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  1. Finally got a chance to play a few rounds of recon slayer. Can we talk about how much better the automag is as a utility than the BR? Bungie should have put it in multiplayer when ODST first released. If 343 could make a ranked list using the MLG settings and replacing the BR with the automag that would be just swell. I’d probably play a H3 a lot more if that happened.
  2. Eh, at this point it’s kinda whatever. Honestly, as long as they continue to update and improve on MCC I’ll be happy. If I want a solid competitive FPS experience I’m sure my time will be better spent playing a game of 2v2 on chilly or pris for the millionth time than playing whatever competitive experience the next halo has to offer. If they add cross play, server browsers and fix the hit reg and shooting mechanics for CE on MCC I will be happy regardless of what infinite plays like. Add some new maps and we’re in business.
  3. Possibly you’re greatest contribution to the forums to date. Respect.
  4. You know what I will never understand? How the Halo community at large decided the BR is some how cooler or more iconic than the CE magnum. Maybe it’s just the CE fan bias in me but there is no fucking way a rifle that kills in four, three round bursts (12 bullets by my count) is more badass than a literal hand cannon that kills in three crisp shots. This doesn’t even take into account the actual TTK or game mechanics. Even the melee on the magnum is cooler. Standard rifle butt to the face vs a pistol whip followed up by a stylish flip of the pistol. I mean come on! How is this even a comparison? People say “OP pistol” or “just a sidearm”. Who the hell cares? It’s a sci-fi shooter. You’re a Spartan II. A futuristic super soldier bred for battle wearing super advanced armor. Of course the pistol wrecks face. Did you even read the manual as a kid? I did. Let me tell you son those 50 cal. explosive rounds ain’t nothin to fuck with. Let’s talk about the sniper. 14.5mm apfsds rounds. These things make the 50 cal. sniper look like a standard .308. And the shotgun? Yeah. 8 gauge. The weapons you carry are more suitable to hunting elephants than killing men. Even the biggest most badass guns you get in COD are child’s play for a spartan. Certainly not suited for battling elite’s and hunters. Infinite just HAD to include the “classic” BR but they gutted the pistol and the shotgun. Like, what sci-fi FPS fan ever said “hey you know what would be cool? If our protagonist super soldier went from firing a .50 cal. handgun and an 8 gauge shotgun to a standard 9mm and 12 gauge shotgun?” I’ll tell you. Not a goddamn one. Seriously. I just DO NOT get it.
  5. The absolute value for TTK isn’t what determines the skill gap. It’s the size of the delta between minimum and average time to kill that makes the skill gap. Speaking of skill gaps do any of you ever watch the quake pro league? Most of the players in that league would easily go 20-0 against everyone in this forum in a quake duel and Rapha still manages to make most of them look like complete FPS noobs. It’s crazy to watch. The skill gap in that game is immense. It truly is the chess to Halo’s checkers.
  6. If sprint is only 10% faster why not just the BMS 10% faster and call it a day? The fact that it basically does nothing but still HAS to be in the game just pisses me off even more.
  7. 100% this. I mean I’m all for fun gameplay over realistic physics but it would actually be cool if the effect changed on who you hooked. Hook a hulking brute in full armor? You go flying at it. Hook a tiny little grunt? You pull it at you like fucking Scorpion shouting “get over here!”
  8. Yup. I think people enjoy the power trip they get when they have the sniper on Pit and the opposing team has to contest them with a nerf gun. Spawn everyone with the CE pistol and all those calm and collected headshots turn into panicked, whiffed shots real quick. People want the sniper to be free kills and having a decent utility ruins that.
  9. Can someone explain to me how this new challenge system works? Weekly PvP challenge says play 3 games of comp. play a game of comp. 0/3. Play another. 0/3. What gives?
  10. It is the best by far whether in a vacuum or within the context of the game’s sandbox as a whole. H3 BR is literal trash. I’d take the Reach DMR with zero bloom over the H3 BR any day even with its ridiculously long kill time.
  11. Ha! You have to enter a fuckin Mortal Kombat fatality code just to get the H2 BR down to a decent TTK and it STILL has a slower TTK than CE magnum. The CE magnum is still the best utility weapon Halo has ever had by a wide margin.
  12. No one here is confused about lead. I’m not sure what you’re trying to get at with this clip. In the first video the player is standing still. The reticle is slightly off to the right and it misses, as it should. In the clip you posted the reticle is slightly off to the right and the player is at a distance moving to the right. The bullet hit, as it should, because of projectile bullets and physics and stuff.
  13. There is no problem with the rockets being extremely powerful when they are the only true power weapon on map. If the utility is effective like it is in CE then weapons like the shotgun and sniper become just another weapon. If you put H3 rocks in CE they’d become just another weapon and would not demand the sort of map presence that CE rocks do. If anything the rocket ammo count could be cut to only two rockets. Maybe place an extra rocket on the map as a pick up but make it so you have to go out if your way to get it.
  14. I’ve often thought of the active reload feature. Depending on the utility’s difficulty of use and TTK it could be an awesome feature. For instance if the infinite utility was basically the CE magnum with a 4sk and .9 second kill time. The active reload would cause the first bullet to be “overcharged” and do double making it a 3sk with a .6 second kill time. I find it funny that features from the first game are so old they would now be new features. When’s the last time a halo had a feature like quick camo or backpack realoading? H5 tried to bring back nade launching but was half-assed. I really don’t think it would be that hard for them to make infinite feel new and fresh without having to ruin the core of what makes halo halo.
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