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  1. On the topic of escapability: One of the reasons positioning and map awareness is so demanding in CE is that escapability is very low. I play CE on a higher sensitivity than every other Halo for the sole fact that when you get shot in the back 99% of the time your best option is to turn and shoot back.
  2. You say I missed your point but then do exactly what I was talking about in your response to boyo. You complain about some aspect of the game (FF) because it sucks in your “random-infested Halo” but works fine in a context where all the players are working together. Except by your own admission (and you can correct me if I’m wrong here) you are one of the “randoms” you complain about by virtue of the fact you play ranked games in party chat. This means I’m not going to take the complaint seriously.
  3. Join game chat in ranked if you want or don’t. I could care less. However, if you are going to complain about some aspect of a team game being annoying because of the lack of communication and teamwork while refusing to communicate yourself I won’t take your complaint seriously at all. It’s a team game. It’s ranked. Either get on your mic and get sweaty the way it was meant to be played or keep your complaints to yourself because you’re part of the problem.
  4. If ricochet was a thing in CE I would have assassinated myself off spawn way more times than I care to admit.
  5. I hope Halo stays this way Infinite too. I know it’s selfish of me but I grew up playing halo on console with a controller and in my eyes halo is a console game first and foremost and should stay that way. It’s great that they are bringing it out on PC but they need to tune the game for console play first and tune the settings for PC after. If Halo blows up on PC that would be cool and all but I can honestly care less as long as Halo goes back to moving consoles and having a large active community long after release.
  6. To use your lingo... that’s a big fat YIKES.
  7. What you’re describing is called camping and is generally frowned upon. Weapons on map hampering your ability to maintain power positions is a GOOD thing.
  8. Oh yeah for sure. I was just talking in reference to the utility weapons.
  9. As far as the fun factor goes nothing matches landing a perfect TSK with the CE magnum followed by flipping the magnum around in your hand.
  10. Shitting on them isn’t cool. If that’s what people wanna play let them play. However, I also think it’s important for the developer to provide focus for their vision of the game. Halo has a ton of customizability and many different game types will get created and some will develop small communities dedicated to playing that game type. That doesn’t mean the developer needs to then give each one of those a permanent ranked playlist. Despite the complaints of some of those communities ( and I can empathize) I probably think it’s healthier for the game overall to have a more focused competitive experience.
  11. If the Ogres attend it would be awesome if UGC could stream some exhibition matches with the Ogres dunking on some current Halo pros in CE. It would be fun to watch and be great for CE’s exposure.
  12. One of the things that OW does right is its arcade mode. A separate area from ranked that has four or five different games (could be snipers, swat, infection) where some change daily and others weekly. Every once in a while make one of the modes ranked for a short time and give out rewards at the end of the season based on the your highest rank reached. I think it’s really a great system and would be perfect for halo given how many popular and established game types there are outside of the core ones.
  13. This is especially true the longer you play the game. Eventually it’s inevitable you’d grind out more games doing placement matches. Like wouldn’t it be cool if every couple months we forced pro fighters to mingle with the amateurs and beat the living shit out of them to return to their pro status? No, because that would be dumb as hell.
  14. Now THIS is how you do grassroots. It pains me to know that the red bull rise till dawn H3 2v2 tourney will get 100x the viewers this gets even though H3 doubles is pure cancer.

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