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  1. That’s a fair argument against projectile. Guess work sucks and I don’t think there’s anything skillful in it. It would definitely need a way to clearly indicate to the player where there shots are landing.
  2. Assuming perfect net code and hit detection is there anyone who would still prefer a hitscan utility over a projectile one for Infinite? If so, why?
  3. You shut your dirty mouth about the purple palace.
  4. This all sounds like pure scrub mentality to me. It certainly isn’t the same in every game either. I keep bringing up CE but it has hella power ups and it has an extremely high skill gap. In CE you DO fight and earn (no quotations) every single item. You can’t thrust slide and strong side away with camo on damnation. If you try and just grab it without first eliminating any threat contesting it you’re gonna get killed and burn that camo. Go ahead and make a bee line for the camo on Battle Creek when it spawns while playing against competent players and let me know how that works out for you. I don’t care how good you think you are, if someone in CE is walking around dicking on you with camo and rocks it’s your fault and they are clearly better than you. If you are continuously being killed by someone with power ups in CE then your positioning and in game decision making skills are pure ass. How you position yourself and make decisions to obtain those items while denying your opponent the same creates some of the most intense and interesting scenarios in all of Halo. I guess it’s all a matter of taste but if you think a game of 2v2 CE on damnation is trash to play and that a game of pistols only CTF on Truth is the pinnacle of Halo playing fun and competition then you and I have very, very different tastes. Yeah but using H5 to judge the validity of power weapons in Halo as a whole is a bad idea because they are absurdly easy to use. There’s a big difference between putting shots on a guy with your pistol in H5 and having him turn on you and no scope you with the sniper and having the same thing happen in CE. The first would be irritating and make you want to throw your controller at the TV. The second should make you say “daaamn nice shot.” I understand and sympathize with a lot of the complaints you and Ice have about power weapons but I think those complaints are more about game specific implimentations of power weapons and just don’t apply to power weapons as a general concept in Halo when actually applied properly.
  5. It’s fine that your preferred way of playing halo but to be fair it really isn’t real halo. That sounds like an elitist clingy thing to say but it’s the best way to describe it. It is a small niche way of playing halo not really played by casuals or pros other than as a drill to get better.
  6. Being good with the utility weapon makes you good at Halo like being good at shooting free throws makes you good at basketball. It’s a fundamental skill and to even think about competing you need to be good with the utility but there is a lot more that goes into being good at halo. The rockets may be nukes in CE but they aren’t given out to anyone. They spawn consistently and are contestable every time with the most capable utility weapon in the series. This applies to camo/OS as well. Despite those items being “easy” CE still has a massive skill gap compared to later halos and they are more numerous and spawn far more frequently in CE than in any other game in the series. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying being good at shooting hoops and making free throws but you still have to be able to dribble to play basketball. Subjectively you can enjoy playing customs without power weapons more than regular settings but you aren’t playing “real” halo. Objectively speaking for the skill gap and competitive merit of the game (when done right) they are a good thing not a bad thing.
  7. Exp progression system is huge. As big as spectator mode would be for the comp scene an exp system will be much better for the overall population. I have no problem grinding a game just to get better or because I just have fun playing it but I know there are a ton of people who won’t play a game if there isn’t some sort of in game reward system for playing.
  8. I am relaxed? What I said was mostly tongue in cheek sarcasm. It’s a pretty popular misconception that the pistol in CE is OP. Especially with casual players on waypoint who are convinced it makes picking up other weapons obsolete and that it’s literally the only gun you need to use to compete. I actually think the fact that it’s only 30% of the kills is kind’ve dope. I’m not trying to shove CE down anyone’s throat. I just like it more than the other Halos and I’m on a website for competitive halo discussion. I know it isn’t perfect. I actually agree with some of your points like the objective play lacking and the 4v4 being bad. There are many areas CE could improve in. On a side note: if you (or anyone) could find that breakdown of the beach lan kills I’d love to see it.
  9. Not enough pistol duels... in CE... well now I’ve heard it all. I was told on good authority by someone on waypoint that the pistol was the only weapon anyone needed in CE.
  10. Well ya see that’s the problem. I think I do get it. I understand the complaints against power weapons. They are valid complaints. But if that’s how you feel about power weapons in halo then CE should be your go to halo. It does a far better job of minimizing the issues of power weapons than halo 4.
  11. @TheIcePrincess Enjoying Halo 4 and ordnance drops while also hating power weapons requires a level of cognitive dissonance on par with being a black klan leader. Seriously though, why don’t you play more CE? It’s eveything you seem to want. It’s got a strong utility that gives you individual slaying power. There’s only one true power weapon in the game (rockets) and they always spawn in a contestable location at a precise time. It’s played 2v2 so numbers games and team shotting aren’t such a problem. I read your explanations of why you don’t like power weapons and if I didn’t know any better I’d think you were a CE die hard and then you go and blow my mind by playing Halo 4. I’m flabbergasted.

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