10. Not that much really. There's always an adjustment period between games to figure out ideal scaling for the movement options and weapon capabilities. That adjustment period was certainly longer than it's typically been. At this point it doesn't really take any longer than it did in any other game though. Geometric changes can be made faster than in previous games, so that neutralizes the impact a bit too. It's definitely like designing for an entirely different game, though. I've spent years learning how to make Halo maps, and much of what I learned is either ineffective or outright broken when applied in H5.
  11. Underwood should've won this, imo. I'm shocked that it didn't make the top 3. I'm a bit disappointed that there weren't more original maps selected. Previous versions of Select and Epic have have already been matchmaking in other Halo games. They're solid enough designs, but it would've been nice to see some other maps get the recognition. Underwood and Lacuna would've been my top 2 choices. Regardless, I'm glad there will be a few more maps added to the rotation in H2A. It needed to happen, and it was nice to see the forge community given an opportunity to submit their content rather than having it all done behind the scenes. I'm hoping that maybe they'll decide to add some of the maps outside of the top 3 into matchmaking also.
  12. The only time I can actually recall it happening was 5K. It must have happened since then though...
  13. No, nothing like it at all. It's an original map. The version of Select is slightly different than the Reach version.

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