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  1. f your still looking for a team, I have 3 looking for 1. HMU on XBL
  2. if your still looking for a team, I have 3 looking for 1
  3. I have a team of 3 looking for 1 and HMU on XBL.
  4. I have a team looking for 2 and we are looking for people who feel they have an good understanding of game mechanics, has a humble non-egotistical personality with a good sense of humor, is very effective with communication, and is very malleable. P.S. Not looking for those who are expecting instant gratification but, those ready to practice effectively and improve to be able to play at the highest levels of competition. GT: a Nuttybuddybar
  5. I believe we have similar goals, mindset, and experience. I did well in H2 in FFA and H3 4s. It would be my hope that you would run some games with me and consider me for your team or put me thru what ever process you have for evaluating potential team mates. I added you on XBL. My GT is (a nuttybuddybar)
  6. looking to find a team with the desire to learn how to dominate the competition. My GT is (a NuttyBuddybar) a included. I am normally ranked high onyx in team arena but have been solo queuing HCS Playlist since the release so I'm a low diamond. I live in texas and in the central time zone and I am currently able to play Monday (whenever-12am) Tuesday thru Saturday (9pm-12am) Sunday (unavailable). I work a full time job with flexible hours and I am willing to adjust my hours to accommodate practice time. Hit me up and lets get our game on. GT is (a NuttyBuddybar)
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