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  1. I don’t think people are calling your opinion a troll because they don’t like it. They are calling your opinion a troll because it’s such a trash opinion to have that people genuinely find it surprising anyone would seriously hold such an opinion.
  2. There isn’t enough bleach in the world to burn seeing this out of my eyes.
  3. Most people can’t consistently hit free throws but free throws are perfectly consistent. I think we might just be playing word games at this point.
  4. I think you are confusing movement having an effect on the accuracy of the shot (random spread), which is how most games that have accuracy penalties to movement work, for movement having an effect on the bullet at all. Bullet sway is still 100% consistent it just requires you to take your own movement into account just like you have to account for your targets movement with projectile bullets. If you want projectile bullets you should want bullet sway to be a thing. Trust me on this.
  5. So for the millionth frickin time bullet sway and lead are NOT random. If I fire my gun while moving x speed in x direction then my bullet will move Y speed in Y direction EVERY TIME. Not random. Same with lead. If my target is moving at X speed in X direction and my bullet travels at Y speed then I have to lead by D distance EVERY TIME. Not random. The only thing that is “random” that factors into projectile physics is enemy movement which is the kind of randomness you want in video games. It’s why playing against people is a whole lot more fun than fighting against bots. The kind of randomness that makes multiplayer worth playing in the first place.
  6. So the H5 magnum is 100% accurate but is weak and has a low skill gap. The CE magnum isn’t 100% accurate but is powerful and has a large skill gap. Personally I’ll take a hit on consistency for the ability to kill two people in the time it would take me to kill one with the H5 magnum.
  7. So you and Silos got conflicting results. Did you zoom in with a sniper first like silos to ensure 100% accurate shot placement? I didn’t see it in the video and it may be a contributing factor ( the large reticle doesn’t help and is also a flaw of the magnum).
  8. No, you didn’t say ONLY but the tone of your post implied that it was a major contributing factor and was the reason that miss with it so much in comparison to other utility weapons and that is simply not the case. Also, if Kelly’s video was taken in MCC it’s irrelevant to any argument I’ve made since I am only defending the OG version of the game and not MCC.
  9. No one is pretending it isn’t there. I said that there was spread. Never said there wasn’t. I also clearly stated that this effects engagements at long ranges but isn’t a factor in the majority of engagements. Silos’s videos confirmed exactly what I said. You are the one who said it would randomly miss at 15 ft which simply isn’t the case in OG. You are the one who said people only miss because it’s random which is bullshit. Remove 100% of the spread and the CE pistol STILL has a higher skill gap than the H5 magnum. You praise the H5 magnum for its consistency (which I do too and if they could make the MCC version of the CE magnum have zero spread I would totally want them to do it) but also ignore how easy it is to use or that it has TTK that is twice as long. So to be clear I am not in denial of anything. I have already admitted the CE magnum has spread and acknowledged it as a flaw that I would like to see fixed. You are the only one here glossing over anything.
  10. Doing the Lord’s work. As someone who has experience NHE (and anyone else who does feel free to chime in) how would you say the magnum feels in its difficulty of use. Does the lack of spread drop the average kill time? Do people miss less shots because of the added consistency or is it roughly the same?
  11. You will hit them every time at that range in OG if they are standing still. Lag is not the only determining factor. MCC pistol is a hot mess.
  12. In OG CE the bullet will hit every time. We are talking about OG CE and missing shots not MCC which, as has already been stated by pretty much everyone here, is not an accurate representation of how the gun works in OG. Yes, I am also aware that there is random spread at the longest of ranges so in that regard it is random but that only effects gunfights at very long ranges and is NOT the reason for missing shots in 99% of gun fights. People miss shots on prisoner or chill out as much as they do on any other maps and none of the engagements you get into on those maps happen at a range where the spread will have any effect. People don’t miss in CE because the gun is random. They miss because it is in fact much harder to hit shots with than the utility weapons in other Halos.
  13. For thee last fucking time there is NOTHING random about projectile bullets. Just because you can’t telepathically predict which way your opponent will move doesn’t make the gun random. People miss shots with it because *gasp* it’s actually hard to hit shots with unlike the H5 magnum. The amount of perfect kills in that H5 would probably double with the removal of thrust.

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