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  1. Magnum skins would still apply to a loadout Gunfighter Magnum. It may not look as good as intended due to the different shape but it will still skin it.
  2. Wonderboy is streaming matches too via observer mode https://www.twitch.tv/wonderboy
  3. I don't think Spartan was officially picked up by Liquid. I'm under the impression they're running games with Spartan and trying him out like they did with Claim.
  4. Bummer. Trippey was talking like it was still going down when he ended his stream. Any idea what happened there?
  5. LG & Orgless Supremacy @ 8EST. Contra will be streaming it.
  6. Orgless Supremacy vs Wise https://www.twitch.tv/ryanoob https://www.twitch.tv/cntra
  7. Splyce vs LG https://www.twitch.tv/bubudubu_ https://www.twitch.tv/shotzzy
  8. Yeah, Spartan is the only one streaming it. Trippey ended his stream before the scrim started. Saiyan and Trippey have been streaming regularly recently so it's a bummer that they are scrimming off stream.
  9. This. Simms, can you make this happen? Everyone is dying to see that matchup and periscope isn't going to cut it.
  10. If Butters was adding anything of substance along with it, it wouldn't be so bad. His ratio of insight to comedic relief is off.
  11. This wouldn't be happening if he was wearing shorts under his shorts.
  12. Microsoft has said that moving forward all their first party games will be play anywhere titles so Halo 6 will be on PC too.

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