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  1. Here's my two cents on the matter. 343 was wrong to not do a thorough background search with this guy in the community. Offering the job and then snatching the opportunity away really sucks. However, I can understand why they're going back on it. His comments and videos in the past were pretty toxic to both 343 ("none of them deserve their jobs" - incredibly ignorant) and the CCs. Behavior like that can be read as signs of hot-headedness, difficulty working with people that he doesn't like, immaturity and especially a big PR risk. I'm not a game developer, but it makes sense to me for a company to turn someone away if they seem like they wouldn't be able to work as a team with your employees and could potentially make your company look bad with behavior.
  2. 1. Yeah, because it was stupid and I felt was worth replying to, especially since he generalized several good points of mine (that supported his own argument here, no less) into "gibberish" 2. So he can talk shit about me on a forum and it's all well and good but fuck me for doing the same to him on Twitter? Nice double standard. Now I understand why everyone says the teambeyond forums are nothing but a cesspit.
  3. It's an Elite name, because I happen to think Elites are cool. "The Halo community sure has some interesting characters" Get off your high horse, lol. Sorry I'm not "normal" enough for you, pal. I simply happen to enjoy the lore side of Halo. Also if you actually read what I said I made points against the glitch that add on to the point you made here - namely that it hurts the game at lower skill levels, would ruin social Halo, allows macro abuse from M&K and modded controllers, changes the established Halo formula of consistent TTKs So...yeah. You're an idiot.

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