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  1. 28 minutes ago, Trespa5s said:

    I'm currently working on a mini-documentary/history of Halo 5's competitive scene.  I'm trying to think of any huge drama that happened but so far the only thing I can think of is the Lxthul/Snip3down incident.  What else was there?  (not just team changes, but full on beef between players).


    It'll cover through the various events and changes the game went through.  The plan is to break it into two part, with part 1 covering 2015-HWC2017, and then post HWC2017- the end of H5 competitive in 2018.  

    Stellur & E6.

    Optic releasing their roster to pick up the CLG roster hours before the start of pro league.

    Cratos/Showtime submitting a fake roster with bubu dubu on it to keep a pro league spot.

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  2. If you turn up the volume to hear the audio at the desk or of the casters, your ear drums get blown out when they switch to another mic. If you keep the volume down at a normal level to prevent going deaf from the spikes, it's a whisper at best. Can whoever is at the venue pleeeeeease smarten them up to the fact that right now you either can't hear anything or you can't hear anything? 

  3. My issue at this point isn't really the fixes themselves. Dope that they're doing them actually. My problem is that they're still selling this game. What the population could have been compared to what it ended up being due to the entire first few months being completely unplayable, makes you reflect... Because what's the point of all these fixes if there's no one to even play them besides us? I match the same players constantly whenever I play MCC every once in a blue moon. By the time all of these updates roll out, it's probably going to be even smaller considering it's been about 4 years.

    Conceivably they can put MCC on Game Pass or Games with Gold after it's fixed but there is no incentive to do that now with the current state MCC is in. Nothing good will come from putting a game they know is broken into more people's hands. (I believe that's the reason why MCC isn't already part of Game Pass.) While MCC is still available for purchase, I don't think they're actively trying to sell MCC at this point in time.


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