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  1. The problem with this approach is in making it clear to players what that exact distance would be. If it’s not obvious in game, it just creates more frustration.
  2. It's crazy to me that this is so hard to comprehend. I started playing Halo with my 9 year old step son a while back. He's probably played less than 200 games total, but when he plays MCC, he sets up the match composer to only play Halo 1 now because "the pistol is awesome", "I can see more on the screen", and "I feel like I'm moving faster than the other games". It was already easily noticeable, but becomes even more so when you're switching immediately from one game to another in consecutive games. He actually asked me why you move faster in Halo 1 even though you can't sprint, lmao.
  3. If someone doesn't like something, they're opinion is invalid...
  4. To be honest, I'd probably be in favor of that. The controller should just shock you every time you shoot an AR. Bringing new meaning to Risk versus Reward in gaming. I'm obviously not serious, but I feel like I need to say that because sometime within the next decade some sick bastards will probably actually implement something like this into a game, and I don't want to bear any responsibility for it.
  5. Halving TTK would be a buff. I assume you mean to double it?
  6. 'Estimated' means a rough approximation. This is far from a promise or guarantee. If someone has taken it as such, it's their own fault. Now does that mean nobody has a right to be upset by it? Nah, that's not what I'm saying. I'm just suggesting we keep things in perspective. If the consequence of relatively open communication is that sometimes they tell us something that results in frustration, I'll still gladly take it over the alternative of silence. You can't reasonably expect to have it both ways.
  7. I never took much notice of how loud footsteps are until I started playing in and watching 1v1's. It's not a huge issue when there are more players, but it's nearly game-breaking in a 1v1. It certainly has more to do with the improved audio equipment over the years than anything else. I don't really expect anything to change. It's just really frustrating in that particular environment (which I realize isn't really one of the core experiences of Halo). It wouldn't be in my top 20 things I'd like to see changed in Halo, but I'd still like to see footsteps quieted somewhat.
  8. 1. I don't care 2. Quiet 3. This isn't real life
  9. Master Chief's armor should mask the sound of his footsteps. They don't need to be completely silent, but I shouldn't sound like I have horseshoes on my feet.
  10. So you want people that aren't okay with Thrust or Sprint to say they're okay with Thrust or Sprint...why exactly? So they can get another game that they know they won't enjoy?
  11. FYI, Forge maps built in Halo 3 or Halo 4 are not accessible in MCC unless they're rebuilt entirely from scratch. I haven't checked, but I doubt these maps have been remade in MCC.

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