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  1. Perhaps I am a bit biased, but I did not find shots like that to be very difficult with the Halo 4 beam rifle, which had extremely similar aim assist when no scoped. They weren't easy, but certainly not as hard as they should have been. I also noticed a similar theme when playing the beta
  2. I noticed this as well. What's the point of a sniper if you can just noscope with aim assist and bullet magnetism. The snipers worked brilliantly in other Halo games, and there is no need to swap out that for something which turns it into a ridiculously easy to to use and powerful weapon. Just take the microwave off the top of the sniper and take away the aim assist when noscoping, and the weapon would be fine. Just....do they not understand how power weapons work? High risk high reward, that's how the sniper works. I am just baffled at how they can look at the Halo 4 beam rifle and think, "Oh hey, that was a great idea! Let's do that with a more common weapon that's on every map and is extremely powerful!"
  3. I think the lack of movement in Halo 4 BTB also had a lot to do with the spawns. If you pushed forward, the enemy team would spawn behind you, so there was no reason to move. In halo 5, I think, in theory, if there were power weapons and/or vehicles in the center of the map, and the game has good spawns, (which I can't say I'm expecting) DMR starts wouldn't be too bad. But I would still prefer BR starts, as long as the BR has decent range.
  4. Yep, they have had 8 months to work on the incredibly difficult player count, and still for some reason have not put it in, so we are left to wonder how many fucking people are in each playlist. Well at least now I can play Halo 1 against people who have eyeballs and arms after searching forever and lagging out of every other game......
  5. So from day one the social playlist had ranks and now 6 months later (I guess that's what 343 calls "soon" for a game with a realistic lifespan of 1 year........seriously, it said ranks coming soon since day 1.......just......) we are finally getting more ranks. I seriously don't understand what took them so long. They are using the same ranking system in these that they used since day 1 for the h2a casual playlist, what about that takes 6 fucking months? If they're so busy on something else that it takes them 6 months to copy a ranking system from one playlist to another then they better be working on the fucking Mona Lisa 2.0
  6. CE - 10/10 It's not even a question. Halo CE is a masterpiece 2 - 9/10 Still amazing, but not as deep and skill based as Halo CE's gameplay 3 - 6/10 Very slow and boring, maps have little vertical movement except for construct Reach Vanilla - 3/10 Nothing new here. Reach is not good Reach v7 ZBNS - 8/10 Almost on par with h2 in my opinion 4 - 2/10 4 tourney settings - 4/10 h2a - 6/10 well balanced but kind of boring and only 3 maps 5-1.5/10 Although I try to be as objective as possible these are my opinions, so take them with a grain of salt
  7. True, people haven't even really been playing the game since it launched. It just now became playable at a decent level. All the momentum from November has gone down the drain. They still don't have ranks (well, in one casual playlist) and h2a isn't fun to watch unless you know exactly what's going on
  8. That's only part of the problem. Only 3 maps, two of which become stalemates half the time. Lockout slayer is like watching a camping trip, and sanc slayer isn't much better. Warlock is cool but we still only have 3 maps. The movement speed and overall pacing of the game is slow, even slower than h3. It's just bland and uninteresting to people who aren't seriously invested in Halo. They need to speed up the game, add something to encourage map movement, and get more goddamn maps for the love of god can't we get at least 1 forge map?
  9. Objectively Halo CE is the best because it is the most balanced and has the most competitive depth, but I loved the speed of Halo 2. The crazy 4 shots, the button combos, the whole thing was fucking incredible and it gave me a rush to play a close match
  10. I've been playing melee almost exclusively. and doing lots of Meth and yoga shoutout to T2
  11. Halo CE feels dated when booting it up and navigating through the menus, but once you get in to a match the only thing that isn't up to par with modern shooters is the graphics. The controls are smooth, the maps are well designed (for the most part) the weapons are very diverse, and the spawn system is incredibly complex and well designed. Counter Strike GO is more or less the same game as the original CS. Same maps, sames guns, albeit with slightly different recoil patterns and box placements, etc., but with improved graphics, matchmaking, ranks, different playlists, skins, and the list goes on and on. Hell, thousands of people still flock to smash bros melee on the original gamecube on CRTs (I'm one of those people). CE, whether intentional or not, is one of the most robust and complete competitive shooters ever made, and just because it's 14 years old doesn't mean we can't look to it for what a modern game should be like. I don't wanna be that guy who says "if it aint broke don't fix it" in response to everything, but why change the core mechanics of Halo when they work so well already? There are good additions, like the button combos in Halo 2 and forge in halo 3, and there are bad additions (I don't think I need to list those). We don't need to change the game just to change it, we need to change it to make it better for everyone involved. There are so many things that could be added to Halo to make it fucking awesome, but instead we get sprint and armor abilities (No, Quinn, spartan abilities and armor abilities are not two completely different things) and shitty ranks and the list goes on and on. Even the little things can add up. Make a few small changes and you can change the meta. You have the power to do it 343, I know you do.
  12. Well, this is situational. In Halo 1 I liked the projectile bullets because the magnum was a 1 shot weapon, but I don't like projectile with BR or any burst weapon for that matter. You already have to follow your opponent to hit them with all 3 bullets and I think the addition of projectile bullets is unnecessary, because it increases the kill time, which is something that we don't need with the BR, and because player skill could be applied to things that would inevitably be less random online and on lan, like less bullet magnetism. Projectiles obviously take more skill, but they cause too many problems online and I think it is best they be left out of the game in favor of something that would still take more skill but make things less random Projectiles in Halo and Projectiles in a game like battlefield are two different things, because of the variety of ranges and weapons available to use. Some weapons have faster projectiles, some have slower projectiles, some fire faster, some have longer range. Also, the automatic weapons reduce a bit of the randomness with projectiles, and Halo does not have that luxury (unless we're talking about ARs and SMGs, but I don't think anyone is too worried about hitscan/projectile on those weapons)
  13. Well, I don't think it's a bad game but to call it Halo is nothing short of blasphemous. It's a shit Halo game, it doesn't meet the standard and doesn't even come close to it. Should it be a standalone title not called Halo and not taking the place of Halo, I would have no problem with it, I wouldn't like it, but I would have no problem with it. So, in its current state, I suppose you could call it a bad game and I couldn't disagree with you
  14. Halo 5 isn't a bad game but I have no desire to play it. I boot up my xbox out of habit and realize I don't want to play h5 and even if I would want to play the MCC it would take forever to find a game that would probably be 2v4 and there's only 3 maps in h2a. The Halo 1 playlist is garbage because they used the PC port and the netcode is awful. They did the same for the h2c playlist. I can't find anybody in half the playlists. I think it's over for me. Never have I felt so defeated and powerless. Talking to 343 about the game is like helping my grandmother with her computer problems. "Yeah, yeah, go to the start menu. Yeah, it's in the bottom left. The thing that says start. Yeah click it. Left click. No, not there. No, click it. Left click. Ok, click control panel. Ok, just go back to the start menu. Yeah. Ok, do you see control panel? Ok click that" I used to give them the benefit of the doubt, and I thought maybe it was their first game so they would have some trouble. But I'm beyond that now (no pun intended) and you know what? 343 sucks. They suck. They can't tell their left shoe from their right. They're incompetent. They don't care what anybody says, they're gonna do things their way. And when you point out that their way sucks and they made a shit game, they have a million excuses. They're all so damn defensive about their game that you can't even have a decent conversation with them. It's as if the only Halo game they ever played was Halo 4, and they have no idea how to even shoot a fucking BR. They don't understand spawns, map movement, power weapon control, or anything about the core Halo mechanics.
  15. Well that would explain why Lethul loves it so much, although I don't how he's still fat if he takes so much of it How does he get so much of it? Just a prescription? Because I'm pretty damn sure Lethul doesn't have ADHD and he might be using it for less than legitimate reasons
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