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  1. I feel like something resembling classic Halo much more faithfully than recent games would be relatively easy to make when compared to other "throwback" lo-fi passion projects you see popping up all the time in the indie scene, especially for shooters. I know slipgate exists but I feel like that barely counts and the "halo-ness" of it takes a back seat to the central gimmick. I have to imagine there's a sizable enough audience for a Halo CE clone/spiritual successor, it really seems like a gaping hole in all the new game releases and the huge wave of retro-shooter revivals we've gotten.
  2. Shhh! It’s a surprise! They did a much better job with H2A mainly thanks to the blur cutscenes but actually gameplay lacked the atmosphere and colors of the original IMO. Diablo 2 remaster is a modern remastered edition that did a great job with that.
  3. Lurker chiming in here, but I just wanted to say while I usually agree with a ton of the opinions here and find it incredibly refreshing compared to other Halo communities, the reaction to the campaign overview is honesty strange. It seems like some people have PTSD from playing Far Cry and other Ubisoft games and while I have plenty of problems with those games myself, I actually feel that the open-ended base assaults are the best part and don’t conflict with Halo gameplay. The trailer actually has me much more excited because it just looks like regular moment-to-moment Halo gameplay, only without out-of-bounds killzones, invisible and visible walls funneling you down a certain path, although there are undoubtedly going to be instances of that in the story. That’s part of why CE and to a lesser extent 3 and Reach are my favorites in the series while 2 is still great for its own reasons. I think one thing that came to plague many games after the release of cinematic games like Uncharted were scripted, handhold-y set pieces that are just neat to look at without adding any actual depth to the gameplay. This affected 4 and 5 as well and are a big part of why those games are simply less enjoyable to run through again among other reasons. Everything they’ve showed of Infinite seems like an outright rejection of that without over correcting and going full on open-world RPG. I guess I just don’t see anything new with some of the criticisms here, that there is going to be repetition, that you’re going to have to complete a list of objectives, exploring, etc. when this has already been in every Halo game. I mean half of every mission in Halo is basically walk up to 3 things and press X, the other half being just get to the end (and probably backtrack after), which are probably going to still be in Infinite for certain sections. You can literally see in the trailer that there are more closed off indoor environments. idk, game looked great to me.
  4. Hey I was wondering if there was anyway to play these settings without having to party up with people. I can't find the game types when I search for them in customs browser. Really interested cause these settings look great.
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