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  1. Playing on 4/4, 1 accel and 7% outer feels quite nice. Definitely seeing an improvement with the aiming.
  2. Still waiting for the heavy aim patch :/ No updates according to Josh Menke either.
  3. I wonder how long we have to wait until they push the update out. I assume if Josh is going on twitter talking about how they have a fix then it should be almost available to push out..
  4. Supposedly 343 have the solve for the heavy aim issue, they're just having a hard time pushing the fix out? https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/679lxv/matchmaking_feedback_update_april_24th/dh41c6a/?context=3
  5. Hi everyone, Just thought I'd chime in with my experiences with heavy aim last night. I had roughly the same experience as Apoll0 did above. Although I'm from Australia and I was playing in the HCS playlist on expanded, I was matching with Americans all last night and the aiming was smoother then ever before. I was extremely confident in my shot and the aiming felt much 'tighter' and 'smoother'. I was then invited to some Australian customs and the aiming was god awful. It felt like there was some input delay looking around, like a 'loose' feeling. It's really hard to explain. Essentially I went from: Laggy foreign server with good aim. to Good local server with bad aim. I'd also like to point out that each American server that I was connected to felt good for aiming, so there must be something wrong on the ANZ servers in relation to aiming?

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