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  1. Cross platform bans make sense for cross platform games. As long as the terms of service are clear and fair then it only makes sense that if you receive a ban in a game on one platform that ban should be in effect for all platforms. I can see where this can definitely be abused by corporations but if you’re cheating or sending threatening messages your ban is well earned regardless of the platform you are playing on.
  2. It was just on sale not that long ago (maybe still is). $10 for the main campaign and both DLC campaigns. The DLC alone is longer than most games out there. $10 in Infinite will get you the color blue. The series on Netflix has also probably done wonders for its numbers. I wonder if the Halo series on paramount will help boost its numbers.
  3. Oh we agree there. I’m just saying even if Infinite were the perfect competitive Halo experience it may not be anywhere near as successful as some of the big contenders on PC. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t still be grinding it everyday having a blast doing so. Maybe in another universe…
  4. I know you say this sarcastically but to be honest Halo always has been and always will be a console game first and foremost. It would be great if Halo had a huge PC presence but even if 343 had launched a complete product there’s no guarantee Halo would be a massive success on PC. As long as the game is doing well on the Xbox then it’s doing well enough. That said, numbers on things like steam and twitch are still indicative of the population over all and they should definitely be higher. It should easily be a top 3 on Xbox but if it doesn’t drop out of the top ten I’d say it has a healthy enough population. Halo doesn’t have to be number one. If you are a fan of Halo then love and enjoy it for what it is. NHL fans love hockey. They don’t spend all day complaining that it isn’t anywhere near as popular as the NFL. They don’t need it to be and they don’t care. They just enjoy watching Hockey. Just enjoy playing Halo and don’t worry about how it compares to CS or Valorant.
  5. 100% this. Ranked is basically the Halo 4 we should have gotten all those years ago. It’s basically Halo 3 with “modern” gaming features like sprint, clamber and slide. Things that I don’t like and would prefer not to be in a Halo game, but not so intrusive that I don’t still feel like I’m playing Halo. It’s a solid Halo experience and can be a lot of fun, especially when playing with friends and really sweating. However, outside of the one ranked playlist it’s just not a very fun game. 20+ years and 343 still hasn’t figured out that precision weapon starts are thee way to play Halo. I would play this game so much more if there was even one social playlist with BR starts. BTB, quick play, team slayer… anything really. Hopefully they will come to their senses sooner than later and implement some more BR start playlists.
  6. If I had to answer that based only on the quality of the games they’ve made I’d have to say I think the studio was developed for the sole purpose of trying to drive the franchise into the ground and nothing else.
  7. 343: We heard you. We’ve massively nerfed sprint and gotten rid of thrust. We’re also making competitive halo no radar and precision weapon only starts. Also 343: We didn’t hear you at all. We’re taking out the magnum (possibly the single best thing to come out of a 343 developed halo) and spawning you with an easy to use three round burst weapon with recoil and a 1.6s perfect TTK. 343: We heard you. We’re bringing back BTB with developer made maps and even increasing player count to 12v12. Also 343: We didn’t hear you at all. We’re going to spawn you with an AR and have random weapon and vehicle spawns. I honestly just do not get it. They come soo close to delivering a solid Halo gameplay experience and then just decide to change something for what appears to be no reason at all that completely ruins the gameplay.
  8. Even after the release of the new playlists there’s still really only one way to play this game and that’s ranked. Halo with a precision utility weapon start is still by far my favorite FPS experience. Halo with AR starts is garbage. They may as well not even be the same game. Can we please for the love of all that is holy get an arena mode with BR starts that isn’t ranked? Sometimes I feel like just kicking back and enjoying some Halo without having my rank on the line but I can’t bring myself to play more than a couple rounds in any other playlist without becoming very bored very quick. Also, now that I’ve had a chance to use the sidekick and BR variants in the campaign I have to say it’s a cruel joke on 343’s part that one of these wasn’t the starting utility weapon in multiplayer (even if only in ranked).
  9. I knew I wasn’t just head casing! Jesus H. Christ pleeease tell me this is a bug and isn’t actually 343’s way of balancing controller on PC. It feels fucking awful.
  10. I love how Sketch’s comment basically boils down to “We didn’t release a half-assed terrible excuse for a Halo game BECAUSE we wanted to implement an incredibly predatory monetization system. We released a half-assed terrible excuse for a Halo game AND we implemented an incredibly predatory monetization system.” Bravo Sketch! Thanks for telling us all what was already so painfully obvious. 343 is an incompetent game developer that never should have had control of this franchise to begin with.
  11. It’s going to be peak 343 when there’s a better and more lethal version of every gun in the game that can only be found in a loot box in a BR mode while we’re still playing ranked and pros are still competing with with the default sandbox.
  12. I hate it when I see people defending Halo Infinite by pointing out the game just released as if it was a new IP developed by an Indy studio and wasn’t part of a franchise that’s been around for 20 years and had 6 mainline games before it made by a studio that has near unlimited resources. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills when I see people using this excuse to defend what can be attributed nothing other than utter incompetence.
  13. 6 years. A full year delay from the original release date. 3 playlists. 2 of them are AR/pistol starts. Lowest map count on launch in any Halo. BR kills slower than it ever has. No player collision. I can’t even do something as simple as change the color of my Spartan without paying money or grinding a stupid battle pass. Dumb spartan intros and a super annoying AI that can’t be turned off. Some of the maps and modes make literally no sense. Like who thee fuck approved one flag ctf on launch site in quick play?! That map is clearly waaay too big for 4v4. I just don’t get it. H4, MCC, H5… and now this. 343 is now officially 444 on Halo games. I mean I’m gonna keep playing, at least for a little while, because it’s a new game and it’s Halo but good fucking lord is 343 a terrible developer.
  14. I want halo infinite to be popular but I want it to be a good “arena shooter” first. I don’t enjoy playing classic Halo because millions of other people play it. I enjoy playing it because it provides a style of gameplay not found elsewhere and a style I enjoy very much. I’d rather play 2v2 CE against the same hundred people than play a halo battle royale with millions of players. I have no doubt what so ever that a BR mode would make halo more popular. I also have no doubt that any focus on a BR mode would have a negative impact on the main arena experience and anyone who thinks it wouldn’t is only deluding themselves.
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